The Brilliant Fighting Master
872 Future Spirit Emperor!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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872 Future Spirit Emperor!

Future Spirit Emperor!

After a short while had passed, the three golden words on the stone tablet became clear and distinct, and they gave rise to a great commotion.

Even the people who had come here every time to watch the Title Battle were astounded by such a matter. It was because such a title had never appeared, and it had a distinctly different implication.

Future Spirit Emperor!

Didn't getting such a title mean that one would become a Spirit Emperor in the future? If that was really the case, then the reason behind the Title Palace's existence would be different than what they had assumed.

The Title Battle wouldn't let one just get a good title; it would also declare publicly such a person's future achievement. The person who got the Junior Sword Venerable's title would truly become a Sword Venerable after he had gotten the inheritance's guidance.

This was the reason why all the Spirit Clan's high-level members were transmitting their voices to all Spirit Clan's disciples on the platform, and they ordered them to try to get this title at any cost.

Jiang Chen's heart was also itching at this moment. He was quite attracted by this three golden words title. However, it wasn't related to the Human Clan, and it would be just a fight between Spirits.

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"What kind of a title will it be? It will probably appear in the last battle between both Human and Spirit Clans."

"How did you come up with such an assumption?"

While the crowd discussed this matter, a large number of Spirits appeared in the sky. Huo Zhengyu, Wu Ziming, the Ice Spirit Clan's Fei Yu and the saint, and the Blood Shadow Dynasty's prince, Xia Yiming. Besides those people, three out of the six masked men had also flown over. One of them was a person suspected by Jiang Chen, and it was a man who wore a black mask.

"This battle will surely be the most brilliant and spectacular battle ever."

"There are unexpectedly still Spirits who haven't participated. Even the Future Spirit Emperor's title can't attract and tempt them?" If ordinary Spirits didn't participate, they would say that it was because their power wasn't great enough. However, three masked men stood in their places as if they didn't see such a title. It was really a bewildering matter!

However, the formation of Spirits in the air was still extremely powerful. The Great Spirit Clans' representatives, the Ice Spirit Clan's saint, and the Blood Shadow Dynasty's prince all had aloof statuses and wouldn't make a move easily.

As for the others, they all felt crowded in the air, and they didn't have enough room to use their powers fully. They all just looked at each other and it became quiet. The spectators didn't dare to even gasp for breath loudly because they were afraid to disturb such a great fight. In the end, the fight still started, and they all attacked the people closest to them and tried to get rid of all obstructions near them. People started being eliminated even before a minute had passed, and they were being eliminated in large numbers.

There were a large number of people there, which was why the disparity between some of them would be greater. Weak Spirits couldn't even manage to get a footing there. When the elimination's speed started slowing down, the fight in the sky reached its climax.

"Sacred Fire Writ!"

Huo Zhengyu completely got into his spiritual state and turned into a fireman. He had kicked an opponent out of the stage before he started weaving hand signs in front of his chest and using a terrifying spiritual skill. Raging flames started spreading from his body, and it seemed like they were about to devour the whole sky. 

All the enemies in the flames' range were attacked by them relentlessly, and the Spirits couldn't pay attention to their opponents. They were just trying to resist the Sacred Fire.

"A Fire Lore at the sixth level.... Spirits really possess a terrifying comprehension power when it comes to lore martial techniques." Jiang Chen had also noticed how powerful was that sacred flame. If he had been there and was attacked suddenly by such a technique, he wouldn't have managed to avert suffering injuries.

"A Divine Wind Such as Me!" When the sacred flames flew toward Wu Ziming, he turned into a gust of wind and swept the flames toward the surrounding enemies.

"Dreamy Shadow!" The Ice Spirit Clan's saint used once again her ultimate technique, and when she was struck by the combination of wind and fire, her body disappeared completely, and she turned into pieces of ice.

"Wind and fire are really a perfect match for each other."

"What was important was that Huo Zhengyu didn't even want to cooperate with him, and it was Wu Ziming who used his own skill to turn the flames into one of his weapons."

