The Brilliant Fighting Master
876 Sacred Flames and a Divine Wind!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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876 Sacred Flames and a Divine Wind!

Tian Ling and Ji Yinyi had just managed to gain a little time for Jiang Chen and didn't really help him at all. In the end, he would still have to face the three Fifth Palace's geniuses. Moreover, they would all attack him at the same time, and not one after another as it would be in a fair fight.

However, such treatment demonstrated how outstanding Jiang Chen was. These three geniuses couldn't take him on one-on-one.

"It's really a pity!" Many people shook their heads as if they had already witnessed Jiang Chen's death.

The joint attacks of Huo Zhengyu, Wu Ziming, and Song Hao would bring Jiang Chen a pressure greater than before by several folds. The army of the Nine Territories' geniuses couldn't rival those three people.

"Jiang Chen, I'm sorry." Ji Yinyi was standing on the platform supported by Xiao Yujian, while the odor of burned flesh emanated from her body. She had managed to exchange a dozen blows with Huo Zhengyu and displayed a stunning performance. The crowd had been very impressed with her swordplay. However, in the end, she still lost, and her sword was snatched. This was still a pardonable matter, and it was only Ji Yinyi who couldn't forgive herself for losing the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Jiang Chen who was in the sky looked at her. His gaze didn't contain any reproach, but just pity and affection alone.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We don't have any feud between us, and it's you all who have tried to corner me and step on my dignity just to show off your power. It has continued until we reached this day and become mortal enemies." Jiang Chen's back was straight and erect, and he swept those three people with his gaze. The hearts of Huo Zhengyu and the others shivered, and they unexpectedly didn't dare to meet Jiang Chen's gaze.

However, Wu Ziming still rebuked him after a short while, "You are just a trifling human, yet you are arrogant and conceited and aspire in vain to get on an equal footing with Spirits. It is you who have brought upon yourself what you will suffer today."

"That's right, even if you say more than this, it still won't change anything," Huo Zhengyu said.

Song Hao just quieted down because he felt that Jiang Chen wasn't denouncing them, and what happened after demonstrated that his intuition wasn't mistaken.

As a gust of wind blew up, Jiang Chen's black hair fluttered in the wind and an ice-cold murderous aura emanated from him as he blinked his eyes.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Heavenly Fault Sword in Song Hao's hand cried loudly, started swaying intensely, and his right hand, which was holding onto the sword, had to bear its tremendous power. Song Hao tried to control the Heavenly Fault Sword, but it was just a futile effort. Bright white moonlight emanated from the sword, and it broke free of his grasp and streaked across the sky like a shooting star.

Jiang Chen raised his hand and caught the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Song Hao was astounded by such a scene, and he started wondering whether the Heavenly Fault Sword had already given birth to a Sword Spirit. If it wasn't the case, it wouldn't have recognized someone as a master.

"You can all just die." Jiang Chen held two swords in his hands, and his murderous aura rose by several fold. He crossed the Heavenly Fault Sword and Red Cloud Sword in front of his chest, and their might brought forth raging winds.

"Stop trying to mystify people." An odd look appeared on Wu Ziming's face, but he didn't pay attention to his anxiety and hesitation and decided to strike first.

"A Sacred Flame Cleans Dust!"

Huo Zhengyu didn't just stand by, and he used his ultimate technique, he crossed all his ten fingers together, and raging flames started jumping from them.

Wu Ziming who had already attacked noticed it and slowed his attack. He was waiting for the sacred flames.

"Divine Wind Whistle!"

Wu Ziming turned into an untraceable, sharp, and swift divine wind. He swirled up the sacred flames and fused his wind along with the flames and carried them away.

When the crowd witnessed such a sight, they all went into an uproar.

Those two people had just practiced such a coordinated attack in the fight over the Future Spirit Emperor's title. Both the sacred flames and divine wind possessed great destructive power, and once they fused together, it would be unimaginable how great would be the destruction caused by them.

People who had once witnessed Jiang Chen's sword techniques discovered that the sacred flames and divine wind fusion was similar to his Wind and Fire Swords Wheel.

