The Brilliant Fighting Master
893 Surrounded by Perils
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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893 Surrounded by Perils

The Spirit Zone was boundless and had 10,000 clans living in it. The Eight Great Spirit Clans occupied eight spiritual lands and had countless experts. While Jiang Chen was traveling through the Spirit Zone, he was eyed by the Wood, Fire, and Wind Spirit Clans, and it could be said that he was surrounded by perils.

"Senior!" Jiang Chen looked at the Yao family's father and daughter. He didn't want to implicate other people in his troubles.

"When Yao Yuntong was captured by the Blood Shadow Dynasty in the past, I traveled alone for 10,000 miles, ventured into a dangerous land, and fought Emperor Realm experts." Yao Tianshi had guessed what Jiang Chen wanted to say. He looked ahead and said, "You don't need to worry about the Nether World School." Yao Tianshi spoke in a calm tone and didn't express any intense emotions, which made him seem even more bold and valiant.

Jiang Chen examined the Mysterious Thunder School's Master carefully. He was wearing a cyan robe and had a tall, thin body. He had a dignified face and an imposing aura. However, he still usually wore an amiable expression.

"Jiang Chen, we are friends, and if I ran into similar troubles, I believe that you would also lend me a helping hand," Yao Yuntong said.

As they both thought about their first meeting, they couldn't help but sigh. Yao Yuntong was proud, arrogant, and competitive, but she was still open, honest, and treated people sincerely.

Jiang Chen didn't say any more and just continued traveling with them. Even after two days had passed, their flying ship was still going at full speed. The Spirit Zone was a land of illustrious heroes and had countless heavenly treasures. As they traveled through here, they witnessed many majestic mountains, rivers, and forests.

"It's too vast," Yao Yuntong sighed and said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen nodded and agreed with her opinion. The Ten Prefectures and the Nine Territories didn't amount to even a corner of the Spirit Zone. It was rumored that the Spirit Zone had a population of a trillion people. However, for the past few days, they hadn't seen any humans or Spirits. It was because even though there were a trillion people, they were only a drop in the ocean in comparison to such a vast land.

All corners of the Spirit Zone are pure, and Great Venerables can directly extract the yellow and black energy here, Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

The Spirit Zone had changed greatly and was different than it had appeared 500 years ago. It could almost rival the Sacred Zone. Jiang Chen couldn't help but wonder how the Sacred Zone was now.

After ten more days had passed, the flying ship had been on the outer periphery of the Spirit Zone finally reached areas which were inhabited by humans and Spirits. More than two weeks had passed since the end of the Title Battle, but the commotion caused by it still hadn't died down. It was especially the case in the Spirit Zone since the Invincible God of War Jiang Chen possessed a different significance here.

The Three Middle Realms were all bustling with noise and excitement in the past days because the news was transmitted that someone who had gotten a single golden words title found his inheritance, and what he got exceeded all expectations. He had gotten an ancient scripture and a Doctrine Artifact. Such news alarmed the Three Upper Realms divine schools and sacred lands. Their experts personally came over, took the ancient scripture, and left many resources.

However, everyone was aware that the ancient scripture's value was immeasurable, and having a part of an ancient scripture was enough to start a new faction and, in fact, start his own era. No one could offer a price for it. But, as they faced the powerful divine schools and sacred lands, his faction was forced to compromise and the news spread about how remorseful they were.

The other people looking for inheritances became more prudent, and they hid their tracks. They didn't divulge any news about themselves. However, since even a single golden words inheritance let one get an ancient scripture, who knew what was hidden in the three golden words inheritance, as well as Jiang Chen's special title's inheritance?

"Geniuses are appearing unceasingly, and even a lost ancient scripture appeared. The world will experience huge changes." Some people of the older generation stated these words, but most people just took it for empty talk used to scare people.

Moreover, another interesting news item spread in the Three Upper Realms. It spread when the divine school and the sacred lands came for the ancient scripture. It was said that a divine school in the seventh realm had indulged in wild fantasies and looked for a divine body's possessor and trained him secretly for more than a dozen years. It had consumed countless resources to raise up a divine body. However, everyone in the Nine Realms was aware that it was difficult for a divine body to grow completely. When he was advancing to the Great Venerable Realm, he triggered peerless Lightning Tribulations and was turned by the lightning into ashes. It was then that the divine school sobered up and found itself left with nothing.