When the crowd witnessed such a scene, everyone couldn't help but praise Wu Ziming.

"Six Doctrines Divine Sword!" The Ice Spirit Clan's Fei Yu wore once again feather clothes and flew through the air like a bird and evaded the sacred flames. However, the sacred flames had almost occupied all corners of the sky, and, in the end, Fei Yu was forced to defend against them. Fei Yu revealed his whole power and started circling around quickly and extinguishing all sacred flames approaching him.

The rest of the Spirits, who couldn't withstand the sacred flames, had all left the battlefield, and they lost their qualifications to continue competing.

In the twinkling of an eye, less than ten people were left in the sky.

"Rise up!" The black-masked man suddenly revealed his true power, and energy fluctuations could be seen emanating from him. This was also a type of Spirit skill, and it was obvious that he was one of the Spirit Clan's spiritual sons. His right hand held a seal and raised it high. A black hole appeared among the sacred flames, and a powerful suction force transmitted from it, and absorbed all the people's Spiritual skills' energy.

What was more terrifying was that after the black hole absorbed the energy, it turned into a black sphere, which divided into two, before dividing one into four.... The more it split apart, the smaller it would become. When it became as small as marbles, more than 20 black spheres had appeared here.

"Go over!" The man opened his clenched hand, and the black spheres flew in all directions. Each black sphere contained the energy of several Spiritual skills, and they released such energy while they were flying over. The black spheres were like objects, which were compressed above their limits, and they all cracked open and exploded. They had all turned the whole sky into dangerous ground.

"What kind of Spiritual skill is this?"

The humans among the crowd were all dumbfounded. They couldn't understand the principles behind such a Spiritual skill, and they all wondered how he managed to achieve this. At this moment, even Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, when several miserable screams echoed from the sky. When the sky became clear once again, just six people were left in it. They were Huo Zhengyu, Wu Ziming, the Ice Spirit Clan's saint, and three masked men.

As for Fei Yu, he wasn't just eliminated, he was still heavily injured, and he wouldn't recover for a long while. He really had a pitiful outcome.

However, the Ice Spirit Clan still had its saint, and they weren't completely defeated.

Well, it seems like Huo Zhengyu and Wu Ziming's power are really not low, Jiang Chen thought inwardly. They were more powerful than Fan Yao, Han Qianye, and the others. As he thought about the fact that those two people were close to Song Hao and Jiang Zhe, Jiang Chen gradually understood something. Fan Yao and Han Qianye could be considered just Fourth Palace's geniuses, while Huo Zhengyu and the others were all Fifth Palace's geniuses like him.

However, what Jiang Chen cared about now was those three masked men, whose power was obviously more terrifying.

"Huo Zhengyu...." One of the masked men suddenly spoke. His voice contained a special magnetic force, and it couldn't be discerned whether he was a man or a woman. No one had heard what he had stated afterward, but Huo Zhengyu's expression changed drastically then, and he went back to the platform without uttering a single word. He had unexpectedly forfeited on his own accord. It seemed like the masked man who had just spoken knew Huo Zhengyu, and he was likely the Fire Spirit Clan's spiritual son. The reason why they had come up with such an assumption was that there wasn't any resentment or anger apparent on Huo Zhengyu's face.

The crowd couldn't help but examine that masked man. He was wearing black clothes, and his mask had complicated paintings on it. It had a sea of flames depicted on it, and a fire phoenix was just soaring up in the sea.

"The Future Spirit Emperor's title is mine. Flames are heartless, and I don't want to kill a Spirit Clan's genius," The man looked at the other people and spoke. He hoped that they would make a sensible decision and give up.

It seemed like the reason why he had asked Huo Zhengyu to forfeit wasn't that he wanted him to let him have the title, but just because he didn't want to end up harming him by mistake.

Wu Ziming hesitated slightly. He really found this matter thorny.

"Let's settle this by our power, not our tongues." The last masked man wouldn't give up easily, and a sword appeared in his hand. Such an action made Jiang Chen direct his attention toward him.


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