The Brilliant Fighting Master
889 The End of the Title Battle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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889 The End of the Title Battle

A dark seed was germinating in Jiang Chen's Holy Awareness, and many tentacle-like roots were stretching out of it.

A demonic seed? His opponent had sent it into his body when his hand struck him, and Jiang Chen immediately recalled all the information he had learned about demonic techniques. This seed would leave a power in the enemy's body, and when the enemy displayed his greatest power, it would steal his whole energy. In the end, the seed, as well as the enemy's entire power, would go back into the hurler's body. It was an extremely devilish technique to steal someone else's power.

After a short while, the power of Jiang Chen's Doctrine Heart disappeared, and his body's power started quickly leaving him. Jiang Chen used his lightning techniques, and lightning's flickering sound echoed throughout his body, but, unfortunately, it couldn't obstruct the proliferation of the demonic seed.

"It is useless! It is already too late."

The Future Spirit Emperor crossed his arms in front of his chest and tapped his arms with his thin fingers calmly, as if his victory was a foregone conclusion.

"Wow. That sure was good!" All the Spirits present here were excited. If even the Future Spirit Emperor had been killed, it would be tantamount to the collapse of the sky for the whole Spirit Clan. However, it was fortunate that he had managed to turn the tide.

"After I get your power, I will go back and start secluded cultivation to become a Great Venerable, and then I won't need to worry about the Nether World School," the Future Spirit Emperor said.

Jiang Chen couldn't even bother to reply to him. A demonic seed was more thorny than the most tenacious poison, and he couldn't eliminate it regardless of what he did. His Lightning Fire State had already disappeared, and his fighting prowess was unceasingly weakening. "This is out of the question!" 

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and took a firm decision. He took a sword flickering with lightning.

A lightning sword? The Mysterious Thunder School's Yao Tianshi and Yao Yuntong were both surprised. This wasn't a suitable time for striking back. It was much more important to prevent his power from dissipating.

"Come at me, let's see what you can still do." The Future Spirit Emperor smiled disdainfully. He was confident in his demonic seed and felt that nothing could go wrong.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Divine Lightning Turns into a Sword!" Jiang Chen paid no attention to his body's current state and forcefully used his Sword Doctrine's power. Countless bolts of lightning erupted out of the lightning sword and flew around in the sky like dragons.

"Divine Lightning's power?" The Future Spirit Emperor's disdainful smile disappeared, and he started taking Jiang Chen seriously again. Jiang Chen's lightning power was just at Striking Lightning's level, and that was followed by Heavenly Lightning and then by Divine Lightning, which was the last. The Divine Lightning in Jiang Chen's lightning sword had been condensed by Yao Yunshi as a repayment for Jiang Chen's complete lightning method. The lightning sword wasn't a Doctrine Artifact, but its might wasn't any weaker than the Heavenly Fault Sword.

The Future Spirit Emperor spread out his arms, and a black sphere, which was expanding constantly, appeared before him. As a sizzling sound echoed out, the lightning sword charged forward. However, what none had expected was that the sword's target wasn't the Future Spirit Emperor, but Jiang Chen. As the crowd exclaimed in alarm, the lightning sword penetrated Jiang Chen's chest, and its Divine Lightning's might erupted and made Jiang Chen's whole body spasm continuously while black smoke rose from his head.

"Awful!" The Future Spirit Emperor realized what Jiang Chen was trying to do. He was stunned by it, and he opened his eyes wide. In the end, the demonic seed in Jiang Chen's body was purged by the Divine Lightning. However, Jiang Chen's body was also injured heavily, and he was now weak and feeble.

Jiang Chen held the lightning sword's hilt, gritted his teeth, and pulled it out.

"He still didn't die even after all this."

"His body can really withstand an amazing amount of torment."

"Is he still a human?"

Jiang Chen pulled out the sword, which had run through his body. He had inflicted incredible injuries upon himself. Many people felt their scalps becoming numb upon witnessing such a sight. How could he treat himself this viciously! Many people in the crowd felt like they had understood why Jiang Chen could become this strong.

"Lightning is the nemesis of all evil," Jiang Chen said.