There were people who pitied them, but there were also powerful enemies who had set their eyes on that divine school because it had consumed a large number of resources to train a divine body, which had weakened it. The divine school was forced then to seal itself off. It disbanded all its outer sanctum's disciples and isolated itself from the whole world to avoid a calamity. After this news spread, it gave rise to a great commotion in the seventh realm, and everyone laughed at the divine school that had indulged in these ridiculous wild fantasies.

It was impossible for a divine body to advance into the Great Venerable Realm. This was a lesson which they learned after they shed a large amount of blood. However, there would always be people with great ambition who wanted to reach the apex in a single bound. Like, for example, the Three Middle Realms Ancient Sword Sect. It was so powerful that even the Spirit Clans didn't dare to confront it. However, its master wanted to establish hegemony over other lands, and he led all his sect's experts into the Forbidden Desolate Land to steal historical remains there. In the end, they were wiped out completely, and the Ancient Sword Sect ended up on a small piece of Desolate Land.

Trying to train and foster a Divine Body would also have the same outcome, and the matter related to the Seventh Realm's divine body was taken for just an interesting topic of discussion, and no one took it seriously. However, when it reached Jiang Chen's ears, it had a different significance.

"Is this just a coincidence?" Just when Jiang Chen was taking a trip for a marriage proposal, such a piece of news spread, and it gave him a bad feeling.

"Does anyone else know that you have a divine body?" Yao Tianshi asked.

Jiang Chen had cultivated in the past in the Mysterious Thunder School, which was why the schoolmaster was aware of his situation.

"No, there isn't anyone else." Jiang Chen hadn't informed anyone else of this matter.

"You don't need to be nervous, you still have a Doctrine Heart, and you have a high chance for breaking the divine body's curse and becoming a Great Venerable," Yao Tianshi said.

Jiang Chen just chuckled bitterly. He was aware that he was just trying to comfort him.

The reason why the Ice Spirit Clan wanted him as a son-in-law was because they took a liking to his growth possibilities as the Invincible God of War. If they learned that he had a divine body, the consequences would be dreadful.

However, as long as I don't state it, no one will know it, Jiang Chen said inwardly.

At this moment, he could only do what should be done, and by the time everything was completed, it would be too late for the Ice Spirit Clan to go back on it. It was on this day that the flying ship finally reached the Elixir Capital, and it was a city filled with alchemists.

The Elixir Capital was built on a plain and was majestic and grand. It had many houses arranged in symmetrical order and was a prosperous and flourishing city. When Jiang Chen entered the city, he managed to go to the city's highest Elixir Building because of his status as a Heaven Alchemist. However, before he started looking for the Elixir Association's influential members, a letter was hand-delivered to him. It was sent from the Blood Shadow Dynasty by Xia Yiming.

Jiang Chen had informed Xia Yiming that he would go to the Elixir Capital, and this was why Xia Yiming sent a letter here. A month hadn't passed since they separated, and this letter would be surely about some urgent matters.

"Quickly leave the Three Middle Realms!" When Jiang Chen opened the letter, that was what he found written on the top of the letter.

Jiang Chen became apprehensive, and he furrowed his brows. Xia Yiming was his senior brother, and he was still the Blood Shadow Dynasty's prince, which was why this letter was surely genuine.

Does the Blood Shadow Dynasty want to take revenge against me? When he fought over the Invincible God of War title, he killed two members of the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

"The current situation is anything but reassuring, and I feel like troubles lie ahead." After Yao Yuntong read the letter's content, she furrowed her brows.

As for Yao Tianshi, he got quiet, and it seemed like he was pondering something.

"Should we still go?" Yao Yuntong asked once again, and she was obviously talking about going to the Ice Spirit Clan for the marriage proposal. All signs indicated that it wasn't a wise decision.

"Let's go!" Jiang Chen's expression was firm, and his will didn't waver. As long as he remembered that his senior sister was probably waiting for him in the Ice Spirit Clan's land, he would have the courage to charge through even a dragon pond or a tiger den.

"However, we must make some preparations." Jiang Chen collected the letter, while his eyes shone brightly. He wasn't going to be pushed around, and if someone really attacked him, he would turn their world upside down.


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