The Brilliant Fighting Master
880 The Invincible God Of War
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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880 The Invincible God Of War

Jiang Chen turned pale. His heart was pounding hard and fast. He was extremely anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

The Fire Spirit and the Wind Spirit had to wait until the end of the fight to attack him. He was also kept out of the arena for the same reason! However, he understood how the Fire Spirit and the Wind Spirit were feeling.

Ji Yinyi had been gravely injured by the masked Spirit. She could not fight back at all. The Fire Spirit disciple wanted to avenge Huo Zhengyu, so he did not show any mercy. If he succeeded, Ji Yinyi would definitely die.

Many other people had noticed what was happening in this arena. They all felt extremely anxious. At this crucial moment, a storm came. It swept Ji Yinyi away and frustrated the Fire Spirit.

However, before Jiang Chen could feel relieved, the Ice Spirit Saint, who had lent Ji Yinyi a hand, got distracted and paid a big price for that. Jiang Zhe left a wound in one side of her chest with his scimitar. Blood seeped out of the wound. The saint, whose skin was as pure as snow, lost her mystery. The frost around her body disappeared. An extremely pretty face was evident. Only deities could have such crystal-clear skin. She looked like flawless ice.

Jiang Zhe was struck dumb. Then he grinned. He threw the scimitar immediately without showing any mercy. His attack was fast and fatal. The Icy Spirits all felt nervous. So did Jiang Chen. The Ice Spirit Saint had helped others despite Jiang Zhe's attack. As a result, she had paid a big price.

The knife fell, striking the saint's fair chest. Numerous people covered their eyes, because they did not have the heart to see such a pretty woman die in this way. But soon, people discovered there was no blood. Her body had turned into ice. Then, she went back on the platform with Ji Yinyi. Both of the two women were in bad condition.

"Thank you!" Ji Yinyi felt every grateful, since she had stayed alive thanks to the saint.

"Thank you!" Jiang Chen also thanked her. He had been really surprised as well that the saint had helped. If it were not for her, he would have been really upset.

The Icy Spirit Saint did not say anything. She took some healing pills out.

"Use mine. I refined them. They have better effects." Jiang Chen took his elixirs out and gave them to the two women. The saint did not hesitate. She took one and swallowed it. Soon, she was surprised. However, people did not have the time to see her surprise at all, because the mysterious frost shrouded her once again. Her injuries were recovering fast.

The fights in the air were undergoing a big change as well during this time.

Tian Ling and Yao Yuntong lost. That was shocking. They left the arena.

On the other side, Jiang Zhe was fighting desperately with the woman wearing the petal mask.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide. He saw a sword appear in the woman's hand! And her swordsmanship was great. It was even superb. Before he could give any more thoughts to it, he realized how great Jiang Zhe was as well. His knife method was far better than his rival's.

"His knife strength is of master level. The sacred body isn't the only thing he has. He has mastered an ancient scripture!" Jiang Chen saw many things through this observation. However, he still could not see through Jiang Zhe. He felt incredible. This man seemed to have more trump cards. His strength seemed bottomless.

Another masked Spirit was about to lose.

"Let me help you!" The masked Spirit who had defeated the three women had to come to her rescue.

As soon as he attacked, Jiang Zhe's advantage was completely gone. He was instantly at a disadvantage. It seemed he could lose at any minute.

On the other side, Ning Haotian was carrying the Natural Law War Case on his shoulder and holding the steel spear in one of his hands.He did not look like he wanted to help, even though he knew it would be his turn once Jiang Zhe lost.

"Hey, this is a fight between the human race and the Spirits. What are you doing?" It was surprising that Jiang Zhe spoke to him first.

"You're too weak to have a Divine Martial Trial with Jiang Chen." Ning Haotian still stayed out of the fight.

Jiang Zhe was so angry that he burst out laughing. In this moment, he hesitated. Then he said, "I'll help you deal with him."

Then he threw his scimitar over to Ning Haotian.

The two masked Spirits looked at each other, confused by the current situation, but they were happy to see what was happening.

"What's this?"

Ning Haotian was brandishing his steel spear. Under the spear's golden light, he looked threatening even though he was not angry.

"Show me how great the Martial Arts Divine School's most mysterious inheritance is!" Jiang Zhe said. The two started to fight. They were quite equal. The fight was desperate. The masked Spirits watched them for a while. Then they changed their minds. They stopped watching and joined the fight.

Ning Haotian was fighting with three rivals alone once again. What was different was his current three rivals were more dreadful. Resisting the impulse to curse, Ning Haotian went all-out to fight back. But sure, the odds were not on his side.


Jiang Chen suddenly tumbled to the motive of Jiang Zhe's unusual behavior. He actually wanted to gain the victory without exposing all of his strength. On the other hand, Ning Haotian was holding back too.

"No Enemy in Ten Directions!" Ning Haotian was irritated. The power of the alien beast broke out again.

The steel spear was thrown. Before his rivals could dodge, he patted the Natural Law War Case extremely hard.


Jiang Zhe smiled mysteriously. He stepped aside, holding his scimitar.

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The two masked Spirits were sandwiched between them. However, the two masked Spirits collaborated quite well. Back to back, they were dealing with one rival respectively.

"He is the Wind Spirit's Spiritual Son!"

"And the other is the Wood Spirit's Spiritual Lady!"

The two masked Spirits' identities were exposed. The reason was simple. It was because they had exerted the occult methods of their clans. However, due to the masks, although people knew they were a Spiritual Son and a Spiritual Lady, they had no idea who they were. As a result, there was nothing they could do. That was the biggest reason for the use of the masks.

All of the four went all-out. When the four movements of martial techniques and Spirit methods, which were strong enough to destroy the world, encountered each other, the sky fell into an indescribable situation. The sky was dyed by the four different colors of their energies.

The result was announced. The winner was Jiang Zhe, who had planned all this. Jiang Zhe's title became Sky Dominator from Junior Fist King.

"Damn it!" Ning Haotian could not continue fighting for the moment. He was reluctant to admit defeat, feeling it not a fair enough competition of energies. Not to mention the two masked Spirits. They felt they had been set up.

Then people watched as Jiang Zhe walk toward the stele to get the title. This brought the curtain down on a wonderful fight. People's greatest gain was witnessing Ning Haotian and Jiang Zhe's dreadful strengths with their own eyes. If it were not due to the energy collision in the end, it would be hard to say which of them would win.

The stele was illuminated again and people were still talking about this fight and feeling amazed by it. There was no interval at all, but this was not the most important part. Many people rubbed their eyes, wondering whether they had seen it wrong. Another four words appeared on the stele, which was normal, but all of the four words were golden!

The Title Palace shocked the world once again. There had never been a title with four golden words. Usually there were only three. However, at the thought of the frequent appearance of three-golden-word titles this day, they felt they kind of anticipated it. Numerous people were staring at the stele, wondering what the first word of the title would be.

Invincible God of War!

The four words started a great disturbance. Without doubt, everyone would fight for it, including Jiang Chen.

This time, the six masked Spirits joined the competition together.


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