The Brilliant Fighting Master
883 Another Variation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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883 Another Variation

The Spirit wearing the fire phoenix mask tried his best. His spiritual power was as deep as the sea. His whole body was burning. If he walked into a forest like this, trees within a range of 100 miles would be burned up. He swung the blade in his right hand. With all of the spiritual power gathering at one point, it whipped the sword wheel.

The sword wheel rotated madly. The sword spirit in the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel was vast. Hit by the blade, numerous blades flew out of it.

"Holy Wind Method: Wind Killing Strike!"

The white-masked Spirit was not doing nothing. His spiritual power soared. Wind whistled. His body gradually turned abstract and could only be vaguely seen. Then he disappeared in the wind. The Wind Spirit was different from the Fire Spirit. Their destructive power mainly lay in acutely directed forces. Therefore, by combining fire and wind, Jiang Chen could turn people into sand.

The Sacred Flame and Holy Wind was based on the same principle. However, since they were Spiritual Sons from different Spirit clans and they hadn't spent time together for a long time, they neither knew each other nor had had any collaboration before. The Sacred Flame and Holy Wind was not weak, but it failed to show their strengths.

Then they attacked individually. Since they only had to take care of themselves, the characteristics of fire and wind were perfectly shown.

The Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword in Jiang Chen's hands started to shake. Jiang Chen was trying to take them under control. Seeing himself losing control, Jiang Chen went all-out to brandish his sword to release the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel prematurely. The sword doctrine force followed the fierce wind and fire to attack his two rivals.

However, the two Spiritual Sons warded his attack off perfectly. Then they fought back immediately. The blade of the Spirit wearing the fire phoenix mask lingered, experiencing infinite variations. Sometimes it was a sword. Sometimes it was a knife or a whip. Without using any martial arts techniques, it still had a great power. Every time that it met Jiang Chen's swords, there would be a fireworks-like effect.

The white-masked Spirit was even more surprising. Escaping numerous people's attentions, it had started a hurricane which contained secret killing intent. Holding one sword in either hand, Jiang Chen rode two horses at once. Inevitably, he was at a disadvantage.

"He is losing." People could not help but shake their heads, because the other four masked Spirits had not even joined the fight yet. Jiang Chen was reaching his limit. It would be good enough if he could defeat the two Spirits before him.

On the platform, Jiang Zhe came up to Tian Ling, trying to tell her something.

"You disappointed me." Tian Ling beat him to it.

"Sorry?" Jiang Zhe was surprised. Tian Ling had been very polite to him. This was the first time she was so cold to him.

"No matter how you cover yourself, how profound you pretend to be, you can't deny the fact that you ran away before the battle," Tian Ling said.

After he had got the title Sky Dominator, many people thought he was an unfathomable and profound person. Even though he had quit, people still assumed it was for some special reason. Maybe he wanted to use the Spirit to kill Jiang Chen. However, in fact, once he quit, he would miss out on the title too. If people had thought about it in this way, they would realize what Jiang Zhe had done was nothing but a compromise.

He had chosen to join at the beginning because he had not thought about the possibility that the masked Spirits would collaborate. Actually, if the Future Spirit Emperor had not played a leading role in making this happen, it would have been a big brawl, and he might have been able to win.

"The Spirits chose to work together. I guess it was a choice anyone would make." Jiang Zhe was not very happy, but he was holding his temper. He said, "Tian Ling, it's not that I flinched. In fact, Jiang Chen is the weird one."

Normal people would not insist on fighting if they knew they would not win.

"You shouldn't judge others based on a madman's behavior. Tian Ling, you're too close to him. You've changed." As he spoke, he put his hand caringly on Tian Ling's delicate shoulder.

Tian Ling was struck dumb. Then she shook off his hand. Anger appeared on her pretty face. Jiang Zhe was extremely annoyed, not by Tian Ling, but by Jiang Chen.

"We've known each other for such a long time. Everything went so well between us. I always believed you would choose me." Gnashing his teeth and flushing, Jiang Zhe said emotionally, "But you did this to me for Jiang Chen's sake. I can't believe it!!"

At the thought of Jiang Chen's disdain when they had met for the first time, he flew into a rage. He was so angry that he felt he would explode soon.

Seeing him behaving like this, Tian Ling, who had been angry as well, shook her head helplessly. She said, "Some things can't be forced. It doesn't only apply to you and me, but also applies to him and me."

She certainly meant Jiang Chen by "him".

"Besides, I am disappointed in you not because you quit, but because of what you said when you quit. You obviously wanted Jiang Chen to try to be a hero," Tian Ling added.

"He acted on such stupid reverse psychology. What can I say?" Jiang Zhe said.

Throwing him a glance, Tian Ling said seriously, "At least it means one thing – he is braver than you are."

Jiang Zhe's face became distorted. He was unhappy with such a remark. "People like him usually die young."

Then he turned around, dropping the idea of courting Tian Ling forever. He would not allow himself to live like a loser in a relationship.

While Tian Ling and Jiang Zhe were talking, the fight in the air went on.

The sword was shining. The spiritual power was brilliant. When they collided, the remaining power of the energy looked like a painting in the air. Jiang Chen was injured in this fight. Most of his wounds were caused by the Spiritual Son of the Wind Spirit. The invisible acute force of the holy wind blade was as destructive as legendary weapons. It was more mysterious than most martial arts techniques.

As the fight went on, the two Spiritual Sons were collaborating better. While they were exerting their strengths, the wind and the fire turned fiercer and moved more quickly. Jiang Chen would be caught unready whenever wind and fire were combined.

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"You don't know who you are at all. Future Sword Venerable is already the best title you can get. You think you are invincible with your two damn swords?"

"The Spirits are invincible!"

"Kill him. It's not a wonderful fight at all." The fight had gone on for some time. Since Jiang Chen had not used his trump card, the two Spiritual Sons did not try harder either.

Although each blow exchange was terrifying, those who were eager to see the result were a little impatient.

"Kill him!" What the Spirit with the fire phoenix mask wanted was not to defeat Jiang Chen, but to kill him.

"All right!" The white-masked Spirit agreed.

In this way, their Spirit method had a second variation.

The Spirit with the fire phoenix mask lifted a corner of his mask. His mouth and nose were exposed. At the same time, he inhaled all of the flames.

His body became a burning furnace right away. He exhaled long white smoke from his nostrils. Then, his mouth started to shine. His chest and his cheeks bulged.


As he opened his mouth, liquified flames were emitted from his mouth. This was spiritual fire, which beat the sacred flame. It had infinite power. Aided by the holy wind, the spiritual fire became a rapid current that dashed toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen raised his right hand to strike the spiritual fire with the Red Cloud Sword. Then, as pale as a ghost, he was pushed backward and could not stop retreating. In the end, he turned to the Heavenly Fault Sword in his left hand to parry the strike of the spiritual fire, but it was only for the moment.

Seeing him go all-out, the onlookers knew he would not be able to hold on for a long time.

Thanks to his divine body, he did not get burned up under such an attack.

"Thank you very much." Jiang Chen, exhausted, said. What he had said did not apply to the situation at all.

However, both of the Spiritual Sons had a strong hunch that something bad was going to happen.

Then, loud chimes were given off by his swords, echoing in everyone's ears!


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