The Brilliant Fighting Master
866 An Opportunity To Get Enlightened
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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866 An Opportunity To Get Enlightened

Jiang Chen shook his head, smiling bitterly. Junior Sword Venerable was exactly the way he thought he was going to be. He was really too arrogant.

"I want to give Tian Ling a present because she is my friend. I want to thank her for what she did for me," Jiang Chen said.

Wang Teng stopped walking. His eyes were blazing like torches. He looked disdainful.

Jiang Zhe said with a sarcastic smile, "It's fine that a poor guy like you can't give her anything valuable, but the way you justified it is really ridiculous."

"Save the present. Stay away from Tian Ling from now on," Wang Teng said.

Tian Ling knew Jiang Chen well. Walking up to him in haste, she said, "Jiang Chen, it's okay. Don't take it to heart."

"Tian Ling!" Wang Teng yelled at her unhappily.

"Brother, these things are not important for friendship!" Tian Ling talked back to him. This time she was not persuaded. Her reaction made Wang Teng unhappier, and he put the blame on Jiang Chen.

"In fact, the best reward Young Master Jiang Chen can give is another two divine pieces of art," Ling Yushi said. She said it very seriously, but still made people laugh. By then everyone assumed his divine pieces of art were probably just a joke.

"What will you give her? Let us have a look at your eye-opening gift!" said Wu Ziming in a sarcastic tone.

"I didn't know it was Miss Tian Ling's birthday today. Otherwise I absolutely would not have missed the opportunity like some people have." Han Qianye shook his head with pity. He felt sorry for having missed the chance.

Before they knew it, the place was shrouded in a terrible atmosphere. Everyone was trying to scorn Jiang Chen to show off.

"Tian Ling, thank you for helping me in Wing Prefecture. I am not lying. I didn't bring the present with me." Ignoring all the others, Jiang Chen said calmly.

"Where was the present? Was it in the air?" Someone shouted right away, trying to bring attention to themselves. It worked. Many people burst out laughing. Even some seniors shook their heads helplessly.

"You can just tell us directly if you can't afford a nice present. It's useless to make excuses like this. It will only turn you into a joke," Jiang Zhe said disdainfully.

Glancing at him, Jiang Chen said cynically, "You are so loud. I don't want to talk with you at all. Anyway, I've got it here."

"Take it out then." Wang Teng stared at him. He did not think Jiang Chen was reliable because of the way the latter behaved. People stopped talking, wondering what Jiang Chen's present would be.

"Headmaster Yao, please."

Jiang Chen did not take anything out. He only shouted toward where the representative of the Mysterious Thunder School was. Only one man from the Mysterious Thunder School had come—the headmaster, Yao Tianshi. Another disciple of the school was on the platform. Yao Yuntong had passed the Fourth Palace. Naturally, she was qualified for the Title Battle.

"Okay." Yao Tianshi got to his feet. Affected by a strong energy, the scornful atmosphere was immediately gone. Yao Tianshi was the headmaster of the Mysterious Thunder School. He was quite average in the first half of his life. No one ever noticed him. Not until his daughter was kidnapped by the Blood Shadow Dynasty did he become famous.He intruded into the dynasty's forbidden area in a rage. Not only did he take his daughter back, but he was able to survive and return home safe and sound.

His fame was much greater than the Fire Spirit's mighty members. No one had the nerve to interrupt him.

"Jiang Chen, the thing you asked me to bring has brought me quite a bit of trouble." Yao Tianshi snapped his fingers as he spoke. Then a calligraphy scroll flew toward the platform.

"What's that?!"

Seeing this calligraphy work, none of the mighty people on the scene could sit still anymore. They all sprang to their feet. Some of them even wanted to grab it. They might have really done so if they were not so afraid of Yao Tianshi.

"Is it...?"

Seeing these big shots' reactions, others also felt curious. They vaguely realized something.

"Is it the calligraphy work that can bring enlightenment to people?"

