The Brilliant Fighting Master
865 Presents Do Not Matter
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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865 Presents Do Not Matter

"The rumor is true. This Jiang Chen has offended all of the forces in the Three Middle Realms."

"He might have big trouble today."

"It will be a big victory if he can simply survive."

People empathized with Jiang Chen and felt pity for him due to the Spirits' attitude. There were some people who were gloating too. Jiang Chen's enemies were not only the Spirits—many strong youngsters from the human race also wanted to pick a fight with him.

Song Hao, Fan Yao, and Han Qianye were all eager to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"Jiang Chen, it's the biggest mistake you've ever made that you refused to collaborate with me," Ning Haotian murmured quietly.

Glancing over at all those people, Jiang Chen said disdainfully, "Show me what you have."

It created a big disturbance. However, most people were used to it. It was not weird for them at all.

"You can be arrogant, but you must be strong enough. Otherwise you are nothing else but an idiot," someone said.

Ling Yushi came up to Tian Ling. She whispered to her, "As Young Master Han said, you don't have any taste." She had not said anything when Jiang Chen was rude to her, but she was actually quite unhappy. Fortunately, she had Ning Haotian's divine piece of art. Thanks to that, she would achieve her goal soon.

"At least I can see what the truth is," Tian Ling said.

No matter what others thought, she had helped Jiang Chen because he had finished divine pieces of art. And it was because the Jiangs were so oppressive that she had quarreled with Jiang Zhe. In fact, she really admired Jiang Chen, because he had remained true to his original aspirations until this very day.

"Are you still lying to yourself? Truth will out soon," Ling Yushi said with a smile. If people who did not know them saw her smile, they would probably think these two women were best friends.

Looking toward the Cliff Mountain group, Tian Ling did not speak.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Seniors, Wang Teng is glad to meet you."

At this moment, a young voice came from up in the air. Many people looked up in shock, unable to believe what they had heard. After confirming that they had not heard it wrong, they were all excited.

"Junior Sword Venerable, Wang Teng!"

"He is really here! Miss Ling Yushi didn't lie."

"Has he achieved Great Venerable?"

Under numerous gazes, a figure slowly landed on the cliff, looking toward everyone who was gathered there. That was indeed Wang Teng. He had won the title of Junior Sword Venerable.

The three words, "Junior Sword Venerable", were all golden. Back then, the first-class young swordsmen in the Three Middle Realms had put up a great fight. In the end, Wang Teng, who had finished a divine piece of art, gained a landslide victory, which shocked the whole world.

Wang Teng had done many things worth admiring. He was the youngsters' idol. It was the first time Jiang Chen had seen him, and he saw how extraordinary Wang Teng was immediately. He was of average height, wearing white clothes. His face was handsome, but looked a bit melancholic, as if he had something weighing on his mind. He landed on the platform, at the center of a group of young geniuses. Nothing special happened. Everything seemed normal. However, he looked extremely brilliant. Everyone beside him was overshadowed.

"Tian Ling, I'm here to say happy birthday to you," he said.

His gentle tone made Tian Ling the focus of attention. Numerous women felt jealous of her.

However, seeing Tian Ling's beauty and at the thought of her attainments, they felt ashamed of themselves. These two were a perfect match.

"So, Wang Teng is here for Tian Ling's birthday."

"Isn't he here to take his divine piece of art back?"

"I guess it's not true."

Anyone could see the situation was not what they had expected. They had thought that Wang Teng would come to the Civil and Martial Arts Institute to take his divine piece of art back. Although the divine piece of art was in the Martial Emperor's keeping, once he asked for it, the position of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute would be greatly affected. However, it was easy to see from Wang Teng's expression that he did not have any such intentions.

"Young Master Wang Teng." Standing before Wang Teng, even Ling Yushi, a woman of noble bearing, involuntarily felt nervous and reserved.

Nodding casually, Wang Teng looked quite coldly at her.

"Here you are, your birthday present." Wang Teng had never taken his eyes off Tian Ling. A box suddenly appeared in his hand, as if he was a magician.

"Thank you." Tian Ling was not surprised. She took it, but did not open the box to satisfy the crowd's curiosity.

"Won't you open it?" Wang Teng said.

Smiling, Tian Ling opened the box. Then she was shocked. Numerous holy awarenesses also saw what was in the box. All of them took a deep breath, astonished by Wang Teng's generosity. There were six leaves of Enlightenment Tea in the box, forming a neat circle. In comparison, the Star Stone Jiang Zhe had given her was not worth mentioning at all.

"Take it. Don't say anything out of courtesy. It's no big deal for me," Wang Teng said. His casual manner won numerous people's admiration. Even Fan Yao or Han Qianye could not say things like that.

"I heard someone had finished two divine pieces of art?" Wang Teng asked when Tian Ling had accepted the Enlightenment Tea. In this way, people's attention went back to Jiang Chen.

He still wants to look into it.

At this thought, Jiang Chen went back to the platform.

"Young Master Wang Teng, it's him, who has claimed to complete two divine pieces of art," Ling Yushi said right away. In this way, Wang Teng finally took his eyes off Tian Ling to look at another person. It could have been an illusion, but people felt invisible energies from Jiang Chen and Wang Teng were competing.

"Tian Ling, why did you help him?" Wang Teng asked, frowning.

He evidently did not believe Jiang Chen capable of completing two divine pieces of art.

"Brother, it's not like that. Jiang Chen does have the capability to finish them." Tian Ling did not want to see conflicts between them. At the same time, she explained to Jiang Chen, "He is my half brother. We have the same father. Not many people know. Please don't misunderstand us." However, even she did not know why she had explained this to Jiang Chen.

"I've heard that you fought with the Jiangs for his sake." Wang Teng was not listening to her. His look was sharp, as if he was observing something.

"Brother Wang Teng." Jiang Zhe walked over. He said, "Tian Ling didn't really fight with the Jiangs. We had some misunderstandings. It was nothing serious."

"Okay." Wang Teng responded, but no one knew what it was supposed to mean.

"Someone hasn't even given Tian Ling a birthday present to appreciate her help," Jiang Zhe added.

Tian Ling became anxious. She looked over. As expected, Wang Teng did not look very happy.

"He doesn't take you seriously at all. I won't allow you to think so low of yourself," Wang Teng said, leaving no room for doubt.

"Aren't you too arrogant?" At this moment, Jiang Chen, standing opposite to him, said. His first response was surprising. He was still who he was before Wang Teng. He did not show any fear or awe. Walking over, he said, "Her birthday is today. I just didn't give the present to her in advance. But you believed whatever others said and think I won't give her anything?"

Wang Teng was emotionless. He was staring at Jiang Chen with his cold black eyes.

After a while, he asked Jiang Zhe, "What did you give her?"

"A Star Stone," Jiang Zhe answered complacently.

"What are you going to give her?" Wang Teng asked Jiang Chen. What he implied was obvious.

"Presents don't matter...." Tian Ling said anxiously.

"Presents don't matter. It's the thought that counts. If a man doesn't even have the thought, he isn't good enough for you to do anything for him." Wang Teng interrupted her. Staring at Jiang Chen, he walked up to the latter. He said, "So, what are you going to give her?"


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