The Brilliant Fighting Master
862 Snow Swallow Sisters
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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862 Snow Swallow Sisters

Jiang Chen knew the Spirits' plan. The whole world knew the Spirits would go against him.

At this moment, those who had taken one step or two steps back started their competition. The one-step retreaters started first. There were 60 or 70 people in all. This was the fighting part of this day's qualification battle, something that the onlookers liked to watch.

"Fengyu Duo, we challenge you both. Do you dare or not?" Participants did not wait for others to allocate rivals for them. They had started to look for rivals on their own.

The Spirits' actions started with the challenge against Fengyu Duo. Before them were standing two sisters who looked very much alike. They were as pale as hospital patients.

"They are the Snow Swallow Sisters!"

"They should have been strong enough to take no step back!"

"Yeah, those as strong as they are usually didn't retreat."

"And now they're challenging Fengyu Duo. That's a trick."

Anyone could see there was something wrong. These two women were Spirit geniuses. As sisters, they knew each other perfectly well. Their joint attacking spirit method was superb. Many geniuses of the Fourth Palace were not a match for them if they fought alone.

Fengyu Duo was also famous for their perfect collaboration. However, if they fought with those two sisters, they would have little chance of winning.

"Fengyu Duo will absolutely lose!" Some people jumped to the conclusion immediately.

"Okay. We accept your challenge!" To everyone's surprise, Fengyu Duo did not look intimidated at all. They agreed without too much hesitation.

"That'll be fun. Both of the two groups rely on collaboration a lot. The result will depend on whose collaboration is better."

"Must be the Snow Swallow Sisters. That's needless to say."

Over the square, some participants had already started to fight, but most people were paying attention to Fengyu Duo and the Snow Swallow Sisters.

"Half Spirit is a shame on the Spirit's blood. And you have gone farther—you make friends with human beings. What a shame."

"We'll show you what a duo is today."

Seeing that Fengyu Duo was not afraid at all, the Snow Swallow Sisters felt they were being despised.

"What are you spouting on about? You will fight with us. Why are you involving other people? That's ridiculous," Zhou Jianfeng said with a cold smile.

"Huh, you are so stubborn. The Spirit will defeat you first, and then the petty human race." The four flew into the air as they argued.

"Fengyu Duo might lose." Tian Ling was worried. As the organizer of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, she certainly could see the gap between them. "Besides the strength gap between the Spirit and the Half Spirit, this is a two-to-two fight. In terms of collaboration, the Snow Swallow Sisters' Spirit method has already reached the peak of perfection. Even if they fight alone, Zhou Jianfeng or Xiao Yujian wouldn't be a match for either of them."

Jiang Chen said, smiling, "Tian Ling, don't worry. I would have worried if it were not a two-to-two fight."

Tian Ling was puzzled. She had no idea why Jiang Chen was so confident.

"You're ridiculous. How could you say things like that? You have really brought shame on us as the human race," Fan Yao said in a sarcastic tone. "The gap between the Half Spirit and the Spirit is huge. Fengyu Duo are at most strong in the Nine Territories, but the Snow Swallow Sisters are strong in the Spirit world," she said.

"You have admitted your defeat without even fighting. That is bringing shame on the human race," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Knowing shame is akin to courage. Being stubborn is not a virtue at all," Han Qianye said sarcastically.

"Jiang Chen, Fengyu Duo will die!" At this time, he heard a voice. He had no idea who it was, but he was sure it must be a Spirit.

"Every friend of yours will pay a big price."

"A weak human like you doesn't get to challenge the Spirit."

"It will be your turn soon. And then your relatives and friends."

He kept hearing voices, but no one came forward.

"Spirit, are you so childish? You like to play like this? How eye-opening." Jiang Chen attacked back relentlessly.

Instantly, many Spirits stared at him.

"Jiang Chen, are you so eager to die?" Wu Ziming walked over. His look was fierce and terrifying.

"Fengyu Duo will definitely die, just like my clansmen," Huo Zhengyu said in a profound voice, stepping on a fire cloud.

"If that's what you think, why don't we make a bet?" Seeing so many people standing before him, waiting to have a good laugh at his expense, Jiang Chen suddenly came up with an idea. "Ten billion upper-grade yuan stones. I bet on Fengyu Duo to win," he said immediately.

"Jiang Chen!" Tian Ling and Ji Yinyi both became nervous as soon as they heard that. Jiang Chen might have ten billion upper-grade yuan stones, but he did not say with how many people he would bet.

"I'm in!"

"Me too!"

"And I!"

Instantly, many people agreed to bet with him, including Fan Yao, Han Qianye, Wu Ziming, and Huo Zhengyu. Even the girl next to Fan Yao joined in the bet. For them, this was a sure win.

If Jiang Chen lost, he would have to give these five ten billion upper-grade yuan stones each. However, Jiang Chen was very confident. He wrote the bet down and signed with a drop of blood. The other five did the same.

"If you can't afford it, I'll definitely do something to you. Don't blame me for that then." Throwing the girl, who had not even hesitated, a glance, Jiang Chen said.

The girl snorted. She did not think it a big deal, because she did not believe Fengyu Duo would win.

"Worry about yourself," Huo Zhengyu said.

They did not say what they would do if Jiang Chen could not afford the bet, because if it really happened, they would use that as an excuse to attack him. Even if he was the Martial Sovereign's follower, it would not stop them from doing it, because it was a bet. Their only worry was that Jiang Chen did have enough upper-grade yuan stones.

"How many people at most will you take the bet with?" Wu Ziming asked with malicious intention.

"Up to you," Jiang Chen said.

Then he saw Wu Ziming leaving. Soon, Song Hao, Jiang Zhe, Fang Wentian, and Fei Yu from the Ice Spirit also joined the bet.

"Let's make the ancient sword our bet." Song Hao was still thinking about the Heavenly Fault Sword. It was a good opportunity for him.

"I don't have the time. How will you estimate the ancient sword's value in such a short time? They've already started to fight," Jiang Chen said.

In the air, the Snow Swallow Sisters and Fengyu Duo had started.

As a result, Huo Zhengyu and others started to urge Song Hao, persuading him to stop thinking about the ancient sword for the moment. Their plan was to crush Jiang Chen with ten billion upper-grade yuan stones first. Even if he had enough upper-grade yuan stones, at least he would be broke.

"You're giving your wealth away to me."

Jiang Chen bet with almost ten people. He felt he could already see numerous yuan stones in his account. His response made others unhappy. They thought he was only bluffing.

The fight had just started. Even though they thought the odds were on the Snow Swallow Sisters' side, they were not 100 percent sure.

They were watching disdainfully. Then they looked like they had seen something impossible. In the air, the Snow Swallow Sisters were at a disadvantage! They thought they had seen it wrong, but when they had confirmed there was nothing wrong, they had a bad feeling. Especially the girl, who certainly did not have ten billion upper-grade yuan stones.

Jiang Chen seemed to know it. He kept staring at her.


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