The Brilliant Fighting Master
878 Great Sky Dominator
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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878 Great Sky Dominator

The three golden words titles were different than others, and after Jiang Chen had become the Future Sword Venerable, he had an inexplicable feeling. It was like he felt several heavenly threads stretching toward a mysterious realm. However, it was a pity that the Title Battle still hadn't come to an end, and he couldn't start processing this feeling peacefully.

Jiang Chen walked toward the platform, and most people there drew back with their faces filled with reverence. Even Spirits didn't dare to clamor any longer and didn't wear mocking expressions as before.

"They were all Five Palace's geniuses, so why was the disparity between them this great?" Someone asked in a low voice. He just wanted to understand this matter.

Huo Zhengyu, Wu Ziming, and Song Hao had all challenged the Doctrine Palace once again before the start of the Title Battle and got good achievements in it. Yet in the end, they were easily killed by Jiang Chen.

"Did they face 100,000 Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals while crossing the Fourth Palace?" Yao Yuntong stated the answer. She had crossed the Doctrine Palace along with Jiang Chen and witnessed such a matter personally.

"Didn't you all disbelieve that Jiang Chen had made two divine pieces of art?"

"You also didn't believe that he crossed the Fourth Palace at such a high level of difficulty."

"You all believed that a human can't have such great achievements."

"However, facts have demonstrated that you were all mistaken."

Li Bai was excited. He was one of Jiang Chen's few friends, and, after the end of this day's Title Battle, he could brag about this matter for many years.

"Let's leave discussing this matter until the end," While everyone was amazed by Jiang Chen, someone suddenly spoke. It was the masked man who was suspected to be the Fire Spirit Clan's spiritual son. Just his mere words alone were enough to let Huo Zhengyu forfeit, and it could be seen from this that they knew each other.

Jiang Chen had killed Huo Zhengyu and infuriated him thoroughly, and it seemed like he planned to teach Jiang Chen a lesson. When the crowd looked at him, they witnessed him throwing his head back and sticking out his chest, before walking toward Jiang Chen.

"You better quit while you're ahead, or else I will surely kill you if I run into you." As he spoke, it seemed like the phoenix depicted on his mask came to life, and it flew among the sea of flames.

"All people who have stated that they will kill me will usually end up dead," Jiang Chen said calmly.

It was unknown what kind of expression was on the man's face hidden beneath the mask when he heard Jiang Chen's words, but they all could still feel that the ambiance became grave. In the end, the masked man just emitted a peal of strange laughter before going back to his former place.

Tian Ling and Ji Yinyi went to Jiang Chen's side, and both looked at the back of the masked man.

"Jiang Chen, go ask the Ice Spirit Clan's saint who is this guy," Tian Ling said in a low voice.

When they were fighting over the Future Spirit Emperor's title, the Ice Spirit Clan's saint joined hands with this guy, but they were still defeated by the black-masked man.

Jiang Chen hesitated slightly. He believed that the fight would be more interesting if he wasn't aware of anything. However, as he gave consideration to the current situation, he found out that an accident might easily occur, and he decided to go to see the Ice Spirit Clan's saint.

On the platform, humans and Spirits were standing in different regions, and the saint was among a group of Spirits. When they witnessed Jiang Chen walking toward them, they all became nervous, and it was obvious that they were all hostile to him. However, even after Jiang Chen neared them, no one tried to obstruct him, and they even made way for him.

The Ice Spirit Clan's saint seemed like an ethereal fairy and didn't seem like a being of this realm, while her whole body was engulfed by chilly fog. However, Jiang Chen had already seen her appearance, and he couldn't help but curl the corners of his mouth up into a faint smile.

The saint just stood where she was calmly and looked at him. 

"Stop!" When Jiang Chen was just six or seven steps from the Ice Spirit Clan's saint, she shouted at him.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention and continued proceeding forward until two steps were left between them.

