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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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895 Ice Palace

The news that the Elixir Association had made an Immortal Elixir gave rise to a great commotion in the Three Middle Realms, which put the heated debate over the Invincible God of War Jiang Chen to an end. All of the most outstanding heroes in the world couldn't sit still and rushed to the Elixir Association with all their wealth. They all wanted to buy an Immortal Elixir.

However, the Elixir Association had already taken the Immortal Elixirs to the Three Middle Realms and auctioned them off there. It was only the divine schools and the members of the sacred lands who could afford to pay the price, which was sky high. The people who had arrived to buy the elixirs were resentful of the Elixir Association because they thought that they should have been allowed to buy as they belonged to the same realm.

The Elixir Association had finished their negotiations and had only held onto behind two Immortal Elixirs. It informed everyone that the Immortal Elixir's successful production wasn't due to a stroke of luck, and, if everything proceeded smoothly, there would be more Immortal Elixirs appearing. This news made the resentment disappear, and everyone decided to stay in the Elixir Capital. They wanted to be as close as possible to the Elixir Association. And they wanted to know who had made the Immortal Elixir.

An Immortal Alchemist was on a par with a valuable, rare gem, and everyone would try to curry favor with him in the hope of getting an Immortal Elixir so that they could break through their shackles and advance into the next realm. However, the Elixir Association kept this matter a secret, and no one knew who the Immortal Alchemist was. No one knew how many Immortal Elixirs there were left either. 

In the end, the Elixir Association sold the two Immortal Elixirs at a fair price to two experts who were close to the association. One of them was a famous swordsman, Zhang Xusheng. He was the Three Middle Realms' greatest swordsman and was at the peak of the Great Venerable stage. After he had gotten an Immortal Elixir, he would have a chance to advance into the Martial Emperor Realm in the next ten years. The other person who received an elixir was the Eastern Sea's Mighty Master, Li Donglai. He was the Elixir Association's Master's close friend and one of the Elixir Association's benefactors.

When the Immortal Elixirs were given to such people, no one had any objection,and the people who were waiting just tried to get close to the Elixir Association to get a share of the next batch of Immortal Elixirs. At that time, the Elixir Association made a request that couldn't be considered difficult, and all the outstanding heroes present agreed readily. They were all spirited and energetic.

"It's really a pity..." In a room in the Elixir Association's headquarters, Jiang Chen stored an Immortal Elixir properly in a brocaded case. He had made nine Immortal Elixirs in total, really exceeding his expectations. The reason was that the current world's spiritual and immortal herbs were purer and even the Heaven-Dissolving Divine Furnace was better than furnace in the past. "Some objects were lost, while others have progressed." Jiang Chen sighed. It was a pity that he couldn't enjoy an Immortal Elixir, but if he tried, his divine body would explode. People who were Celestial Venerables could only consume Spirit and Heaven Elixirs.

Spirits Elixir were divided into nine grades and Heaven Elixirs were divided into Human Grade, Mortal Grade, Spirit Grade, and Heaven Grade.

The Elixir Association had given Jiang Chen a wooden gourd because he had made an Immortal Elixir successfully. The gourd was filled with Heaven Elixirs: 3,000 Heaven Grade elixirs, 30,000 Spirit Grade Heaven Elixirs, 330,000 Mortal Grade elixirs, and 1 million Human Grade elixirs. This was bold and generous!

"It's a pity that elixirs can't completely replace worldly treasures..."

However, there were many naturally formed spiritual objects that possessed special effects that elixirs didn't possess.

"Let's set out." The day agreed for the marriage proposal was near, and Jiang Chen had already packed everything.

"Jiang Chen, who are you?" Yao Yuntong came to him and asked while sighing. She knew that it was Jiang Chen who had made the Immortal Elixirs because her father had gotten one. When Yao Tianshi, who was always calm and composed, learned that the Immortal Elixir was sent by Jiang Chen, he was so startled that his face lost color and he jumped up. Yao Tianshi said that it was the first time she had seen her father forget himself like that. However, one mustn't really blame Yao Tianshi for this because after he had gotten the Immortal Elixir, he was able to make a breakthrough and become a Martial Emperor.

