The Brilliant Fighting Master
882 Fighting With Spiritual Sons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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882 Fighting With Spiritual Sons

While Jiang Chen was making his decision, many people got their hopes up, although they knew his rivals were six masked Spirits. It was only for a simple reason – because he was Jiang Chen.

In the end, he did not disappoint them. The Doctrine Artifacts in his hands were emitting strong lights. Interweaved, they looked like thousands of shining silver silk threads. However, what impressed people most were his firm black eyes, in which there was no fear.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Zhe and Ning Haotian, who had quit, were struck dumb. Although they had thought about what was going to happen, they were still deeply shocked when it had really happened. His courage was beyond compare, even if the courage of all of those present was added together.

The six masked Spirits were dumbfounded. People could even imagine their facial expressions behind the masks. Gradually, people started to pay attention to the Future Spirit Emperor.

"You are going to deal with us six alone?" he asked.

"Exactly. So what?" Jiang Chen did not want to continue arguing.

His answer absolutely pissed the other masked Spirits off. The other five, who had had doubts about the Future Spirit Emperor's order, made up their minds. They would kill Jiang Chen first.

"Leave him to me." The Spirit wearing the fire phoenix mask seized the chance to dash out first.

The others were observing at this time. They were not going to attack him all together for the moment.

"Sacred Flame Cleans Dusts!"

He stopped holding back once his identity had been exposed. The Spirit method was the same one that Huo Zhengyu had used. He intended to prove to the whole world how strong the Fire Spirit was.

As the spiritual seal appeared, orange sacred flames exploded in the air. A sea of fire was formed. There was no place to hide. Jiang Chen was stuck in the sea of fire soon. The sacred flames were stopped by his swords' patterns when they were three meters away from him. His two swords gave off strong angry energies. Interweaving, they soared into the sky and spread fast to parry the sacred flames.

"Ignorant." The Spirit with the fire phoenix mask hesitated, but then he exerted his unique movement again. The sacred flames were gathering around Jiang Chen at the center.

The Fire Spirit was extremely agitated to see this. "That's not good!"

Tian Ling was shocked. She had seen through their tricks, but, unfortunately, she could not say anything to remind Jiang Chen due to the rules.

These sacred flames exploded around Jiang Chen immediately. The power of the explosion was strong enough to destroy a mountain. What's more, the most important part of this Spirit method was that the enemy would be unable to flee after he got stuck in the sea of fire.

Standing there and holding his swords, Jiang Chen was letting the sea of fire invade him. It was actually not a wise thing to do. As some people knew, the sacred flames exploded five meters away from Jiang Chen. The whole world felt the ground under their feet shaking violently.

The remaining power of the sacred flames kept tumbling up. It formed a mushroom cloud that settled over everything. Brilliant flares could be observed in the cloud.

"This occult method is an advanced version based on the further variations of the sacred flames. It's not a usual method!"

"Only the royal family of the Fire Spirit can do that!"

"Its explosion is extremely powerful. The heat it releases can turn steel into iron water!"

"He is using it to burn flesh and blood. This is to avenge Huo Zhengyu."

The fire cloud lingered there for a long time. People could not see how Jiang Chen was doing. However, at the thought of the great power of the explosion, they did not think it was going well for him. Maybe Jiang Chen had turned to ashes, and there was not even a corpse.

After a long while, the fire cloud disappeared gradually. People suddenly craned their necks to see where Jiang Chen had been standing. When the fire cloud had completely disappeared, they saw a human figure.

A sword was waved and a wind started. When it blew over, the fire cloud vanished instantly. Jiang Chen was standing there, as if nothing had happened.

"Do you, Fire Spirit, really think you are the only one who can master the true meaning of fire?" Jiang Chen said disdainfully.

"Nothing happened to him?" The fire phoenix mask put his hand on the mask involuntarily, because he was so surprised that he wanted to cover his mouth.

"How could he escape the attack unscathed? What protective gear is he wearing?"

"Even if it's a protective gear of the Doctrine Artifact level, the protection it offers can't be this good."

"It's not any protective gear. He took the attack on his own!"

The terrifying Spirit method was only like scratching an itch for Jiang Chen. His reaction was really shocking. The Fire Spirit was especially shocked.

"He has the genuine blood of the fire phoenix. What a moron." Ning Haotian cursed. The greatest power of that Spirit method was the power of fire, but Jiang Chen was not afraid of that at all. Not to mention Jiang Chen's divine body.

"You like to play with fire? I'll play with you."

Then Jiang Chen finally threw his swords over. The two swords chimed together. The Wind Sword Realm and the Fire Sword Realm showed up again.

The masked Spirit thought of his fast sword, so he was put on guard to get prepared for that. "Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

However, Jiang Chen did not repeat that movement. He used another special movement. The Divine Fire Scripture manipulated the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Together with the sword doctrine power, it surged into the Doctrine Heart. After the sublime Doctrine Heart, the power of this sword movement was even more dreadful than when he killed the Jiangs' great elder.

The Fire Sword Realm formed by the Alien Flame like Sky-burning Evil Flame was strikingly powerful, and by then it was a combination of the Fire Sword Realm and the Wind Sword Realm. Thanks to the Doctrine Heart, things did not get out of control. Otherwise, the fighting field would have been too small to exert this movement.

"Darn!" The Spirit wearing the fire phoenix mask was annoyed by the appearance of the Alien Flame.

"Help me!" He shouted at the other masked Spirits.

Everyone knew Jiang Chen was not easy to deal with. As a Spiritual Son, he might still have some trump cards that he had not used, but if he wanted to win the title, he did not want to waste all of his energies on Jiang Chen.

"If you don't help me, I'll quit right away. Then you'll reap what you sow." Seeing no one help him, he said angrily.

"If the Spirits are not united, we'll turn into a big joke," the Future Spirit Emperor said.

"Let me handle him." Then the white-masked Spirit came forward. He was the Wind Spirit's Spiritual Son.

"Exert Sacred Flame and Holy Wind and add some changes to it." The two agreed, trying to mimic the collaboration between Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming. Although Jiang Chen had killed those two, their attacking method was worth learning. Soon, the Sacred Flame and Holy Wind showed up again. Its power was certainly different. Turning into a giant dragon, it dashed out.

"Jiang Chen, let's see how you'll resist us with your lousy Wind Sword Realm and Fire Sword Realm!" The Spirit wearing the fire phoenix mask shouted.

As soon as he had finished speaking, Jiang Chen's Wind and Fire Swords Wheel and the giant dragon collided. The sword wheel turned, and then the dragon head was smashed. The sword wheel turned again, and then the dragon's body was shattered.

The fire-phoenix-masked Spirit was speechless. Jiang Chen's strength was beyond their imaginations. He did not leave them any room to show off. And the dreadful sword wheel was still dashing toward them.

"Don't hold back. If another Spirit comes forward to help you, even if you win, it will be an ugly victory," the Future Spirit Emperor said coldly.

Before the sword wheel, the two masked Spirits did not have any time to hesitate.

"Let's do it!"

"Secret Blade and Unique Flame!"

The fire phoenix mask's spiritual power suddenly soared. His body as if soaked in liquid. However, the liquid was actually flames. At the same time, his skin was experiencing a spiritual variation. His black hair was burning violently. The fire phoenix on the mask also opened its wings.

"I held back. Do you really think you're strong?" He shouted loudly. The liquid formed a fireball on his palm. Then, the fireball transformed to a blade. It was difficult to see whether it was a sword or a knife.

Facing Wind and Fire Swords Wheel, he surprisingly ran toward it.


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