"Gosh! It can't be Jiang Chen's work!"

"You scared me out of my wits. It is said that the author is a friend of Yao Tianshi."

Everyone was guessing what the calligraphy work was. No one could stay calm. A calligraphy work appearing in the ancient city before the start of the qualification battle. All forces wanted to get it. The Eight Spirit Clans even offered a good price to purchase it.

However, Yao Tianshi declined all of them. He said he did not own the calligraphy work. Jiang Chen caught the scroll. He walked up to Tian Ling and handed it to her.

"Is this...?"

Tian Ling also knew about the calligraphy work Yao Tianshi had, but she could not believe it was the one she held in her hands. She unfolded the scroll with her shaking hands. In an instant, a profound lore as vast as the sea rose up to her. She was too astonished to stay composed. Some people saw what was on the scroll.

It was exactly the word "Tao" that they knew by hearsay.

"Here it is! Here it is for real!" Some big shots who had seen the calligraphy work said affirmatively. In this way, no one could sit still anymore, since they knew how priceless it was.

"Happy birthday." Jiang Chen gave it away in such a casual way. He did not seem to think it a big deal.

"It's too...too precious." Tian Ling could not speak coherently anymore. Even though she had folded the scroll, her chest was still heaving up and down rapidly.

"Is it? I don't think so. It's only a calligraphy work. The Civil and Martial Arts Institute is the only place good enough for it," Jiang Chen said.

As pale as a ghost, Ling Yushi took a few steps back.

"Headmaster Yao, what is this? Didn't you say you couldn't make any decision about the calligraphy work until your friend arrived?" Those who had contacted Yao Tianshi flew into a rage. They questioned him why he had given the calligraphy work away, since they had been expecting it to be put up for sale.

"The friend I mentioned is exactly Jiang Chen. Didn't I tell you he would show up in the Title Battle? Besides, it's Jiang Chen who gave me the calligraphy work. And it's his work too." It was the explanation Yao Tianshi gave.

"Seriously? He created this calligraphy work?"

"No way. That's absolutely impossible."

"It's a calligraphy work that can bring enlightenment to people. He can't be so great."

"But...but if he really created it, those two divine pieces of art can be explained too."

In this way, the whole mountain went crazy. It seemed impossible for those people to calm down again. They were astonished by the fact that Jiang Chen had given such a calligraphy work to Tian Ling. Those who had scorned him felt so ashamed that they wished they could dig a hole and crawl into it. Especially Jiang Zhe, it was the first time he had felt so embarrassed before Jiang Chen.

When they heard Jiang Chen had actually created the work, they were involuntarily shocked by his martial arts attainments.

"Now, does anyone still have doubts about Jiang Chen's ability to finish two divine pieces of art?"

Li Bai was shocked too, but he was more excited. He said loudly, "You lost the opportunity to see the two divine pieces of art with your own eyes because of the Jiangs. I feel sorry for you."

The Jiangs' representatives received many gazes instantly. The Jiangs' lord, who had come to watch the Title Battle in person, was untouched, as if he did not know he had been mentioned.

"How come we knew nothing about such a calligraphy work?" Jiang Chen's friends felt curious. They had heard nothing about it.

"Because he finished it in the ancient city," Yao Yuntong said, as if she knew perfectly well what had happened. It turned out Yao Yuntong and her father went to meet Jiang Chen as soon as they arrived in the ancient city. Coincidentally, it was when Jiang Chen had returned from Tian Ling's place. He was thinking about creating a divine piece of art to shut people up. However, when he picked up his pen, he found his level was completely different due to the Doctrine Heart.

After a day and a night, Jiang Chen wrote a "Tao" on the paper. Yao Tianshi happened to arrive just then. He had wanted to appreciate the calligraphy work for a few days. It was absolutely fine by Jiang Chen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He did not take it too seriously when he heard about the disturbance his calligraphy work had caused in the ancient city, because he only created it to give it away as a present.


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