The Brilliant Fighting Master
888 A Bloody Killing!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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888 A Bloody Killing!

Jiang Chen was wearing his black hair loose on his shoulders. His body was giving off brilliant lights. His heart became an eternal spring that a divine power kept flowing out of.

The six masked Spirits looked at each other. By then, the onlookers could see their expressions change too. Maybe they had been wearing masks for such a long time that they had forgotten how to hide their emotions. Their panic was evident.

The Future Spirit Emperor said something to calm the other five down. What he was doing at that moment was worthy of his title. Instantly, the six Spirits spiritualized in a profound manner. They almost transformed into elves.

The spiritual fire around the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit covered his body. As the fire got stronger, he lost his human figure.

The Fire Spirit was shocked. It was not easy for a Celestial Venerable to spiritualize to such an extent. It was dangerous and could even be fatal.

The Spiritual Son of the Wind Spirit hid in the wind. He was everywhere and could reach everywhere.

"Sky-reaching Ancient Tree!"

The Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit launched the first attack. However, she was standing at the rear.

She aimed the sword tip at some point in the air and a sapling took root and grew into a giant tree rapidly. Its vigor offset Jiang Chen's oppressive energy to some extent. Its green branches were shining. Its lights were crystal clear, like jades and gems. The soft branches extended to every corner of the battlefield. Some people counted them. There were five in all.

The Wind and Fire Spiritual Sons grasped the branches. At the same time, another branch extended into the body of the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit raised his right arm, around which thunder was weaving, as if his closed fist had grasped a thunder cloud. At the same time, he exerted his Spiritual power. The two kinds of powers combined in a mysterious manner. This was not all. Two mighty Spiritual powers were released from his body. They were powers of wind and fire.

"The Spirit are not weaker at all."

"The Wood Spirit helped to lead the Spiritual powers of the Wind and Fire Spiritual Sons into his body!"

"Their Spiritual powers are as profound as the sea. They are unstoppable!"

The fact was that Jiang Chen was amazing in that he had pushed the Spirits into such a situation. No other young human geniuses in the Three Middle Realms had ever achieved this. It was a record. However, he would have to face the consequences too.

The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit dashed over aggressively, creating a long contrail behind him. Squeezed by his body, the air was distorted.

"You will never be able to defeat the Spirit!" The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit said. He came up to Jiang Chen. Both of his fists were making deafening sounds.

"You think I can not do anything to you?" Standing there still, Jiang Chen threw his palms over to confront that pair of iron fists. When the fists hit against his palms, the mountain and the ground shook. Numerous people were temporarily deaf due to the blare. Some relatively weak people fell onto the ground and spit blood. Startling cracks appeared on the mountain walls.

The battlefield was shrouded in the energy of the Title Palace. Before the end of the battle, what happened there would not affect the outside world. Neither could any onlookers affect the result. What happened at that moment was all caused by the sound wave. It was not difficult to imagine how dreadful it was on the battlefield.

The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit and Jiang Chen were standing there still. Only their arms were shaking.

"How come?!"

The face of the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit distorted. He looked like he was in agony. Jiang Chen grasped his fists tightly, trying to move them with effort. In addition to the competition of force, the strength of the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit was also a part of the game. He gathered four types of spiritual powers, which were wind, fire, flame, and thunder. They were invincible and could destroy anything. Holding the four spiritual powers in his fists, he tried very hard to release them, even though they would cause him harm too. However, Jiang Chen was restricting his spiritual powers by the magic power in his hands, as if he was crumbling them.

The sun filled the sky with its brilliant warm glows, which was a proof of the disappearance of the Spiritual powers. When Jiang Chen had finally rotated his fists upward, he screamed and his hands grew numb due to the remaining Spiritual powers.

The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit lost his fighting power. It seemed fireworks had been set off in his body. Brilliant lights of all kinds of colors could be seen under his skin. With a low profound muffled sound, the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit lost his vigor. The four Spiritual powers remaining in his body lost control. They were damaging his viscera.

It was not easy for the Flame Spirits to train a Spiritual Son. It could have taken them many years. However, he died in this way. It was a great shock for the Spirits present. Some of them felt helpless. They did not have the nerve to shout at Jiang Chen again.

Puff! Puff!

The Wind and Fire Spiritual Sons were also heavily injured. They spit blood, as pale as ghosts. Heavily injured more than once, they could not fight anymore either.

The sky-reaching ancient tree started to burn in an instant. It was burnt to ashes, as if it had never existed.

"We can't continue." The Wind and Fire Spiritual Sons and the Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit were too frustrated to go on fighting. They intended to fly toward the platform down there.

"Did I say that you could go?" Jiang Chen stepped forward in a majestic manner, his eyes cold, his swords in their sheaths.

"Go down." The Future Spirit Emperor raised his hands. Black circles were whirling in his palms. The black eyes under his dashing eyebrows were extremely bright. He explicitly promised he would protect the three Spirits, regardless of how strong Jiang Chen was at the moment.

"He, he." Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He took a step forward at a rhythm corresponding with his heartbeat, covering an enormous distance.

"I said before, that I would treat others in the same way they treated me! But now, if anyone dares stop me, I'll kill him or her without any mercy!"

People were shocked and running around in panic. They could hardly believe he was going to start a bloody killing. However, they soon found Jiang Chen had succeeded.

Looking at Jiang Chen holding swords in hands, the Wind and Fire Spiritual Sons and the Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit showed complicated expressions. They were covering the fatal sword wounds Jiang Chen had given them with their hands.

"You!" The three wanted to say something, but as soon as they opened their mouths, the force of thunder and fire turned them into ashes.


Four Spirits died tragically in such a short time. The tide had been turned so quickly that everyone was shocked.

The Wind Spirit, the Fire Spirit, and the Wood Spirit were all heartbroken. They wished they could chop Jiang Chen's dead body into thousands of pieces.

"It's normal to create such a power by combining Alien Flame and the power of striking thunder, but how did he make it?"

"He should have exploded. Why can he still use his swords at will?!"

"How can a human have such a strong body?!"

The place went into chaos. The Future Spirit Emperor, who had claimed he would protect the three, could not stay calm. He was in a rage. Suddenly, a sharp blade appeared behind Jiang Chen. It was the Blood Shadow Swordsman. The fragment between his fingers had turned into a sword emitting a scarlet radiance.

Seeing those three's end, the Blood Shadow Swordsman had been prepared to die. He launched a fatal sword attack.

"Your Blood Shadow Sword can not harm me!"

Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Fault Sword. Brandishing the two swords overheard, the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel started to take shape.

The Blood Shadow Swordsman, who had approached Jiang Chen to kill him, was deeply stuck in it. He died and vanished even before he could scream.

"You wanted to approach me to kill me. What an illusion!" Jiang Chen smiled coldly and disdainfully. Looking toward the Future Spirit Emperor, he said, "You can choose to quit now."

He sounded as scornful as the Future Spirit Emperor had when he threatened him. Back then no one would have anticipated this result. No one would have expected Jiang Chen to be so powerful.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Future Spirit Emperor looked emotionless. When everyone thought he was going to take the offer, he surprisingly beamed.

"I left something in your body. Have you noticed it?" he said.

Jiang Chen turned pale.


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