The Brilliant Fighting Master
871 Three Golden Words
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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871 Three Golden Words

However, the Junior Overlord's title was quite charming to other people, and it was especially the case for people who revered great brute power. It was the case for the tall and strong ten people in the sky and for the valiant geniuses.

This time, they didn't target anyone on purpose, and it was just a chaotic battle. However, it was still spectacular because the crowd felt like they were watching a battle between prehistoric giant beasts. The shock waves caused by the participants were dreadful, and they shook both sides of the cliff, and many broken rocks fell from them, but when they reached the Title Palace and the platform, the shock waves were all extinguished.

Each time the participants exchanged blows, a deafening sound as loud as thunder would echo and the earth would quake. Even the sky was affected by them, and the weather changed.

"It's only if they can achieve such a disturbance that a Junior Overlord can truly be elected." Many people were shocked and their mouths were so wide open they couldn't close them for a long while. It was only after another three or four minutes had passed that someone was eliminated, and the participants were kicked out of the stage one after the other according to their power.

In the end, it was just Wang Meng, Hao Jianyuan, and Ning Haotian who were left.

Wang Meng showed a brilliant performance. If the previous chaotic battle was considered an intense battle between prehistoric giant beasts, then he was surely one of the most powerful beasts. The Wolf Tooth Club in his hand possessed great momentum and vigorous power. He didn't use any fancy moves and just depended upon his brute power to overcome everything. Since the fight had started, no one witnessed any martial techniques.

"Let's first settle the fight between us," the Earth Spirit, Hao Jianyuan, suggested. He wasn't as arrogant as before because he had already been defeated by Jiang Zhe.

"I'm not interested," Ning Haotian refused him firmly and looked at Wang Meng and Hao Jianyuan. He said, "Come at me together!"

Even at such a moment, he still dared to use such words, and it was obvious that he was too confident in himself.

Before Hao Jianyuan could get angry, Wang Meng laughed heartily and waved his Wolf Tooth Club. He said, "I will play with you."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Wang Meng held the Wolf Tooth Club with both hands and waved it at Ning Haotian with his whole power. He was usually wielding it with just a single hand, yet now he used both hands. It would be unimaginable how terrifying was such a strike's power. The Wolf Tooth Club's tip shone with a splendid yellow color, and it was a light formed because of its intense friction with the air.

Ning Haotian didn't try to evade or dodge such a strike and just wore a firm look. The Mysterious Iron Heavy Spear appeared in Ning Haotian's hands. He raised it with both hands and wanted to use it to block such a strike.

"Is he courting death?" According to their previous observations of Wang Meng's performance, Ning Haotian's spear would surely be broken, and the Wolf Tooth Club would end up striking him. Wang Meng wore a frantic smile, while blood rushed to his head. He was becoming bolder the more he fought.

"Rise up!"

What none had expected was that Ning Haotian would shout at such a moment. A phantom image appeared behind his back, and it was a scarlet Heavenly Dragon and a blue Roc. They both formed a circular totem behind him.

Jiang Chen's eyes flickered. Those were Ning Haotian's two inherited bloodlines. He didn't let them fuse together into an Alien Beast as before, and he just used his power to forcefully combine them into something else. In the past, Ning Haotian's greatest trump card was his Alien Beast's bloodline, but now the Alien Beast's might had become his secondary card because he had cultivated a more extraordinary technique.

When the dragon and roc phantom images appeared, the Mysterious Iron Heavy Spear in his hands shone with a dazzling light. When Wang Meng struck it with his Wolf Tooth Club, a sound as loud as a crumbling mountain echoed, and the crowd noticed that Ning Haotian had managed to block such a strike. Ning Haotian didn't lower his hand by even a little as he took such a strike. He just sneered coldly, and both the dragon and roc entered his body at such a moment.

Ning Haotian used another spear move, and it was Wang Meng now who fell into dire straits. Even though Wang Meng didn't react slowly and managed to block several strikes of the spear, the Mysterious Iron Heavy Spear wasn't just heavy, it was still as nimble as a snake. Even the aura of someone as powerful as Wang Meng started weakening after he took several strikes of the Mysterious Iron Heavy Spear. He was like a raging bonfire, which was being extinguished by a downpour.

