The Brilliant Fighting Master
868 Junior Heavenly King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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868 Junior Heavenly King

The competition for the Junior Fist King title ended about five minutes later. The whole place went quiet, watching the winner fly up to the stele to get the title. Among the losers of the fight, the arrogant Han Jianyuan was the worst injured. And he was shocked the most.

"How did you make it?" He asked, reluctant to admit defeat.

"I don't think it was that difficult." Junior Fist King, namely Jiang Zhe, looked back to speak to him.

Jiang Zhe did not leave. He walked onto the platform instead. This meant he would continue fighting to get more titles. Obviously, Jiang Zhe would not be satisfied with a title with only one golden word. What he wanted was a title like Junior Sword Venerable, which contained three golden words.

"Jiang Chen, do you know how small you are now? It was a great shame that we took a blood oath with you," Jiang Zhe said complacently.

No one thought him arrogant. Even Jiang Chen was frowning. Jiang Zhe's performance in the fight that had just ended was terribly great. He fought alone with ten-odd people, including Han Jianyuan, with one hand! His other hand was behind his back during the entire process. Even so, he won the title in as short as five minutes.

No wonder so many people told Jiang Chen to watch out. Jiang Zhe's strength was not just strong in the Nine Territories.

At this moment, another title appeared on the stele:

Tianxin Swordsman.

This title was related to the sword cultivators. All the swordsmen on the scene were tempted. However, its two words were both white.

Song Hao threw Jiang Chen a glance, a little disappointed.

Then, ten-odd sword cultivators traded blows in the air. It was a wonderful fight, but far from enough to amaze the onlookers. These onlookers from the Three Middle Realms had high standards.

After this round, another title with golden words appeared:Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Junior Heavenly King in Nine Territories.

There were six words in all. The first word was golden. Three red words followed it. And the last two were white. This title was not the best, but it was not bad either. Most important, a title like this did not have many requirements. More than half of the 100 participants were qualified to fight for it.

"Junior Heavenly King! Ha, ha, ha, this title is mine!" Fan Yao from the Sacred Territory burst out laughing. He looked like no one was a match for him.

"I'm curious about the power of the Sacred Light from God."

Han Qianye from the Two Heaven Territory did not want to miss it either. He flew into the air.

Soon, people found out that not only those from the Nine Territories, but also those from places governed by the Nine Territories could join in the competition.

However, the Spirits could not.

"Jiang Chen, aren't you going?" All of a sudden, Wu Ziming from the Wind Spirit said sarcastically.

"It's his choice to go or not. It's none of your business!" Ji Yinyi answered huffily.

"He, he. He is going to have a Divine Martial Trial with Jiang Zhe. Now Jiang Zhe has got the title Junior Fist King, while he has nothing," said Wu Ziming.

Even Fan Yao said, "Jiang Chen, do you dare or not?"

"The author of two divine pieces of art must be strong," Han Qianye said.

"Jiang Chen! Come on!"

At this moment, Fang Wentian from the Seven Death Territory also flew into the air to challenge Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen instantly became the center of attention. He could not decide whether to accept the challenge or not.

"Since you've asked for this, I'll satisfy you." Jiang Chen was not going to let them think he was scared. He flew into the air too.

In this way, the team in the air became a star team. There were Fan Yao, Han Qianye, Fang Wentian, and Jiang Chen.

I'll see how good he is first. Song Hao, who wanted to grab the ancient sword, hesitated. In the end, he did not join them. He did not want to fight with Jiang Chen for a title that had nothing to do with a sword. Ning Haotian thought the same. Ning Haotian resisted his impulse, since many of Jiang Chen's enemies were up there, and, even if he joined them, it would not be an honorable victory.

The title of Junior Heavenly King was inviting, but it only worked in the Nine Territories. If the title were Junior Heavenly King only and all of the three words were golden, everyone would join the fight.

"Count us in." Jiang Chi and Jiang Yu from the Jiangs also joined. Their target was Jiang Chen. That was without question. Jiang Chen did not need to provoke others like Jiang Zhe did at all. These people would just attack him out of tacit agreement.

"Anyone else wants to join?" Jiang Chen shouted at the platform, not nervous at all.

"He doesn't think these rivals are enough for him?" People felt confused. Except for him, no one would be able to deal with so many enemies. Most important, the situation was different from Jiang Zhe's fight just now. Except Han Jianyuan, none of his rivals was really strong.

However, among Jiang Chen's rivals, Fan Yao and Han Qianye were not easy to deal with. Fang Wentian had some fame too. The two disciples of the five elements from the Jiangs could be disruptive too.

"Since you want more rivals, we'll satisfy you." Another seven people flew into the air, which created an uproar. After seeing who these people were, the only thing the onlookers could say was that Jiang Chen had asked for it. The seven people included leading figures from the Three Emperor Territory and Fifth Void Territory and women who had gained great achievements of martial arts techniques like Ling Yushi.

"Let's join the fight to give Jiang Chen a hand." Seeing almost the whole world intending to attack Jiang Chen, Ji Yinyi was on pins and needles.

"I don't think that's what Jiang Chen wants." Shaking her head, Yao Yuntong said, "He is very competitive. Besides, as long as they don't join the fight, it won't be a big problem." She meant Song Hao, Ning Haotian, and others who were not restricted by the requirements of the title and qualified to compete for the title. Besides them, there were certainly stronger people in Nine Territories. Fortunately, Jiang Chen stopped provoking people. As a result, these people did not join.

"One, two, three.... There are twelve people in all."

"It looks they will attack Jiang Chen at once."

"Fan Yao, Han Qianye, and Li Qiushui from the Three Emperor Territory and Wu Youwei from the Fifth Void Territory are very strong."

"Fang Wentian and Ling Yushi are kind of in the second tier, but they are also quite strong."

"As to the others, if they are unrelenting and obstinate enough, it won't be easy to deal with them either."

The situation was not favorable for Jiang Chen in every sense. However, considering his arrogance, it was not so surprising that he ended up like this. Fortunately, the Spirit could not join the fight. Otherwise, there would have been more people.

"We only have limited time. End the fight and get the title as soon as possible," Huo Zhengyu from the Fire Spirit said.

He was afraid Fan Yao and Han Qianye would fight alone to prove themselves. In fact, that was exactly their plan, but since the Fire Spirit had ordered them not to, they had to obey him.

"Even so, I won't accommodate myself to your way. I'll fight in my own way."

Fan Yao had suffered a great deal that day. He was so ashamed that he felt extremely angry, so he launched an attack before anyone.

"Sacred Light from God!" This time, it seemed completely different from when he exerted it in haste earlier that day. The brilliant sacred light seeped into his flesh and turned it extremely hard. He was instantly invincible.

He attacked Jiang Chen when he was in such a status. His attack was difficult to resist for most people. Seeing Jiang Chen standing there still, people from the Sacred Territory involuntarily showed a cruel smile.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》