The Brilliant Fighting Master
870 Junior Overlord
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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870 Junior Overlord

There were five leading geniuses from the Nine Territories, and seven other people, who were also famous, and most spectators present knew their names. Twenty people attacked one after the other and didn't let Jiang Chen take a breather. They exhausted their whole power and used all their hidden cards. Yet, in the end, it was not the outcome they desired. They were all badly battered, and more than half of their bones were shattered.

The crowd was dumbfounded after having observed such a scene. It was only after a while that someone exclaimed in alarm, which let the others come back to their senses, and a commotion arose among them. They couldn't keep calm.

"This Fifth Palace's genius is surely powerful."

"He still has two Doctrine Artifacts which he didn't use, and he just fought all those heroes empty-handed. He was powerful, tyrannical, and he didn't suffer any harm."

"His body is too powerful. It can even face head-on Fan Yao, who used the Divine Sacred Light."

"No one besides him can become the Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King."

Jiang Chen managed to dispel the crowd's doubts about him in this fight, and he established his prestige. There was someone who compared his fight with Jiang Zhe's fight over the Junior Fist King's title, and he thought that it was more brilliant than the latter. Among the people fighting over the Junior Fist King's title, it was just Han Jianyuan alone whose power was still acceptable.

As for the fight over the Junior Heavenly King's title, many powerful people with brilliant skill participated in it.

"After a short while, Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhe will surely have a great fight."

The crowd was looking forward to the duel between those two people. It was a duel between the Junior Fist King and Junior Heavenly King, and it would surely be marvelous.

"He's merely the Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King, what is he so pleased with?"

Most people in the Spirit Clan's camp weren't feeling well, and they didn't like to witness Jiang Chen getting the limelight.

"There isn't anything praiseworthy about getting such a title. If he really wants to show a good performance, he must compete against Spirits."

"He doesn't amount to anything in comparison to Spirits."

They still mocked and ridiculed Jiang Chen as before, but now it was obvious from their tones that they were jealous of him.

According to past customs, the Title Palace would first distribute titles to both clans, and they could, for example, have a swordsman or a blade wielder getting a title from both the Human and Spirit Clans. It was only lately that titles which everyone could fight for would appear, and this was the most important part of the TItle Battle.

Jiang Chen went toward the stone tablet and put his hand against it before countless people's envious gazes. The five words "Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King" passed through his palms and entered his body. Jiang Chen felt a marvelous sensation at that moment, and those five words appeared clearly in his mind. They all contained countless mysteries which were waiting for him to start comprehending them.

From now on, he would be the Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King, and it meant that he was the strongest among all humans in the land.

"Why is he this strong?" The young girl who came here along with Ling Yushi was also among the crowd. She was dazed, beside herself, and ashen-faced. It turned out that Fan Yao, who she worshiped, didn't amount to anything in Jiang Chen's eyes, and even though he attacked he was still sent flying by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's appearance while he was fighting was completely different than his usual calm demeanor, and it was like he released the wild beast sleeping in his heart. He was powerful, tyrannical, and could break through everything. Every punch and palm strike he used possessed astonishing aura and a boundless might.

"Wasn't he also a sword techniques' expert? Since he possessed such great power, it will be impossible for him to get any great achievements in sword techniques."

"But both his swords are Doctrine Artifacts, and he still reached the Lore Martial Realm."

"I have heard that both divine pieces of art made by him are related to the sword."

"This means that he still didn't use his true power."

After the crowd had calmed down, they started talking over this matter, and they became excited once again. They were all making guesses about how much of his power Jiang Chen used a while ago.

After Jiang Chen had returned to the platform, even Zhou Jianfeng couldn't help but question him about such a matter. The people next to them pricked up their ears, because they all wanted to listen to the answer. Even the six masked mysterious men looked over.