"You!" The Ice Spirit Clan's saint was infuriated, and she couldn't help but recall his vile actions in the Ice Mountain. Even though she had cultivated the Icy Heart Formula, she still couldn't keep her calm.

"What is that guy's power in comparison to yours?" Jiang Chen asked. He didn't need to mention his name because everyone witnessed such a conflict on the platform.

The saint was annoyed by his tone, and she spoke in displeasure, "Are you stating it like this on purpose, or you just don't know how to speak properly."

Why was he asking how was that man in comparison to her? Jiang Chen just managed to barely win against her one time, and nothing was outstanding about this.

"What I mean is if his power is on a par with yours, I must really take him seriously," Jiang Chen smiled sheepishly and said.

The saint said to herself, Now, that's acceptable. However, when she witnessed Jiang Chen's smile, she understood that he was just teasing her.

"Why should I inform you?" The saint sneered coldly and said.

"Won't we shortly became one family? Why are you treating me like an outsider? Oh, by the way, what is your relationship with my senior sister? You aren't my sister-in-law, are you?"

The Ice Spirit Clan's saint was so infuriated that she laughed. She said, "You really have a rich imagination."

However, as she thought about Elder Bing Shan's attitude a moment ago, she replied after she mulled it over. "It would be better for you to keep a trump card that you still haven't used."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Chen didn't understand what she meant.

"If we fight once again, I will manage to block your Ksana Sword's strike, and even if it reached the same level as a while ago, I could still deal with it." The saint said, "Moreover, you still don't know how many hidden cards I still have, and you don't know what techniques that guy possesses."

Jiang Chen was aware that he couldn't really count on getting an accurate answer about who was stronger from her and so didn't really take what she said seriously.

On the other side, the Title Battle still continued, and new titles appeared unceasingly. This time, the Title Palace was different than usual, and it released many imposing titles, and it released even many three golden words titles.

"Great Sky Dominator!"

After a short while had passed, a new title appeared, and more than half of the people on the platform went to the stage. It was obvious that this was a three golden words title, and it wasn't limited to just a specific clan or to a specific weapon. Its scope was broader than the previous Future Sword Venerable's title.

The Future Sword Venerable Jiang Chen didn't go to the stage. This title had just three golden words like his own, and he still preferred his current title.

However, the lineup of the people on the stage attracted everyone's attention. Among the Human Clan, all Nine Territories' leading figures went to the stage, and even Jiang Zhe was among them. He wasn't someone at the same level as Fan Yao and Han Qianye. Moreover, Ning Haotian was also in the sky and was holding his Mysterious Iron Heavy Spear.

Wang Meng who was waving his Silver Tooth Club was also there. He had already been defeated by Ning Haotian, but he wasn't willing to accept such a defeat, and still wanted to continue competing.

In the Spirit Clan's camp, just three masked men went to the stage, and it was as if they didn't want to go to the stage at the same time.

Jiang Chen was disappointed to discover that the phoenix masked man didn't go to the stage, and it was also the case for the man who had gotten the Future Spirit Emperor's title. He was like Jiang Chen, and he wouldn't participate if a title to his liking didn't appear.

However, the white-masked swordsman, who had fought over the Future Sword Venerable's title, had also ascended the stage once again, but this time, he didn't plan to use a sword.

Jiang Chen still couldn't discern even now whether he was really the one who had sent that sword light. He could rule out the black-masked man, while the petal mask woman was also in the sky, and her weapon wasn't a sword.

He still couldn't discern who it was, but he wouldn't give up, and he would pay attention to this fight.

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Jiang Chen was quite interested in this Title Battle, and he really wanted to see what would happen if Ning Haotian and Jiang Zhe ran into each other.

They didn't need anyone to announce the start of the fight because as the stone tablet started shining with a splendid light, the fight had already started.

In the beginning, they had all a devastating battle, and energy waves were sweeping the stage like ocean waves, and they were colliding against each other and forming greater shock waves.

People would die occasionally, and there were also some who were murdered by people on purpose. Weaklings couldn't survive such a chaotic battle.


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