The Brilliant Fighting Master
869 Fighting Talented Experts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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869 Fighting Talented Experts

The Sacred Light from God was the Sacred Territory's Li School's unique and supreme holy skill. It possessed boundless might and would be a difficult one to withstand.

Fan Yao used his whole power and charged at Jiang Chen. As he waved his arms, the Sacred Light turned into a sacred sword which attacked Jiang Chen. The sacred sword was extremely sharp and was on a par with a Doctrine Artifact.

However, Jiang Chen still didn't pull out his sword; he just clenched his fists.

"Reincarnation Tribulation!"

Jiang Chen's fists shone with a dazzling light, as if they had just been smelted in the Solar Divine Furnace.

When the sacred sword, which possessed earth-shattering might, collided against Jiang Chen's fists, it shattered into several pieces like glass and was destroyed. Fan Yao was sent flying. His face turned pale, while the energy and blood inside his body were churned up.

As for Jiang Chen, he didn't suffer any harm.

"How is this possible? How can you face the Sacred Light from God just by depending upon your body's power alone?"

The Sacred Territory's members couldn't accept this, because they were all clearly aware of how powerful the Divine Sacred Light was. Once it was used, it wouldn't just let one's body became invulnerable, it would also let one's attack be able to penetrate everything. It possessed both defensive and offensive powers alike and could change its form freely. Once it was mastered, no one could block such a skill.

"Heaven Breaking Finger!" Han Qianye had also started attacking, and he looked for a suitable chance just after Fan Yao was sent flying.

"Sun God Spear!" The Fifth Power Territory's Wu Youwei held a spear that was longer than him. It was emitting a dazzling light, and it was almost impossible to see the spear it was so engulfed by the light. The spearhead formed a vortex which seemed as if it would devour everything.

"Mysterious Gate's Sword!" The Three Emperors Territory's Liu Qiushui held a magical treasure of the highest grade. It was a long sword. As a woman, she was agile and quick, and her sword's aura seemed boundless and mysterious.

These three people attacked at the same time, making it difficult for Jiang Chen to defend himself, let alone pursue and attack Fan Yao.

"Just come at me!" Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of them and had high fighting spirits. He felt his blood boiling as he faced these many enemies.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!" Jiang Chen raised his right hand high and held a little flame between his fingers. When he pointed his finger in a specific direction, the Sky-burning Evil Flame immediately engulfed the sky and earth alike.

"Awful! It's an Alien Flame!"

"Is he using external power?"

"No, he has exercised control over the Alien Flame and keeps it at the Third Transformation level, and it can be considered as a power belonging to him."

The spectators were all surprised, and they all looked on as the berserk Evil Flame attacked Han Qianye and his two companions. They couldn't gather any more momentum while facing such flames; they could only attack in advance.

Han Qianye extended his arm, and a light beam shot out from his fingers. It seemed like such a light beam possessed a power great enough to tear a hole in the sky and the sea of flames formed by the Evil Flame was forcefully penetrated by it. However, before Han Qianye could rejoice, the Evil Flame's power increased sharply, and it quickly flew toward him.

Wu Youwei just held his Sun God Spear firmly, and he unexpectedly ignored the Evil Flame and charged into it. Even an Alien Flame couldn't obstruct him.

The Nine Territories' leading figures are really extraordinary, Jiang Chen muttered to himself. He didn't dare take this fight lightly, and he released the Sky-burning Evil Flame's whole power. It seemed like the spear in Wu Youwei's hands was about to explode, and, as a loud rumbling sound echoed, he was struck and sent flying away.

"One is missing!" The crowd suddenly noticed that Liu Qiushui had disappeared. However, when they observed the arena carefully, they noticed that she had already appeared behind Jiang Chen at some unknown point. It was like she had passed through a spatial gate and been teleported over there. The tip of her sword shone with an ice-cold glint, and it was already getting very close to Jiang Chen's back.

At such a precarious moment, Jiang Chen reacted quickly and grabbed her sword. When his fleshly body came in contact with the sharp sword, a metallic collision sound echoed. Liu Qiushui lowered her head and looked in disbelief at this, and she noticed that lightning power was flickering in Jiang Chen's palm.

"You sword-play is pretty good," Jiang Chen said.

"Restrain him!"