At such a time, no one in the Three Middle Realms could rival him because he possessed great attainments in lightning techniques, and he could travel through the whole world fearlessly.

"It's too precious!" Even though Yao Tianshi was moved, he still felt slightly restless.

"It isn't precious at all in comparison to your protection of me," Jiang Chen said and asked this father-and-daughter pair not to divulge his part in making the Immortal Elixirs. Jiang Chen didn't want to end up captured and forced to make Immortal Elixirs every day.


After the three of them left the Elixir Capital, they proceeded toward the Ice Spirit Clan's land, one of the Eight Great Spiritual Lands. Jiang Chen had assumed that they would need to travel for several days, but the Elixir Capital's sky possessed a Starry Road. It saved them a large amount of time, and they didn't need to worry about the Nether World School's killers there. After half a day had passed, the flying ship reached the Ice Spirit Clan's lands. Boundless ice mountains appeared before them and a bone-chilling wind was blowing. This wasn't a place suitable for living for ordinary people, but it was the most perfect land for Ice Spirits. There weren't even any Spirit Clans who would fight over this land because the spiritual energy in it was useless to them. This was the reason why the Ice Spirit Clan's land defenses were always lax. They were protected by the chilly wind and the bitter cold.

"Jiang Chen, are you going to be able to endure living here in the future?" Yao Yuntong was almost frozen, and she was forced to use her Holy Sea's power to resist the cold. Yao Yuntong blew on her hands and said, "Your lore martial technique is related to fire." A chilly wind blew in the Ice Spirit Clan's land all year round, and even if it wasn't impossible to sense the Fire Lore here, it would still be extremely difficult.

"At least, I don't need to worry about the Sky-burning Evil Flame going out of control." Jiang Chen enjoyed his Fire Lore. This place really wasn't suitable for him. Jiang Chen had Celestial Phoenix's blood flowing through his body. It was a fire phoenix, which was reborn in flames. Staying in this place would be like torment to him.

Shortly after, Jiang Chen opened the map and proceeded toward Elder Bing Shan's residence. After a short while, they managed to find the Icy Mountain depicted on the map. It was Elder Bing Shan who had given a name to this mountain. It was a tall mountain which reached the clouds and was made wholly of sparkling and translucent ice. It was transparent, and one could see through it to the other side. Several other palaces could be faintly seen on the middle of the mountain. "It's really a natural work of art," Jiang Chen and the others couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

After a short while, a person flew down from Icy Mountain, wearing the Ice Spirit Clan's distinctive outfit. He was 15 or 16 years old. He had rosy lips, silver teeth, and glass-like fair skin. One couldn't find even a single flaw on him.

"My master is in secluded cultivation and can't meet any guests," the boy said.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this, and an odd look appeared on the faces of Yao Yuntong and Yao Tianshi who were behind him.

Going into secluded cultivation wasn't like eating a meal or sleeping, and he couldn't start it at any time.

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Everything had been discussed between Elder Bing Shan and Jiang Chen, and, if he wasn't present, Jiang Chen wouldn't have any relationship with the Ice Spirit Clan.

"My master stated that he had already expressed everything clearly. You just have to go to the Ice Palace and meet the Spirit King," the boy said. His face was filled with irritation, and he spoke in an ice-cold tone. He didn't show any trace of respect for them. It was as if he found the fact that a human had arrived for a marriage proposal a great humiliation, but he was aware that he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen so he didn't dare to mock him.

"Fine, can you please inform me of my senior sister's true name?" Jiang Chen asked.

The boy stated a name, before he said, "Do you still have something else to say?"

"No," Jiang Chen replied.

The boy didn't utter another word and went back to the Icy Mountain, but they could still see his back.

"They didn't exaggerate at all when they said that Spirits are all insufferably arrogant," Yao Yuntong sighed with annoyance.

"Elder Bing Shan wouldn't choose to start secluded cultivation at such a moment unless he had a moment of enlightenment or had other special reasons," Yao Tianshi said. He was being vague, but he was aware that Jiang Chen understood him.

"Let's go to the Ice Palace." Jiang Chen spoke after hesitating for a moment.


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