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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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The Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members flew into a rage, and the almighty existences and experts present almost couldn't bear not making an attack. Jiang Chen had started a massacre, and three dazzling geniuses were killed. Many people found this matter a pity.

However, this matter had been observed by more than 10,000 pairs of eyes, and they all knew that they couldn't blame Jiang Chen for it. It just happened because Huo Zhengyu and his two companions were too confident in themselves. They had at first assumed that they could defeat Jiang Chen alone, then they assumed that they could surely kill him if they ganged up on him. In the end, they got the outcome that they deserved, and it could be said that they just reaped what they had sown.

The fight over the Future Sword Venerable's title still hadn't come to an end and the contestants weren't limited to just the three dead people and Jiang Chen. There were still three masked men among the contestants, and they were probably Spirit Clan's spiritual sons. Among them was the swordsman who had fought over the Future Spirit Emperor's title, and he could probably still put up a fight with his power.However, what no one had expected was that such a spectacular fight would come to an end before it started.

"My sword techniques aren't on a par with yours, and I would be ashamed to take this title." It was unknown whether it was really true what he had stated or whether he was simply not confident in his power. In any case, that swordsman left the stage after he spoke. He didn't admit defeat. He just stated that such a title didn't suit him. His unspoken implication was that he could defeat Jiang Chen if he used power unrelated to the sword. But, even if he got the title through such means, no one would approve of it.

The other two masked men just stood at their places quietly and didn't make any movements. They were probably still hesitating.

Jiang Chen, who had just finished killing people, started walking toward them quietly. He brought with him a great wave of pressure, and no one in the battlefield dared to make a move rashly. They were all swordsmen, and they knew that they couldn't use a sword strike at the same level as Jiang Chen, and as long as Jiang Chen attacked, they would suffer the same fate as the previous three people.

"Your sword techniques are too amazing." After a while had passed, the two masked men gave up for the same reason as the masked swordsman.

If they had started fighting seriously, it wouldn't have been just a simple confrontation with sword techniques, and getting the Future Sword Venerable's title in such a way was meaningless.

After the experts left the stage, the other people had also taken the same decision and left one after the other. Jiang Chen just stood there calmly until he was the sole person left on the stage. He had already gotten the Title Palace's recognition, and the peerless sword light emanating from his body started gradually disappearing, while he sheathed both his swords.


What no one had expected was that the Wind and Fire Spirit Clans' almighty existences would make a move at such a moment. The outcome of the battle was already decided, and the Title Palace had lifted temporarily the restrictions on the battlefield, and no one could obstruct them.

They were infuriated, and they had forgotten for a moment that Jiang Chen was a Martial Sovereign's follower, and he could kill them all. The attackers had a powerful line-up, and they had at least four or five apex Great Venerables, and there were still more experts who flew over from all directions. They all used flames and wind. The spirit skills used by them were vastly more powerful than Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming's skills, and the might of their divine wind and sacred flames was boundless.

When Jiang Chen was just about to activate the Fire God Descent Technique, a chilly wind rose in the sky, engulfed Jiang Chen, and prevented all attacks from reaching him.

"Someone from the Ice Spirit Clan has made a move."

The chilly wind formed an ice pillar, which protected Jiang Chen who was inside of it, and the Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members could only watch helplessly.

"Elder Bing Shan, What do you mean by this? Why are you helping him?"

"We are from the Spirit Clan and he's from the Human Clan. Is your Ice Spirit Clan standing in the humans' camp?"

The Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members were displeased, and they all berated him angrily one after the other. The crowd was also amazed, and it was also the case for Jiang Chen. They all wondered why the Ice Spirit Clan had intervened. If it was just because they couldn't put up with such bullying, then they were really too naive.

"Stop trying to frame me, the issue isn't why did I make a move, but why did you attack him."

An aged voice echoed from the Ice Spirit Clan's camp, and the crowd witnessed one of the Spirit Clan's legendary characters walking from there. That person was called Elder Bing Shan and was 70 or 80 years old. However, Spirits possessed a vigorous life force, and it was especially the case for Ice Spirits. Their bodies aged more slowly than other Spirits.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even though this old man had white hair, it was still soft and shiny and wasn't dry because of losing his life force. As for his face, it seemed like the face of a middle-aged man in his 30s, and he was quite handsome. He had sharp facial features, which made it seem like a sculpture made out of ice.

Even though he was by himself, he looked fearlessly at the Fire and Wind Spirit Clans, and he still wore a prideful look. The Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members didn't respect the rules and had attacked someone in the Title Palace, and it was a youngster. It wasn't like this had never happened in the past, but all such people were spurned by all Three Middle Realms' people.

"What is this guy's relationship with the Ice Spirit Clan?" Someone from the Fire Spirit Clan asked.

"He doesn't have any relationship with us for now," Elder Bing Shan gave a thought-provoking answer.

Venerable Fengyu and the Fire Venerable in the Cliff Mountain's camp started discussing this matter.

"It seems like the Ice Spirit Clan has taken a liking to Jiang Chen."

"They have taken a liking to the inheritance guidance of the Future Sword Venerable's title or the more outstanding titles, which may appear later," the Fire Venerable spoke in displeasure.

Factions would train disciples and send them to participate in the Title Palace's battles, and the inheritance guidance gotten by them wouldn't be enjoyed by them alone. They wouldn't steal it from the disciples, like how adults manage children's money. Some cultivation techniques or ancient scriptures could be cultivated by many people, which was why all people able to get three golden words titles were popular.

Jiang Chen was a Heaven Alchemist of the Elixir Association, but such a faction didn't have any relationship with the Title Palace because of its special nature.

As for the Cliff Mountain, Jiang Chen was a disciple of the Cliff Mountain, but this faction was also quite special and wasn't like sects and familial factions, it wouldn't force its members to do anything.

"It's up to Jiang Chen whether he's willing to do it," Venerable Fengyu said. He didn't plan to force Jiang Chen.

After all, when he was facing the attack of the Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members, the Cliff Mountain reacted more slowly because their power wasn't on a par with those people.

"Why don't you quickly get back, you are really a disgrace!" The Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' leaders shouted. The Fire and Wind Spirit Clans' members were forced to give up on the attack, and the people who had attacked went back to their former places.

The ice pillar protecting Jiang Chen disappeared after this, and he looked at Elder Bing Shan and thanked him sincerely.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was quite excited because it seemed like the Ice Spirit Clan would consider his affair with his senior sister.

"You should continue working hard." Elder Bing Shan nodded and said, "Don't care about everything else as the Ice Spirit Clan will be your backer today."

The crowd went into an uproar, and it was only when Jiang Chen stood before the stone tablet and took the title that they realized what was happening.

The Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng, got a Martial Emperor's favor. As for the Future Sword Venerable, Jiang Chen, his future prospects should be boundless.

The Ice Spirit Clan was just making an investment in advance.

Elder Bing Shan didn't go back to his former place, and he went toward the Mysterious Thunder School's Yao Tianshi.

Yao Tianshi strode forward and greeted him calmly.

"Ha,ha, your power is greater than mine. So, you don't need to be this polite." Elder Bing Shan didn't put any airs, and he just exchanged pleasantries with him amiably, before he stated his aims. "Was that piece of art really made by Jiang Chen?"

Upon hearing such a question, Yao Tianshi realized that Jiang Chen would make a meteoric rise and get close to the Ice Spirit Clan. Yao Tianshi didn't hide anything from him and informed him of the truth.

Upon hearing the answer, Elder Bing Shan's eyes flickered, and he revealed a smile.


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