Before Liu Qiushui could reply, another person's loud shout could be heard. Liu Qiushui used her whole power and tried to break free of Jiang Chen's grasp to attack him, while on his other side, two of the Jiang family's five elements disciples, Ling Yushi, as well as a large group of other people charged over.

Jiang Chen had attacked several times, and he was exhausted. This was the glimmer of hope that they had decided on—attack while he was completely burned out. "You are nothing but trash, so just get lost!"

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!" Jiang Chen used his other hand to attack. White lightning flickered in his palm and then instantly erupted.


As thunder echoed, more than ten people were sent flying by his palm strike.

"So powerful!"

Jiang Chen had displayed a stunning performance and was still standing in the same place as before. He was fighting many talented experts of the Nine Territories, yet he still hadn't suffered any loss.


However, they wouldn't allow Jiang Chen any time to gasp for breath, and Fan Yao, who was sent flying, joined hands with Fang Wentian. Jiang Chen didn't have even a single moment to rest, and this was what was most frightening about a group attack. Regardless of how powerful a person was, he would still be exhausted and he would die then. Moreover, he couldn't pursue and attack people repelled by him and would miss a good chance to finish them, which would leave them time to recuperate.

"Let's all fight to our hearts' content." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and retracted the lightning into his body and let go of the sword. Before Liu Qiushui could rejoice, she discovered that her sword had been confined near Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen exerted his power and pulled her toward him before he thrust a punch at her face. Jiang Chen possessed tremendous power, and he managed to disfigure her and knock her out.

"The Sacred Sword Exterminates Evil!"

After a short while had passed, Fan Yao attacked once again. His sacred light was even more dazzling than before, and it displayed its whole might.

"Heavenly Dragon Fist!" Fang Wentian used his unique skill and didn't hold anything back. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen!

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly and thrust both his fists forward. He still used the Martial Techniques of Dragon's Reincarnation Tribulation as before. However, what was different than before was that this time he used his lightning techniques along with it. Jiang Chen's fists struck both those two people's bodies, and the sacred light was shattered once again, while Fan Yao spouted blood. As for Fang Wentian, his state was more miserable and several of his chest's bones were shattered.

"Heaven Breaking Divine Finger!"

"Sun God Spear!"

Han Qianye and Wu Youwei also used their ultimate techniques once again and charged at Jiang Chen.

"The first sword: Cutting!" Jiang Chen pointed his finger at them once again. However, this time, he didn't use a Single Spark Makes a Great Fire Technique, but the Sword Scripture. As he used such a sword move, a sonorous sword cry reverberated near everyone's ears for a long time, and a divine sword light appeared.

"What is going on?" Song Hao couldn't understand what was happening. Jiang Chen didn't even take out his sword, yet he still released a powerful Sword Doctrine's power.

"It's this sword move once again..." The Ice Spirit Clan's Fei Yu was still afraid of this technique because he was almost killed by it last time. When Fei Yu observed it now, it seemed to him like the sword momentum was more terrifying than before. The finger's light beam, as well as the divine spear's attack, were both extinguished by this sword move. This time, Han Qianye and Wu Youwei weren't just sent flying away, they were both injured heavily.

"Even people like you want to get the Little Heavenly King's title? It's really laughable!" Jiang Chen still stood at his former place and didn't move at all.

As for the others, Fan Yao, Han Qianye, Liu Qiushui, and Wu Youwei were all injured. However, the state of Fang Wentian and the other was more miserable, and they all still couldn't get back to themselves since they suffered that palm strike and were sent flying away.

Jiang Chen didn't take advantage of such an opportunity to attack them one after the other. He just provoked them and left them time to recuperate. However, the more he had done this, the more powerless everyone in the arena felt. Even after 20 seconds, no one offered to fight him again.

"Since this is the end, let me decide the outcome of weaklings like you," after Jiang Chen spoke, the lightning sound echoed from inside his body, and he disappeared from his former place. They could only hear the sound of something flying through the air, as Jiang Chen appeared at different places at the same time and thrust several punches. He struck all the people in the arena, and they all screamed miserably.

"He's…he's outrageously strong." Many people, who were normally entertained by such a show, were frightened by such a sight. They all had witnessed abnormal people, but never had they witnessed someone this abnormal.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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