"Senior Brother!" Xiao Yujian called Zhou Jianfeng. Zhou Jianfeng would end up letting Jiang Chen expose his true power by asking such a question. Zhou Jianfeng had also come back to his senses at this moment, and he just chuckled awkwardly and didn't question Jiang Chen closely.

It was at this moment that a new title appeared on the stone tablet, and it caused people to put their conversations about Jiang Chen to an end.

"Junior Overlord!"

The new title had two words, one was in a golden color, while the other was in purple. It was obvious that this was a popular title, and both the Human and Spirit Clans could participate in the fight over it. It wasn't like a title such as Swordsman, which people proficient in just movement techniques, could not compete over.

Jiang Chen discovered that he was qualified to fight for it, and he started to wonder whether he should participate or not. Most people who wanted such a title relied mainly on brute power, which why many Earth Spirits would participate. They were all at the level of the Fourth Palace's geniuses. Even Han Jianyuan, who failed to get the Junior Fist King's title, was among the participants. There were also people participating from the Human Clan, and they included Ning Haotian, who was recently in the limelight.

There was also another man who was like an iron tower, and he caught many people's attention. He was wearing leather armor, which covered just his shoulder and a little of his chest, and most of his sturdy muscles were exposed. It was especially the case for his arm, which was as thick as ordinary people's thighs.

This man had dark skin and was holding a mace made out of wolves' teeth in his hand.

"Who is this guy?"

"Which faction's disciples still dress like this? He's like an uncivilized barbarian."

"I still remember that he was wearing a cloak a moment ago."

A person, who dressed in such a strange away, appeared on the Title Battle's stage, yet none had noticed him before.

"I'm Wang Meng, and I'm from the Heavenly Wilderness Desolate Land." The guy felt uncomfortable when so many people's gazes looked at him, and he shouted loudly. His voice was so deafening that it almost tore people's eardrums. The crowd was taken aback at first, before they burst out laughing. All geniuses present here were elegant and graceful. Even people with great brute power also had a good appearance. People like this guy were really rarely seen.

"Why did someone from the Desolate Land come over to join in the fun? Get lost!" A human in the sky was annoyed by him. They were both humans, which was why he felt disgraced by his presence here. He rushed over to him and tried to kick him. However, Wang Meng waved his Wolf Tooth Mace and blocked the kick. That other guy's leg possessed tremendous power, yet Wang Meng still didn't draw back by even a single step.

"What is going on?" The person's face turned pale. His Wind Lightning Kick could crush iron and stone alike, yet now he felt a tingling pain transmitting from the back of his leg.

"Did it start?" Wang Meng revealed his pearly white teeth and wore a crafty smile. People had just witnessed his arm's muscles bulging up, while he waved his Wolf Tooth Mace quickly toward that guy. He couldn't evade it and was struck by the Wolf Tooth Mace. He spit out several mouthfuls of blood and lost all fighting prowess. It was at this moment that the peal of laughter came to an abrupt end, and all those who had laughed at him felt like their necks were clutched by someone, and their faces were filled with surprise.

Several people in the air participating in the fight over the Junior Overlord became apprehensive, and they all didn't dare to take Wang Meng lightly.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen finally made a decision, and he decided to not participate in this fight. Even though he would get many titles one after the other, but this matter was only useful if people would remember that he had gotten them.

As a matter of fact, the Title Palace's titles would be exchanged between people unceasingly. If the Junior Heavenly King got the Junior Overlord's title, his title would change into the latter.

However, people would still remember that he had gotten both the Junior Heavenly King and the Junior Overlord's titles.

Since the Title Palace would guide people into a specific inheritance, he should consider every matter carefully before deciding to participate in a fight. There wasn't anyone who would try to fight over inferior titles after getting golden words' title. But Jiang Chen still couldn't guarantee that the Nine Territories' Junior Heavenly King's inheritance was better than the Junior Overlord's inheritance.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, he still surely didn't like a title such as overlord. Such an imperious title seemed quite inelegant.


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