The Brilliant Fighting Master
886 Successive Serious Defeats!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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886 Successive Serious Defeats!

"Now you can't quit anymore even if you want to."

"Your only possible end is to die."

"Stop struggling. When you started to challenge the Spirits' dignity, your tragic fate had already been written."

"People will remember your overconfidence today."

The six Spirits blocked all of the exits, leaving Jiang Chen no option to quit. Judging from their words, they would not stop until they had killed Jiang Chen. The reason was simple.

Even if Jiang Chen had quit in this moment, people would say that they had bullied him with the superiority in numbers, that the six Spirits collaborated to drive the strongest human away, and that was how they got the title Invincible God of War. At this stage, they had to shut people up by killing Jiang Chen.

"That's a load of crap." Jiang Chen did not change his mind. His morale was high. The siege did not seem like a big problem for him.

"You are so stubborn, even though you are going to die." The Spiritual Son of the Fire Spirit would be the most eager to see Jiang Chen's death, because the Spiritual Son of the Wind Spirit and he had actually helped Jiang Chen with his improvement. As long as Jiang Chen was alive, it would be a shame for him.

"What else do you have? You've played all of your trump cards. Now you are insignificant in this fight." Jiang Chen showed only scorn for the Spirits. This hurt more than anything. The Spiritual Son of the Fire Spirit was irritated. Unable to hold his temper, he attacked Jiang Chen directly. This time, the Spirits fought shoulder to shoulder without any plan.

The Spiritual Son of the Wind Spirit and the Spiritual Lady of the Wind Spirit followed. The swordsman from the Blood Shadow Dynasty was walking in the void like an assassinator who worked in the dark. The sharp sword in his hand was emitting a cold light that seemed to symbolize death. The Future Spirit Emperor looked like he would attack at any moment. He seemed to be preparing for a fatal blow. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit did not know how to collaborate so well. He approached Jiang Chen from behind, ready to launch another surprise attack.

"I'll kill you three first!" Jiang Chen knew he had to be more careful, and he had better defeat them one by one. Facing the three masked Spirits whom he had defeated once, he went all-out.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Compared with his other sword movements, the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel had greater power.


The three Spirits who fought in the vanguard knew they were there to draw out his firepower, but they had not resolved to sacrifice their lives.

"You think you're able to dodge?" Jiang Chen was confident. He exerted his thunder method before the three could scatter. Both of his swords were pointed at the Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit, who was restricted by him most.

"Don't...." The Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit was scared out of her wits, which could be seen from her body movements.

At the crucial moment, a whooshing sound could be heard. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit dashed over. Jiang Chen's hands were still injured, but the spiritual power and the thunder power were so destructive that they were beyond imagination. Not surprised at his attack, Jiang Chen turned the sword wheel to aim at him. Jiang Chen released the sword wheel directly instead of confronting the tough with toughness.

"That's not good!" The three Spirits who had not fled far enough away were in a panic. They used their Spiritual powers to put up a defense. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit hit against the sword wheel, as if a meteorite had fallen into the sea and made a big splash, or even a dreadful tsunami.

Jiang Chen, the Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit, the Spiritual Sons of the Wind Spirit and the Fire Spirit, and the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit were all in the scope of his impact.

"Does he want to die with all of them together?" That was what occurred to people first. However, not until the energy fluctuation had calmed down did they realize what a madman Jiang Chen was. He intended to kill his enemy in this way because his body was extremely good at defense.

Sent flying, the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit was heavily injured. The other three should have either died or been disabled. Unfortunately, a black ball appeared before them. It alleviated the harm caused to them to a great extent. Without question, it was the Future Spirit Emperor who had gone to their rescue.

At the same time, the swordsman from the Blood Shadow Dynasty lurking in the dark also launched a fatal sword attack, which was too quiet to perceive. There were so many people on the scene, but none of them saw how he had attacked. The situation was not favorable for Jiang Chen. He had no way to dodge, and he did not want to dodge.

Thunder roared again. A striking thunder entered his kidneys to manipulate the Five Thunders Authentic Method.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

Within a breath, all of the thunders gathered in his palm. They moved onto the tip of the blade that had whooshed over. The Blood Shadow Swordsman had claimed he could defeat Jiang Chen in areas besides the sword. Although people had not seen his true strength yet, his sword was great indeed. The blade tip pierced through the thunder immediately and then through Jiang Chen's palm. The power of thunder was released before any blood seeped out of the wound.

On the other side of the sword, the Blood Shadow Swordsman started to twitch. With a blare, the whole sword was smashed into pieces. The swordsman was sent flying too.

It happened in less than three seconds. Since Jiang Chen had so many rivals, it would be dangerous for him if he stayed in the same place, but it was too late. Numerous canes twined around his body. In this way, his movement was restricted.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I told you, your canes can't do anything to me." Looking at the Spiritual Lady of the Wood Spirit, who was holding a sword in her hand, Jiang Chen shook his head disdainfully. As soon as he finished speaking, the canes started to burn.

"She only wanted to stall for more time." Suddenly, the Future Spirit Emperor's voice rang out. It sounded so cold that Jiang Chen involuntarily shivered, because this rival was just behind him, almost glued to him.

Ah! Jiang Chen give off a tragic scream. The Future Spirit Emperor pierced through Jiang Chen's body with his right hand and grasped the latter's viscera. It was horrible. Instead of tearing Jiang Chen's skin apart, the Future Spirit Emperor's hand seemed to have created an opening on his back.

Jiang Chen released the Sky-burning Evil Flame to let the fiercest Alien Flame burn in his body before his rival could grasp his heart. He heard the Future Spirit Emperor scream in surprise. Then the latter took his hand back.

Jiang Chen stepped aside immediately. He reached for his back and found both his clothes and his back were fine. However, he was sure there had been a hand in his body.

"Jiang Chen, watch out!"

He did not know where this warning had come from. It turned out the Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit was dashing over violently again. When Jiang Chen had heard the warning, it was already too late. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit bounced onto his back, almost breaking him in half. He spit blood. And he was sent flying like a kite without a thread. The Spiritual Son of the Flame Spirit attacked Jiang Chen in a violent rage to avenge himself, because the latter had hurt him.

Suffering one defeat after another, Jiang Chen was in a bad situation.

"He is forcing himself. Alas!"

"They are bullying him with such a superiority in numbers. They're not giving him any time to breathe."

"He moved, but he was still attacked right away. He didn't have any time to regulate his breathing."

Looking at Jiang Chen, many people were shaking their heads and sighing.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: the third movement!" Jiang Chen, although heavily injured, exerted the sword movement that had amazed the whole world before.

"Back to back!" The Future Spirit Emperor shouted. He was afraid of this movement. When the six masked Spirits were dashing toward the same place, Jiang Chen had finished his sword movement. In the status of Doctrine Heart, he threw his sword over in the Wind and Fire Sword Realm of the first level. Its lethality was a few times more than before. Only a few people saw an aurora flash among the six. The sword movement ended fast. It was beyond imagination.

"Will he kill six Spirits with a single sword?"

"If that happens, the Realm of Spirits will go crazy!"

People opened their eyes wide to observe the six masked Spirits. These masked Spirits looked very much alike—they were not moving.


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