"He was defeated!"

In the end, Ning Haotian thrust his spear forward, and both the dragon and roc's energy surged out through the spear.

Wang Meng roared loudly, while the Wolf Tooth Club flew out of his hand, and he became weak and powerless as if he had just suffered a lightning strike.

"He's powerful!" Wang Meng had realized that he was defeated, and, even though he was dejected, he couldn't help but look in disbelief at Ning Haotian.

"Be careful!" Wang Meng shouted suddenly.

Liu Qiushui, who had witnessed how powerful Ning Haotian was, didn't dare to face him head-on and took advantage of such a chance to attack his back.

Before the crowd's disbelieving gazes, Ning Haotian just rolled his eyes and didn't even turn his head and just pulled back the spear. His whole body emitted a dazzling golden light, which was similar to Fan Yao's Sacred Light from God Technique, but was even more vigorous and purer than the latter.

When Liu Qiushui thrust his fist and struck the golden light, his body was shaken by such an impact that he spouted a mouthful of blood.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Upon witnessing such a scene, the Martial Arts Divine School's Master laughed heartily, and it was obvious how pleased he was with such a sight.

Many factions had gathered here on this day, and they were all divided into several categories according to their status. First was the Spirit Clan, the Nine Territories' faction, the Ten Prefecture's Cliff Mountain, before the top factions of the other prefectures. Factions like Wing Prefecture's Heaven Martial Arts Club and Constellation Palace were both inconspicuous here, and it was also the case for the Martial Arts Divine School.

However, a disciple from the Martial Arts Divine School unexpectedly managed to defeat a Spirit with a lofty status and had taken the Junior Overlord's title. All members of the Martial Arts Divine School felt honored by such a matter.

"Why does that light seems like something mentioned just in the legends?"

"It won't be that thing, do you think?"

"Did someone really manage to cultivate it successfully? Our Martial Arts Divine School will rise up."

All the great factions' almighty beings and older generation's experts were communicating through their Holy Awarenesses. They had all witnessed something terrifying on Ning Haotian's body.

Ning Haotian floated alone in the sky, while all his opponents had already fallen down. He cast a glance at Jiang Chen, and it was obvious that it was a provocative glance.

Just after that, he landed before the stone tablet and took the Junior Overlord's title.

"You are the Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King, while I'm a Junior Overlord, and my title doesn't have any prefixes before it." The first matter Ning Haotian had done after winning was going toward Jiang Chen and stating this matter.

They were equally tall, hence they could keep on eye level.

"The reason why it needs prefixes is that the Junior Heavenly King's title is more important than the Junior Overlord's title," Jiang Chen said coldly.

The Junior Heavenly King and the Junior Overlord, even though people felt that the latter was more bold and impressive, were still aware that the former had a higher status.

"Humph! A title which is distinctly better will appear afterward, and I will wait for you there," Ning Haotian said before he moved back to another place.

"Jiang Chen, are you having a feud with him?" Tian Ling furrowed her brows, came to him, and asked worriedly.

"I have a feud with him," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

"Is it a bitter feud?" Tian Ling asked once again.

"It's irreconcilable enmity," Jiang Chen said and looked at her curiously. He wondered why she asked about such a matter.

"You should be careful. He had probably gotten the Martial Arts Divine School's most mysterious inheritance, and, if this was really true, he could crush everyone in his way," Tian Ling said.

"This is ridiculous? What is it?" Jiang Chen got interested in it and wanted to hear what it was.

"This is just what I heard the Martial Emperor say about it, and I don't know what it is. The Martial Arts Divine School can't be gotten into by ordinary people, and it's only people with extremely rare special bodies who can get it."

Before Tian Ling had finished explaining it, more words appeared on the stone tablet. Three words appeared there, and they all shone in a dazzling golden light, which attracted the crowd's gazes.

Those were three golden words, and this title status should be the same as the Junior Sword Venerable, yet it still appeared shortly after the beginning of the event.


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