The Brilliant Fighting Master
891 Everyone Knows Him!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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891 Everyone Knows Him!

The Blood Oath possessed terrifying and binding power, and the people present on this day would forever believe this matter without any doubt. Jiang Zhe's whole life force flowed out as if he were being burned. Both his blood and his energy started drying up. In just the blink of an eye, Jiang Zhe turned into a dried corpse, while the Blood Oath between Jiang Chen and the Title Palace was lifted without a hitch.

"My son!" The Jiang family's Master cried out involuntarily, and anger made him lose his head, He started attacking Jiang Chen in front of everyone.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You dare!" This time, the Ice Spirit Clan, the Cliff Mountain, the Mysterious Thunder School, and the Elixir Association all intervened at the same time and protected Jiang Chen.

The Jiang family couldn't underestimate any of these four factions, and the Jiang family's Master was forced to stop. He looked at the Spirit Clans. "Would you all just swallow such an insult?" The Jiang family's Master wanted to rile up the Spirit Clans, who hated Jiang Chen, into helping him attack.

"Do you want to start a great war in all the Three Middle Realms?" Elder Bing Shan rebuked him and looked at the restless Spirit Clans. He said, "Before we gathered together to participate in the Title Battle, we had already agreed to not take revenge for people's deaths.

"It isn't your son alone who died today," Yao Tianshi looked at the Jiang family's Master, who had lost his reason, and spoke calmly. When the Jiang family's Master noticed that the Spirit Clans weren't planning to attack, he found himself forced to give up. Jiang Chen was already not an insignificant person who he could kill any time he wanted.

What was interesting was that after this incident came to an end, Jiang Zhe's Sky Dominator title gave rise to another fight, and Ning Haotian had his wish fulfilled and got this title. At a certain moment, Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen looked at each other at the same time. Jiang Chen really wanted to kill Ning Haotian in passing, but it was a pity that the latter quickly entered the Title Palace.

"How boring," Jiang Chen said.

"Jiang Chen, you should have already comprehended your title's inheritance guidance, haven't you?" At this moment, Elder Bing Shan asked bluntly.

Jiang Chen nodded. He had already gotten the Invincible God of War's inheritance guidance while he was in the Title Palace. The inheritance of this four golden words title was anything but simple.

"Sirs, I want to talk with Jiang Chen in private," Elder Bing Shan said.

The other people didn't have any objection to this.

"The Ice Spirit Clan's high-level members are already aware of your affair with the spiritual lady," Elder Bing Shan went to a secluded place before he spoke. He continued, "The imperial dynasty has proposed to our spiritual lady and we were always looking for ways to delay it. Now we have a solution that will satisfy both sides, are you willing to listen to it?"

Jiang Chen mulled over what he said. He had already guessed something.

"You should bring the inheritance's map with you to the Ice Spirit Clan's residence and ask for her hand. We will all agree to it, and you will afterward marry the spiritual lady in the Ice Spirit Clan and become a member of our clan," Elder Bing Shan said.

A son-in-law that lives with his wife's family? Jiang Chen didn't speak and just pondered about it inwardly.

"We won't steal your inheritance, and we will just become your backers and support you. We will take care of everything for you and the spiritual lady." Elder Bing Shan assumed that he cared about the inheritance, which was why he explained it like that. Jiang Chen didn't really care about the inheritance. What he cared about was having to stay in the Ice Spirit Clan. He was already used to freedom, and, even after meeting his senior sister, he still wanted to keep his freedom and travel throughout the Nine Realms with her hand in hand. If he stayed in the Ice Spirit Clan, he wouldn't have the freedom to act independently. Let alone, as he was from a different race, he couldn't predict what he would face there.

"Jiang Chen, if you understand Spirit Clans well, you will probably realize how sincere we are." Elder Bing Shan was slightly displeased by the fact that Jiang Chen still hadn't given a reply until now.

