The Brilliant Fighting Master
879 The Rise Of The Human Race
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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879 The Rise Of The Human Race

Not long after the start of the competition, the participants kept quitting, since they could not handle such a desperate fight. They had to deal with different enemies, and the attacks were coming from everywhere. It was impossible to hold out.

Soon, only ten-odd people remained in the fight. All of them were geniuses and strong people. They chose their rivals with tacit agreement. Wang Meng kept shrieking, brandishing his mace and throwing it over toward his rival. Ning Haotian resisted it easily. However, Wang Meng was not his only enemy. There was also a male Earth Spirit, who was a genius from the Fifth Palace.

One against two, Ning Haotian was emitting golden lights. He looked solemn and unconquerable. But soon, another man joined in the attack. He was one of the masked Spirits! The masked Spirits were the one wearing the petal mask, the one wearing the black mask, the one wearing the white mask, the one wearing the fire phoenix mask, and the above-mentioned swordsman who was Ning Haotian's enemy. His mask was a demon. Made of bronze, it was extremely scary.

"The Spirits are subduing the human race." It suddenly dawned on someone at the sight of this. It did not make any sense that the masked Spirits were collaborating with Wang Meng. 

Wang Meng was such a stubborn and reckless man that it seemed like the only thing he was doing was brandishing his mace like a headless chicken. 

If people were thinking that the spirits were coming after the human race, the assumption could be further confirmed by the fight Jiang Zhe was stuck in. Jiang Zhe's rivals were even more dreadful. They were the Ice Spirit Saint and the woman wearing the petal mask. Although he only had two rivals, he was feeling much more pressured than Ning Haotian.

Other humans were also being eliminated. The Spirits seemed to have made a plan to eliminate the participants of the human race first.

"I think they are angry because Jiang Chen killed Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming!"

"The Spirits are venting!"

There were many smart people on the scene, who realized it immediately. The human race had almost stolen the Spirits' thunder in the Title Battle. In the past, the Spirits had never allowed this to happen.

Frowning, Jiang Chen was becoming uneasy and nervous. Tian Ling, Yao Yuntong, and Ji Yinyi were the three women who were fighting together with the Spirit wearing the white mask.

It seemed to be a three-to-one fight, but, in fact, it was the masked Spirit who had picked this fight with them. The white-masked Spirit, the leading suspect, was not using his sword, but he was still doing great. He noticed Jiang Chen was watching them, so he was eager to push himself forward to tell Jiang Chen that although he had admitted the gap between their swordsmanship, it did not mean his strength was weaker.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was exerting all kinds of mysterious and powerful spirit methods in such a casual way. The three women were suffering one defeat after another. All of them were injured. Jiang Chen wanted to tell them to stop, but he hesitated to speak out. It was their choice. They did not have any illusions about getting the title. All they wanted was a great fight, through which they could improve.

"Nine Variations of the Mysterious Thunders!"

Yao Yuntong had made big progress since she had got the complete thunder method. Her attacking power was the strongest among the three women. Her control over thunder and lightning was quite subtle. She was grasping a section of lightning in her hands, which looked like an iron chain or a long whip. Able to change its form at will, she could even turn it into a knife or a sword. A strong mysterious thunder was released from her palm to resist the masked Spirit's spirit method.

Holding sharp swords in their hands, Tian Ling and Ji Yinyi tried their best. They had outdone themselves.

"Spiritual Variation!"

However, the masked Spirit was too strong. He kept pushing them. The spiritual light his body was emitting was extremely brilliant. The thunder and lightning bounced off it. Then he went on to deal with the two swords with ease.

Soon, the three women were badly injured.

On the other side, the situation was not favorable for Ning Haotian or Jiang Zhe either.

"Do you think Jiang Chen is the only strong man from the human race?"

Ning Haotian threw the steel spear in his hand with an effort, as if it was a lance. The enemy before him had no time to dodge. With Ning Haotian's strength, the steel spear could pierce through a mountain. Ning Haotian did not become fragile without the weapon. On the contrary, his energy soared. He turned his palms upward. The Natural Law War Case showed up there. He launched an attack before anyone had time to react and patted the war case with effort.

A knife, a spear, and then a sword. The three divine weapons flew out of the case one after another. Ning Haotian pressed on his seal, and the divine weapons instantly emitted a strong power, shaking violently.


The three divine weapons were thrown over, as if a volcano had erupted.

Wang Meng's mace struck the knife, but it was broken immediately. His purlicue cracked and he spit blood again.

The strong Earth Spirit growled. His spirit method took advantage of the terrain. He was like a big mountain that would never fall apart. However, the mountain was fragile under the attack of the spear. His body was penetrated directly! Fortunately, the spear pierced through his palm first and the chest later. Thanks to the buffer, the injury in his chest was not fatal. Otherwise, the Earth Spirit might also need to find a place to weep secretly.

The onlookers were expecting to see how the third man, namely, the man wearing the demon mask, would resist the extremely powerful flying sword.

"Flame demon!"

The masked man's performance was better than the other two. He tried his best too, and, as a result, exposed part of his secret.

"He is from the Flame Spirit!"

"The Flame Spirit has trained a Spiritual Son? That's quite impossible!"

"That's the unique spirit method of the Flame Spirit!"

"Another Amazing Spirit has risen?"

The Spirits were all shocked. They kept exclaiming. An Amazing Spirit was a mix of two kinds of Spirit clans. The Icy Spirit was a mix of the Wind Spirit and the Water Spirit. Called Amazing Spirits, they had a special position among the Spirit. If they were strong, they would certainly be admired.

However, the Flame Spirit was still a small tribe. The Earth Spirit and the Fire Spirit would in no way allow them to rise. The Water Spirit declined and became a collateral branch after the Icy Spirit's rise.

That being said, the Spirit method the masked Spirit from the Flame Spirit had exerted was not an attacking method. It was only used to strengthen himself. He looked 70 percent similar to Jiang Chen when he turned on the God of Fire Descends to the World.

He shouted. Colorful flames were ejected from his mouth and hit the flying sword. The flying sword was affected, but it was still trying hard to fly forward, resisting the violent flame. Then, the masked man threw his palm over. The flying sword lost control of itself.


However, Ning Haotian came up to him quietly. They were only ten feet away from each other. The Natural Law War Case was in front of him. He was patting on it without stopping.

Halberd, club, fist, palm, leg, claw, and finger. The seven divine weapons were thrown over all together. The masked Spirit from the Flame Spirit was caught unready. Although he tried very hard to resist, he could not change the result.

"This human is also strong!"

Seeing Ning Haotian confront three rivals and win, all those present were once again shocked.

"Is the human race the star of today?"

Some Spirits refused to believe this.

However, it was what happened. Confronting the Ice Spirit Saint and the woman wearing the petal mask, Jiang Zhe suddenly broke out. He had gained a total advantage. The two female Spirits were unable to fight back at all.

"It's a sacred body! Jiang Zhe has a sacred body!"

"It's more than that. His attack has the power of some ancient scripture!"

"He is using a knife! What a surprise that he is a knifeman!" (Jiang Zhe was holding a long scimitar in hand. It could also be called a sword.)

Surprisingly, it was a Doctrine Artifact!


Suddenly, a tragic scream broke Jiang Chen's heart.

He looked over and saw Ji Yinyi lose the grip of her long sword. It fell onto the ground.


A Fire Spirit disciple standing not far away knew she and Jiang Chen were very close, so he attacked her.


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