The Brilliant Fighting Master
894 An Immortal Elixir
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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894 An Immortal Elixir

Jiang Chen believed that men could conquer nature, and there was a reason why the Source Heaven Stone had guided him into cultivating a divine body. However, he had been affected by discovering that a person who possessed a divine body could fail and die, and he was forced to seriously consider the merits and flaws of having a divine body.

He realized how powerful a divine body was, and he depended upon it to achieve many of his crazier actions. However, its major flaw was that it wasn't tolerated by natural law, and every time he made a breakthrough, a Lightning Tribulation would rain down upon him. Moreover, he would still need a large number of resources to advance. Jiang Chen didn't fear the Lightning Tribulation; the issue that concerned him was the cultivation resources.

Even a divine school ended up consuming most of its resources because of a divine body. So there won't be any factions in the Three Middle Realms who will dare to invest in me, and I will need to depend upon myself wholly.

It was time for Jiang Chen to make use of his strongest characteristics, one of which was refining elixirs. As a member of the Elixir Association who had made an outstanding contribution, Jiang Chen wouldn't run into any obstacles from the Elixir Association's headquarters. They would all satisfy all of his requests.

When Jiang Chen stated that he wanted to make an Immortal Elixir, all the members of the Elixir Association's upper echelon were shocked and riled up. They took Jiang Chen into a private room to discuss the details surrounding an Immortal Elixir.

In this era, even the Elixir Emperor didn't have a 100 percent assurance of making the Immortal Elixir successfully. The reason was that most Immortal Elixir recipes had been lost. Since an Immortal Elixir was a heaven-defying object, all its recipes were in the hands of the Sacred Zone's great factions. After the Sacred Zone was closed, all hope for alchemists was cut off. Most of the Immortal Elixirs present in the world had been left by their predecessors and were treasured and hidden carefully.

At the same time, one would need to master at least four out of the ten great fire control techniques to make an Immortal Elixir, and the current Elixir Association had access to only three of those techniques. When Jiang Chen stated that he wanted to make an Immortal Elixir, his status in the hearts of the Elixir Association's members immediately rose up to the top, and many old Heaven Alchemists didn't dare to put on airs in front of him.

"You should all leave. I want to have a talk with Jiang Chen." The Elixir Association's Master, one of the Three Middle Realms' most influential people, was sitting facing Jiang Chen. Unlike what most people imagined, the Elixir Association's Master wasn't an old man past his prime. He was wearing snow-white clothes and was handsome and elegant. He seemed to be only about 24 or 25 years old. However, if one observed his eyes carefully, a profundity could be seen in them that didn't conform with his youthful appearance.

There were many rumors about the Elixir Association's Master. Some said that he had consumed an immortal medicine when he was a youth that let him stay young forever. There were others who thought that he was consuming a large number of Retaining Youth Elixirs every year, which was why he maintained a youthful appearance.

"What kind of spiritual herbs do you need for an Immortal Elixir?" The Association's Master asked.

"I would need 20 spiritual herbs and six immortal herbs," Jiang Chen said.

The Master lifted his brows. Obviously, Jiang Chen wasn't fooling around.

"Do you have any assurances?" The Master needed to ask these questions if Jiang Chen was going to embark on such a sacred project. If Jiang Chen failed two or three times, the Elixir Association would go bankrupt.

"My success rate is around 80 percent," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

"Can I question you in detail about Immortal Elixir?" The Association's Master's face relaxed as he settled down for a discussion. The odds were quite high.

"No." Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. All Immortal Elixir recipes were important treasures to all factions of the Sacred Zone. His elixir recipe came from the Over Cloud Palace, and he could use because he was the son of the palace's master. However, he certainly must not divulge it to others.

"I still have the missing part of the Elixir Scripture, and I can give it to you or give you another fire control technique as a payment," Jiang Chen said.

The Association's Master couldn't remain sitting, and he stood up abruptly. The Elixir Scripture was the Elixir Saint's masterpiece, and it had changed the whole Elixir World. The tragedy was that the Elixir Scripture wasn't complete. When the Elixir Fire Union was rising up, its master claimed that he was the disciple of the Elixir Saint and possessed the complete Elixir Scripture, and this news gave rise to a great commotion. However, it was proven later to have been nonsense.