"I don't suspect the Ice Spirit Clan's sincerity," Jiang Chen said. Those were heartfelt words. The Ice Spirit Clan was one of the Eight Great Spirit Clans and taking a human was unprecedented for them, even though this human was the Invincible God of War. Moreover, the Ice Spirit Clan was willing to offend the Blood Shadow Dynasty for him.

This is already great progress, and, after I become strong enough, the Ice Spirit Clan won't manage to keep me there.

Since he had already gotten so far, it would be unwise for him to give up just because of a reason that really wasn't important.

"I accept, and I'm willing to go ask for her hand," Jiang Chen said. He still felt that the inheritance's map alone wasn't enough, and he planned to make a precious elixir for them.

"Lad, the Ice Spirit Clan won't treat you unfairly. So just set your mind at ease," Elder Bing Shan said. After that, Elder Bing Shan started discussing the marriage proposal's details with Jiang Chen, and they set a date for it. Jiang Chen was looking forward to the day he could see his senior sister.

"Jiang Chen, I will accompany you for a while and travel with you," Yao Tianshi said.

It was the Ice Spirit Clan who had asked Yao Tianshi to accompany Jiang Chen since they wanted him to protect him from the revenge of the Spirit Clans. After today, Jiang Chen would become renowned throughout the whole world, and he would surely suffer many assassination attempts. It wouldn't be strange for the Spirit Clans, who had lost their spiritual ladies and sons, to invite the Nether World School's killers.

"Senior, thank you." Jiang Chen was also troubled by this, but now he could set his mind at ease.

Afterward, Jiang Chen went to the Cliff Mountain's camp to meet the Venerable Fengyu.

"Teacher..." Jiang Chen didn't know how he should express himself. According to tradition, the titles' inheritances gotten by its disciples would be managed by their own factions. However, it was obvious that the Ice Spirit Clan wouldn't want to share this with Cliff Mountain.

"The training Cliff Mountain provided you isn't worth the Invincible God of War's inheritance, so you don't need to worry about it." Venerable Fengyu didn't care about it, and he couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the disciple in front of him. It was just last year that Venerable Fengyu was called by his own disciples and sent down his clone to the Three Lower Realms to save Jiang Chen, yet now Jiang Chen had already reached the apex of the Three Middle Realms and none of the Spirit Zone's geniuses could rival him. He really possessed terrifying growth speed.

Moreover, what was rarer still was that Jiang Chen depended on himself alone to reach such a level. He was surrounded by perils, and he tempered himself through many trials. The power which he had accumulated through cultivation had been released by him thoroughly in this day's great battle.

It was at this moment that the curtain of night quietly enveloped the world. The Title Battle's events started early in the morning and continued on until the evening. Most people had already left, but some of them who had free time set up camp here and started reviewing the day's battles in a spirited discussion.

Everyone in all corners of the Three Middle Realms paid attention to the outcome of the Title Battle, and the news was transmitted to them at the first moment after its end. At first, the news was transmitted just through letters, and everyone was surprised to discover that Jiang Chen had gotten the title Invincible God of War. They found such a title awe-inspiring. It was only after a long while had elapsed that they got to know the details of the course of events, and it gave rise to a great commotion in all Three Middle Realms. Jiang Chen who had appeared suddenly didn't die in the title battle. Instead, he overshadowed all the people present there. After most people learned about the Invincible God of War title, they didn't have any interest in the other titles. It was especially the case after they learned that Jiang Chen had fought six powerful people alone and learned about the course of the battle. No one had suspected Jiang Chen's great power.

Six spiritual sons and ladies attacked Jiang Chen together and their spiritual power turned into a raging sea, which had almost defeated Jiang Chen. However, he managed to stand once again after every attack and he progressed in a fierce battle. He was like a rubber ball, the stronger you threw it at the ground, the higher it would jump up. After a whole night had passed, Jiang Chen's influence became bigger than before, and swords similar to Jiang Chen's Doctrine Swords even appeared in the streets and the stores. All the Human Clan's swordsmen were zealous about them.

Before Jiang Chen got the Invincible God of War title, he had gotten the Future Sword Venerable's title. After just a single night had passed, everyone in the whole world knew Jiang Chen.


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