The Brilliant Fighting Master
875 They Never Had Been This Unified!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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875 They Never Had Been This Unified!

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

It still wasn't limited to just that alone. When Song Hao had realized how thorny was his situation, Jiang Chen thrust his sword at him once again. He fused the power of his Sword Doctrine with a move of the Fire God Scripture. Another way to say it was he used such a move with his Sword Doctrine's power.

"Your sword aura is extremely unusual." Song Hao panicked and became nervous. He really wished to get back his Universe Sword. It was fortunate that the Universe Sword stopped revolving just then, and it turned into a ray of light and flew back to him quickly. But it was also at the same moment that the Red Cloud Sword released powerful flames.

Song Hao bore their brunt, and he felt like he was being swept away by a mountain flood. He was persisting strenuously, but he would still be swept away by it sooner or later. The raging flames continued surging for two seconds. They were so powerful they should have surely brought about great damage in such a period.

The crowd opened their eyes wide, because they all wanted to see what had happened to Song Hao. They discovered that Song Hao's whole body was charred and was pitch-black. They had assumed that he was done for, but light emanated from his body suddenly and his charred skin started cracking open.

"Universe Sword Doctrine: Eternal and Perpetual!"

His charred skin cracked open completely, and Song Hao thrust his sword angrily. His Universe Sword was emitting an archaic and powerful aura, and its radiance was as dazzling as the sun and illuminated the whole land.

Jiang Chen waved his Red Cloud Sword madly, and it was after he had drawn back several times that he managed to block the sword light's strike.

"Your sword doesn't amount to much." As Song Hao moved forward, the black substance on his body fell off him. It was as if he just got reborn, and he had changed beyond recognition. However, before Song Hao had managed to finish this speech, he heard a peal of laughter echoing from all directions.

Jiang Chen, who had drawn back, spoke in mockery, "It seems like it suits you."

Song Hao realized that something was amiss. He extended his hand and stroked his face. His skin was all right and it didn't appear to have any burn injuries. "My brows..." Song Hao's expression changed drastically. His brows and eyelashes were all burned off and there wasn't even a thread of hair left on his face. Just after that, Song Hao stroked his head, and his expression became even more unsightly.

"I will surely kill you at any cost," Song Hao shouted angrily. Jiang Chen's sword strike had turned him into a baldie. He didn't have any hair or brows, and he didn't need to look at a mirror to know how funny his current appearance was.

"You can only blame yourself." All of a sudden, a voice reached Song Hao's ears, and it was emitted by the Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng. He was reminding Song Hao of what he had done. He shouldn't have tried to show off his skill in the beginning, and he shouldn't have thrown the Universe Sword to show Jiang Chen his might.

Jiang Chen managed to quickly find such a technique's flaws and just deflected Song Hao's sword, before he approached Song Hao and fought him at close quarters by using his Immortal Sword Doctrine's power. If the Universe Sword hadn't come back to Song Hao at the last juncture, he wouldn't have ended up with something as simple as losing his hair.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I still can defeat him as long as I don't underestimate him." Song Hao took a deep breath. He was confident in his Sword Doctrine's power. "Regardless of what your Sword Doctrine is, it's still not worth mentioning in comparison to the Universe Sword Doctrine," Song Hao spoke and strode forward while holding his Universe Sword.

This time, he wouldn't need to use the sword's scabbard, and he would surely get the upper hand if he fought Jiang Chen once again. "Your body is extremely powerful, yet you still can't defeat me while crossing swords. It demonstrated clearly that you aren't fit to be a swordsman."

Song Hao believed that Jiang Chen was inferior to him and was quite pleased with himself. Even though he had told himself many times that he mustn't take this fight lightly, he still couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

"It's impossible for him to make any divine piece of art related to the sword with such a skill." The Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng, couldn't help but furrow his brows upon witnessing Jiang Chen's sword techniques.

"Peerless Universe Sword!" Song Hao wanted to quickly defeat Jiang Chen, and his sword aura was rising drastically. A phantom image emanated from his Universe Sword, and it was a scorching sun, which floated in the sky, and quelled everything beneath it. "Let's see whether your raging flames are more scalding than a scorching sun."After Song Hao spoke, he thrust his sword.