"If it's true..." The Elixir Association's Master didn't know what to say.

"I can't access the complete Elixir Scripture right now, but I can immediately teach you a fire control technique," Jiang Chen interrupted him. He could write down the complete Elixir Scripture, but it would consume a large amount of time.

The Elixir Association's Master sat down once again, lost in thought.

Jiang Chen was aware that the Elixir Association's Master was now faced with an important decision with far-reaching consequences, and he wasn't going to try and influence him.

"Fine, the Elixir Association will provide you with everything you need because you are our alchemist." The Association's Master made a decision. As he thought back to all the stories he had heard about Jiang Chen, he found him to be reliable. 

"However, you are allowed to fail just a single time," the Association's Master emphasized.

Every elixir production had a certain failure rate, and, if one failed, he would just have to try again, but the precious medicinal ingredients used would be destroyed and all that would be left were the dregs.. This was the reason why being an alchemist was a profession that burned money. The Elixir Association didn't have enough wealth to support Jiang Chen in making an Immortal Elixir if too much risk was involved.

"A single chance is enough," Jiang Chen spoke confidently.

After this, all the Elixir Capital's citizens noticed that the Elixir Building looked different than usual. Something related to an Immortal Elixir was going on and was extremely important, which was why the Elixir Association's upper echelon didn't divulge any news.

However, the attentive people noticed many clues because all the famous alchemists were constantly coming and going into the Elixir Building. Since this was the Elixir Association's headquarters, it didn't disappoint Jiang Chen, and they managed to prepare everything in just two days.

In the past, Jiang Chen didn't have a 100 percent assurance about making an Immortal Elixir. However, now he possessed the Sky-burning Evil Flame, his Fire Lore had reached the third level, and he still had the Fire God Scripture. He didn't need to worry about anything. When he was making an Immortal Elixir for the first time in his previous life, he and his men didn't have nearly this many strong points.

An Immortal Elixir was a one-of-a-kind elixir, and Jiang Chen couldn't use just any Elixir Furnace. He had to use the Elixir Association's best furnace—the Heaven-Dissolving Divine Furnace. The Heaven-Dissolving Divine Furnace wasn't possessed by many alchemists, and it was used only for making important elixirs.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The process for making an Immortal Elixir was the same as for others, and Jiang Chen would need someone as an assistant. For this reason, the Elixir Association's best three alchemists gathered in the Heaven-Dissolving Divine Furnace's elixir production room. They were all 60 or 70 years old, but they were so excited at this moment that they were acting like kids. They had been working with elixirs their whole lives, but had never gotten a chance to come in contact with an Immortal Elixir. This was something that all alchemists aspired to. When they had been informed that they had an opportunity to make an Immortal Elixir, it was easy to imagine what they felt at that moment. They might have been a bit more reassured about the whole process if Jiang Chen hadn't been quite so young.

Shortly after, Jiang Chen came into the elixir production room. "Seniors, we will start," Jiang Chen spoke calmly. There wasn't any anxiety on his face, only earnestness.

"Okay, let's begin!" The three alchemists were affected by Jiang Chen's spirit, and they got rid of all their distracting thoughts and concentrated on the elixir production.

After a whole day and night had passed, the three alchemists were laughing and crying as they sat on the floor of the room like children.

"I managed to achieve it in this life! I managed to achieve it in this life."

They all had tears running down their faces. They were tears of joy. The first Immortal Elixir in 500 years had just been completed, and they had all participated in it and witnessed it. Their names would surely make elixir history. And, even though they were only assistants, they were still satisfied.

At first, they had been irritated when they were asked to work as assistants because of their high positions and status. Usually, it was other people who worked as assistants to them. They had only agreed because this affair concerned an Immortal Elixir. Now, they all accepted Jiang Chen wholeheartedly and esteemed the youngster.

Jiang Chen walked forward and opened the furnace. He witnessed several pieces of Immortal Elixirs among the steam, and he couldn't help but smile. It seems to me that a divine school can provide Immortal Elixirs for the divine body's consumption, Jiang Chen muttered to himself.


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