However, what was different was that Huo Zhengyu's Fire Lore was at the sixth level and Wu Ziming's Wind Lore was at the sixth level. As for Jiang Chen, he was just at the second level of the Fire Lore and the first level of the Wind Lore. It could be discerned from such a great disparity that the sacred flames and divine wind fusion would bring forth a more terrifying might.

However, Jiang Chen still possessed a powerful Sword Doctrine's power.

"A Clear Heart Gets to Understand the Doctrine!"

"A Doctrine gives birth to one, which gives birth to two, and three gives birth to all myriad matters."

Jiang Chen didn't panic while facing the sacred flames and the divine wind, and even though his murderous aura was intense, his heart was still calm and serene. He got into a Martial State and wanted to use his Doctrine Heart to display a shocking sword technique.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!" Jiang Chen distanced his swords from each other and stretched out his arms. His heart throbbed strongly, while his two swords shone in a dazzling light.

"Ksana Sword Method: the Third Move!" He used many techniques, which didn't have any connection to each other and which couldn't be fused. However, there wasn't anything that couldn't be achieved through the great fusion of martial techniques. He would use his Doctrine Heart along with the Sword Realm, Ksana Sword Method, and Lore Martial Techniques to display a terrifying sword strike.

People would shiver in fear if they witnessed the sacred flames and divine wind and wouldn't dare to approach them. While in comparison, Jiang Chen's swords emanated a dangerous aura, and people would be harmed if they took just a single glance at them.


The sacred flames and divine wind were about to fall down like a meteorite, and they would surely make a great pothole on the ground. However, it was at that moment that Jiang Chen finally made a move. All of the world's myriad matters descended into silence, and even time elapsed more slowly then.

Countless afterimages of Jiang Chen appeared in all corners of the sky. Those afterimages were surprisingly all formed by light and had two different colors, red and blue, and every afterimage had a different amount of each color.

In just a single instant, all those afterimages overlapped together, and everyone was dazzled by such a sight, and before they understood what was happening, they noticed that the whole battlefield was strangely silent.

The divine wind and sacred flames didn't cause any disturbance, and they disappeared from this world quietly, while Jiang Chen was standing behind Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming, and a long stream of air was left in the sky by the two swords.


A sound echoed from Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming's throats, and it was only then that the crowd realized that something was wrong with them.


The Fire Spirit Clan and Wind Spirit Clan's members stood up, and they were all alarmed. They all witnessed that the bodies of Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming started quickly turning into dust, and sparkling specks of light emanated from them. Even Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming themselves didn't realize what had occurred, and they used their remaining power to turn their heads. All they could see was a person's back.

In just two seconds, two Spirit Clan's Fifth Palace's geniuses disappeared completely from the world. The whole stage descended into silence, and even the sound of a needle could be clearly heard now if it fell onto the ground. Even the other contestants on the battlefield stopped fighting, and they looked in disbelief at Jiang Chen.

The current Jiang Chen seemed to be in the same state as when he activated the "God of Fire Descends to the World" condition. His whole being seemed ice-cold, and his eyes didn't have any emotions flickering in them. He seemed like a Slaughter God.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen moved, and he took one step after another toward Song Hao.

"No! No!" Song Hao lost all his fighting spirit due to the deaths of Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming. He was completely terrified!

"I don't want the Ancient Sword!" Song Hao spoke in alarm, "It is you the true master of the Ancient Sword Sect. It is fine like this."

It was a pity that Jiang Chen still didn't stop and continued proceeding forward in the air.

"One must always pay for one's actions," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen used once again the Wind and Fire Swords Realm, and he streaked past Song Hao like a blur.

Song Hao looked in disbelief at his chest. His end was going to be the same as Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming, and he started turning into dust.

This time, the crowd managed to understand the principles behind this. The reason why he was turning to dust was that he was being disintegrated by the power of the wind, fire, and Sword Doctrine. Even Song Hao's protective dipper energy or the battle clothes worn by him weren't of any help, and they couldn't block such a power at all.

"They died, they have all died!" Such an outcome was beyond everyone's expectations. 

In the end, it seemed like it was those three people who were out of luck.


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