The Brilliant Fighting Master
890 The Blood Oath“s Migh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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890 The Blood Oath“s Migh

After Jiang Chen was transported to the Title Palace, the four words, Invincible God of War, on the stone tablet disappeared gradually. Everyone present was aware that Jiang Chen had already won the title.

A Human Clan's martial artist had depended upon his power to face the Spirit Clan's six strongest experts, and he had displayed a commendable performance in the battle. He didn't possess enough power to face the six Spirit Clan's experts at first, but he became stronger the more he fought. It demonstrated that Jiang Chen possessed enough resolution and courage to go through all battles.

"It's only this kind of person who can be titled an Invincible God of War, and he really deserves it fully." Most people were in agreement with this.

However, the people from the Spirit Zone were ashen-faced and in low-spirits. They were frustrated, and it was especially the case for the people who had been clamoring against Jiang Chen before. They had already drawn back and hidden among the crowd because they didn't want to be recognized. On this day, the Spirit Clan understood something for the first time. It wasn't the Three Upper Realms' Human Clan which was powerful, it was humans themselves who were powerful.

At this moment, the platform which at first had comprised 100 people had less than 50 people left on it. Three titles appeared in succession on the stone tablet, and one of them was Future Spirit Emperor. Since the owner of this title had died in battle, it would be fought over once again.

The Future Spirit Emperor! It had three golden shining words, and it should have caught countless people's attention. However, after the peerless battle that had just ended, the spectators weren't satisfied any longer with a battle on such a level. Jiang Chen's performance had inadvertently raised the crowd's standards and expectations.

However, the Title Battles were still carried out even though no one cheered for them, and while the crowd observed the battle, they all looked frequently at the Title Palace. It was only after the end of all theTitle Battle's events that the people who had gotten titles would enter the Title Palace to start learning about their titles' profound principles and to seek guidance. Jiang Chen had managed to enter the palace in advance, and this was unprecedented in history. 

After a short while, the Future Spirit Emperor's title was won by the Ice Spirit Clan's saint. This was practically a foregone conclusion since most of the other Spirits on the right levels to fight for the title had already been killed by Jiang Chen. The Ice Spirit Clan, which had a good relationship with Jiang Chen, ended up benefiting from his actions.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

One Title Battle after another was carried out. Some belonged to the Spirit Clan and some to the Human Clan, but there were also some which weren't limited to just a single clan. The only people on the platform who the crowd still paid attention to were Jiang Zhe and Ning Haotian. However, after Jiang Chen had gotten the victory, they both felt despondent and didn't feel like having a decisive battle against each other. However, Ning Haotian still wanted to obtain a three golden words title.

There wasn't any title on a par with the Invincible God of War, and the crowd was also aware that one at that level wouldn't appear again because the power of the remaining people didn't amount to even one-tenth of Jiang Chen's power. How could they possibly be qualified to get a title at the same level as him? Even after the last Title Battle had ended, no one cheered and exclaimed. The ambiance was quite queer; it was even slightly stifling.


At this time the Title Palace's gates opened once again, and Jiang Chen walked out. His injuries had already recovered completely, and there weren't any scars left on him from his battle. His delicate, good-looking face made him seem harmless—completely different from the wild madman fighting in that great battle. However, the two Doctrine Swords at his waist reminded people that his power was like a sheathed sword, which would reveal its true power only when it was unsheathed.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword and raised it high.


When the humans witnessed such a sight, they all felt their blood boil and they couldn't help but cheer loudly. After they started cheering, they caused a chain reaction, and cheers echoed everywhere on the mountains and the plains.

"Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!"

"The Human Clan's strongest man!"

"The Invincible God of War!"

Many youngsters shouted Jiang Chen's name and his title. After this day, Jiang Chen's fame would overshadow all of the youngsters.

The Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng, smiled bitterly and cast a glance at Tian Ling. As he thought about what he had said when he arrived, he felt quite embarrassed. It was still uncertain if he would be able to defeat Jiang Chen with his current skill. Moreover, Jiang Chen would grow even stronger after getting the title's inheritance.