"This is the first time I have ever witnessed such a way of getting rid of a demonic seed." The Future Spirit Emperor shook his head. It seemed like he was quite surprised by such a method. However, he wasn't really all that frustrated. He sneered coldly and said, "The demonic seed had already removed your previous state."

There was indeed a great disparity between Jiang Chen's current state and his previous mighty state.

"You are the only person left," Jiang Chen said.

"It seems like you understand my spiritual skills well. However, since you recognize them, you should be aware that it's already hopeless for you."

"There is always hope as long as I'm alive." Jiang Chen collected the lightning sword and held two other swords in each hand. Even though his body was feeble and weak, his gaze was as resolute as before.

"I will then extinguish your hope." A fierce look appeared on the Future Spirit Emperor's face. He snapped his fingers, and the black sphere turned into an arrow and shot forward. His special spiritual power seemed harmless, but anyone who was aware realized that one mustn't underestimate it.

Jiang Chen was well aware that he couldn't block such an attack in his current state, but he still must risk his all to win this battle. "I will end it with a single sword strike." Jiang Chen's Doctrine Heart had already reached its upper limit, and he couldn't use it freely. If he tried using it, the consequences would be dreadful. However, Jiang Chen was determined to overlook this condition. He used his Doctrine Heart to forcefully activate the first level of the Wind and Fire Swords Realm, and a loud cry echoed from the two swords in his hands.

The Future Spirit Emperor's attack was already almost on him and he didn't think he was going to be able to block it. Jiang Chen couldn't see through his opponent's special spiritual power. However, he also didn't want to bother with understanding it. He simply needed to win.

"A Single Sword Break Ten Thousand Techniques!"

"Ksana Sword Method: the Fourth Move!"

When the black arrow had almost reached Jiang Chen's body, he disappeared from his former place.

"No..." The Future Spirit Emperor remembered something. However, he couldn't put up any resistance in time, and all he witnessed were several rays flickering before his eyes. They were extremely quick, and now his body was incapable of moving, and he was in a mysterious state. The Future Spirit Emperor opened his mouth to say something, but the rays had already reached him.

"... Awful!" The Future Spirit Emperor finally finished his words, while Jiang Chen was now standing not far from him.

Everything occurred in the twinkling of an eye, and no one witnessed clearly what had happened. The crowd just looked nervously at the Future Spirit Emperor, who was standing motionless.

All of a sudden, several sword rays appeared around his body, and the crowd discovered in surprise that those sword rays were flying in reverse and the Future Spirit Emperor's body was moving in accordance with them. Intense pain appeared on his face after each sword ray, and when 10 million sword rays appeared all at the same time, his body started turning to dust and disappearing.

"He's done for!" Many Spirits fell weakly on the ground as if they had been stripped of their whole power. They were all in despair.

The outcome of the battle had been decided, and Jiang Chen's sword strike was even more shocking than before. It was able to reverse the flow of time.

"The fourth move was obviously the final move, and I didn't even use a tenth of its might," Jiang Chen muttered. It was fortunate that no one could hear what he had just said.

At that moment, he had just done his utmost, without being really sure about succeeding. However, facts demonstrated that the Sword Doctrine's power brought him a great promotion, and he managed to kill the Future Spirit Emperor through using his Doctrine Heart's power.

Jiang Chen still didn't know what his opponent's special spiritual power had been, and he didn't know how to defend against it. However, what he pursued wasn't understanding this, but just letting his sword possess great might, which couldn't be blocked by any enemies. He wanted to possess a sword capable of extinguishing all kinds of techniques and an indestructible body that couldn't be damaged by any kinds of techniques.


The Title Battle, which had lasted for a long time, finally came to an end, and the battlefield restrictions were finally lifted. The stone tablet's four words shone brightly and formed a light pillar which struck Jiang Chen's body. Before the crowd could respond, the Title Palace's gates opened up, and the stone tablet started revolving, and sent Jiang Chen into the palace through the light pillar.

The crowd looked on in dismay, while the Spirits who already were planning to take revenge could only watch helplessly.

"Does the Title Palace have a spirit? Is it aware that Jiang Chen will suffer retaliation because he has carried out a massacre."

All six masked men were dead, and even the Ice Spirit Clan wouldn't dare proclaim that it could protect Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen had been sent into the Title Palace, and no one could get their hands on him now.


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