Jiang Chen didn't draw back, and he faced him head-on. However, he didn't manage to get the upper hand this time and was sent flying by his opponent.

"If your body wasn't powerful, you would have already been injured by me. You aren't qualified to cross swords with me." Song Hao strode forward with his gaze filled with disdain.

"I won't continue playing with you," Jiang Chen, who was in a predicament, said.

Many people furrowed their brows. They wondered whether he was just trying to show off or really possessed great power.

"You are still reluctant to admit defeat. No one can save you here," Song Hao said in mockery.

Jiang Chen just shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything more. He just made an ordinary move. He put the Red Cloud Sword in front of him and passed it to his other hand, his left hand.

"Did no one inform you that I'm left-handed?" Jiang Chen said in mockery.

No one replied, and no one spoke at this moment, but they all still found this unbelievable.

Jiang Chen was gradually being overwhelmed by his opponent. However, since his opponent was Song Hao, it was already amazing for him to have achieved what he had achieved. In the end, it turned out that he wasn't being serious at that time.

"Just continue putting on an act." Song Hao didn't have any clues about what Jiang Chen was doing, but he was still not willing to believe it, and he would need to just deal with him by using his whole power. "Divine Universe Sword: Destruction!" He placed the Universe Sword in front of his chest, before he streaked his other hand across the blade and raised it high. The Universe Sword instantly emanated boundless sword energy, which let the sky descend into darkness, and the only light source left was the sword in his hand.

In response to this, Jiang Chen didn't use any sword move and just held the sword with his left hand and advanced courageously.

"What?" The Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng, felt an oppressing aura emanating from Jiang Chen's sword, and his expression changed drastically. However, he quickly managed to calm down. He nodded and said, "It's only such a person who can make two divine pieces of art."

Jiang Chen's Red Cloud Sword wasn't as dazzling as Song Hao's Universe Sword, but anyone whose Sword Doctrine's level had reached the same level as Wang Teng could feel how powerful it was.

Jiang Chen's sword strike contained the Greatest Doctrine's simplest principles within it, and he managed to use them without using any sword techniques. This wasn't a matter achievable by anyone. When Song Hao faced Jiang Chen's sword, he had already realized such a matter, but he didn't have time to lament now and he just faced it with his full power.

"Cut him!" When Song Hao lowered his Universe Sword once again, the world regained its radiance, and when the swords collided together, intense shock waves swept the whole battlefield, and they eliminated many people.

A fiery wind had soared to the horizon, and it was unknown whether it was formed by Jiang Chen's raging flames or Song Hao's scalding Universe Sword's light. The crowd put their attention on just those people, and many of them exclaimed in alarm when they witnessed the outcome. Blood was seeping out of the corners of Song Hao's mouth, while his protective dipper energy barrier was almost shattered.

As for Jiang Chen, he was in a good state, and his sword aura was still rising continuously. "My Sword Doctrine's power is eternal and immortal, what about yours?" Upon witnessing Song Hao's dumbstruck expression, Jiang Chen asked.

"Hateful..." Song Hao wasn't willing to accept this and still wanted to continue fighting.

"Take this sword!" Huo Zhengyu shouted at them suddenly, and he threw the Heavenly Fault Sword over.

Upon witnessing such a sight, Jiang Chen quickly looked for Ji Yinyi, and he discovered that she was already eliminated. She was heavily injured, and Fengyu Duo was taking care of her on the platform.

Huo Zhengyu ignored Jiang Chen's angry gaze and ran over to Wu Ziming to help him. They joined hands against Tian Ling, and they managed to quickly get the upper hand.

"They want to get rid of Jiang Chen's fangs, before ganging up on him and killing him." The crowd was startled when they witnessed Huo Zhengyu's actions. Tian Ling was quickly defeated by them, and she was forced to leave the stage.

Wu Ziming and Huo Zhengyu rested for a little while, before they ran over to Song Hao.

"Let's charge at him together!"

At first, they were even competing over who would kill Jiang Chen, and they never had been this unified.


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