"He's already this strong even though he's still just at the early stage of the Celestial Venerable Realm. After he goes to the Three Upper Realms, he will be invincible and matchless," Wang Teng muttered.

"Jiang Zhe, come out to die." Jiang Chen lowered the Heavenly Fault Sword and pointed it at Jiang Zhe, who was still on the platform. The Title Battle's events had already come to an end and all restrictions were lifted. The Title Palace's gates were still open, and all people who had gotten titles could enter.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhe were linked by a Blood Oath, and they would have to battle to the death. Everyone was aware of this matter. However, such a battle which should be the focus of attention wouldn't have any suspense. Jiang Zhe had also shown a brilliant performance, and he probably still had some of his power, but he was completely overshadowed by Jiang Chen's radiance. A Sky Dominator wasn't worth anything in front of an Invincible God of War.

However, it was the Jiang Family, which was overbearing and tyrannical, and it was also them who had insisted on setting a Blood Oath. Moreover, Jiang Zhe had stated that being linked to Jiang Chen with a Blood Oath was a humiliation to him. There was no way he could reject the battle at this moment. What he could do was either fight or ask for forgiveness.

"I already said that if you won the title, it can be considered as you having won our Divine Martial Trial," Jiang Zhe said.

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "I don't accept that, and our Blood Oath won't disappear. The battle was set for this day, and, if you don't fight, the Blood Oath will flare up." The crowd could clearly see the veins beneath Jiang Zhe's skin start shining. This was a sign that the Blood Oath had started flaring up.

"What do you want?" The Jiang family's Master shouted loudly. His expression was unsightly, and he hadn't expected that this affair would develop in this way. When they had just set the Blood Oath, Jiang Chen was weak and feeble, and he didn't take him seriously at all. What he cared about was his status as a Heaven Alchemist. However, who would have expected that such a decision would be such a grave mistake. Jiang Chen didn't just steal the Sky-burning Evil Flame, he also took a large number of its resources.

One couldn't say that the root of the problem was that the Jiang family's Master was stupid. No one could have predicted the future of such an unusual person as Jiang Chen.

"Ha, ha, ha, it has been your Jiang family who have always pestered me and didn't want to let me off. So why are you asking this now?" Jiang Chen laughed heartily and swept the members of the Jiang family with his gaze. He continued, "How do you like experiencing how it feels to be weak and powerless?"

"Jiang Chen, if you hadn't gotten our Jiang family's Alien Flame and its resources, would you have had such an achievement today?" Jiang Zhe spoke sharply.

"This is why I must thank your Jiang family, and I may send you to the Western Paradise as a token of my gratitude, how about it?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

Jiang Zhe clenched his teeth and didn't dare to step forward. When he had faced the Spirit Clan a while ago, he had cowered, and it was obvious that he didn't have an unyielding character. Even Ning Haotian had struggled until the end before giving up.

"Jiang Chen!" Tian Ling couldn't bear to continue observing Jiang Zhe in such a state, and she wanted to plead for leniency for him.

"Tian Ling, I know what you want, and I will give him an opportunity. As long as he dares to have a fight with me, I will spare his life." Jiang Chen transmitted his voice to Tian Ling in secret, before he soared up to a high altitude.

"Come to fight, you have just ten seconds to come," Jiang Chen said.

Tian Ling looked at Jiang Zhe, and anxiety appeared on her face. Time passed slowly second by second, but Jiang Zhe still wasn't willing to fight, and the Blood Oath was slowly corroding his body.

"Why don't you go to fight? Don't you even have enough courage to fight?" Tian Ling couldn't help but speak. However, she still didn't inform him what Jiang Chen planned to do.

A struggle appeared on Jiang Zhe's face, and he was looking now and then at the sky, while the Blood Oath's power was becoming more ferocious. In the end, Jiang Zhe didn't dare to fight, and he missed his sole chance of surviving.


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