The Brilliant Fighting Master
859 To Get The Masterpiece Back
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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859 To Get The Masterpiece Back

Fan Yao was bathed in a silver sacred light, as if he was wearing an armor of the Doctrine Artifact level, which nothing could penetrate. He watched Jiang Chen flying away at high speed with a fierce look. "He was so reckless."

Jiang Chen looked disdainful. He did not even look back.

"Wait!" Ling Yushi came up to Fan Yao, as fast as an unstoppable wind. Fan Yao had to stop. The sacred light flickered. An extremely strong magnetic field appeared within a one-foot range around him. Fan Yao held the strong energy back while all the people looked over at him. The sacred light disappeared as a result.

"What's going on?"

Many people were puzzled; they had no idea what had happened.

"Isn't that Fan Yao, a direct disciple of the Li School of the Sacred Territory?"

"It is him indeed. And that was the Li School's most powerful movement, the Sacred Light from God, wasn't it?"

"Are they going to fight?"

Fan Yao was very angry, but when he saw that Ling Yushi was also very pissed off, he instantly felt nervous.

"Yushi, I didn't...." He wanted to explain, but did not know how.

"Sister Yushi, it's not Brother Fan Yao's fault. That guy was too annoying. He was disgusting." The girl was on Fan Yao's side.

Shaking her head, Ling Yushi said in a low voice, "Don't act on impulse." She looked toward Jiang Chen again. Without paying them any more attention, he was walking among the masked contestants. 

Observing the six masked contestants, Azure Demon said, unhappy with the situation, "That guy has held his energy. I can only rule out three people."

Instructed by Azure Demon, Jiang Chen focused on the other three masked contestants. They were two men and a woman. The woman was the one whose mask had many flower petals on it. One of the two men was wearing a white mask, which made a big contrast with the other man's black mask. Then Jiang Chen observed their weapons. Only the woman was carrying a soft sword at her waist. Unable to find any clues, he had to give up for the moment and wait for a better time to act.

From the other direction, Tian Ling and the others walked over. She said in a caring tone, "Jiang Chen, are you all right?" She and others had all seen Ling Yushi stop Jiang Chen.

"Yeah." Seeing Tian Ling was about to apologize to him again, Jiang Chen said immediately, "You don't have to apologize to me for this. Miss Tian Ling, you stood by my side to confront the Jiangs. I really appreciate what you did."

Tian Ling smiled. She said, "Okay. So, let's skip courtesy and call each other by our names. Don't call me miss anymore."

Jiang Chen agreed.

"It seems the rumor is true. Miss Tian Ling has fallen in love with another man, but, to be honest, you don't really have good taste." Another annoying voice could be heard, but this time, it was not someone with Ling Yushi. Seeing the man who had spoken about to walk over, Jiang Chen said unkindly, "Go away."

That man's facial expression changed slightly, but he still walked over. He said disdainfully, "I want to speak to Miss Tian Ling. Who the hell are you?" This was a 25- or 26-year-old man. He caught many women's attention when he showed up.

"Han Qianye, the best genius in the Two Heaven Territory."

"He is famous because he is handsome and strong."

Jiang Chen heard Zhou Jianfeng and Li Bai's voices.

Han Qianye was not only handsome. He also had an unparalleled charm and an elegant manner. And he was quite a proud man, which could be identified from how he spoke.

The Eight Divinities Territory had Jiang Zhe, and the Seven Death Territory had Fang Wentian. Naturally, the other seven territories also had their own unique geniuses. Fan Yao represented the Sacred Territory, while Han Qianye did the Two Heaven Territory. He did not take Jiang Chen seriously. Walking up to Tian Ling, he said, "Miss Tian Ling, long time, no see."

"Young Master Han." Tian Ling nodded.

"Miss Tian Ling, why are you so cold to me? When I completed my masterpiece and gave it to the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, you said we were friends," Han Qianye said with a smile. His smile was quite aggressive. In addition to his handsome face, the passion in his eyes also made most women crazy.

"But what Young Master Han just said doesn't seem to be a comment from a friend." Tian Ling was very calm. She resolved the problem easily.

Han Qianye threw Jiang Chen a look. Shaking his head slightly, he said, "It's my bad. I'm sorry for that. However...." He stopped for a moment intentionally, glancing over at those who were watching them.

"I gave my masterpiece to Miss Tian Ling because the Civil and Martial Arts Institute is a hall of martial arts techniques that represents the highest level of the Three Middle Realms' young generation. However, now that even a nobody out of nowhere could complete two divine pieces of art, I can't help but doubt your levels and standards."

That's it! The same idea flashed through everyone's minds.

Since the news that Jiang Chen had completed two divine pieces of art had spread, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute had been in an awkward situation. After Wing Prefecture, it was not held in esteem anymore. Provoked by some people, some of its previous participants had requested to take their works back. Fortunately, no fine pieces of art, masterpieces, or divine pieces of art were involved yet. However, there was always an exception. Han Qianye had spit it out boldly before so many people.

Ling Yushi and her two companions walked over quietly.

Tian Ling was quite pale, but she managed to hide her uneasiness well. She still looked calm. "The Civil and Martial Arts Institute is only keeping your works for you so that they can be seen and appreciated by more people. We're not gaining any profit from it. Young Master Han, your masterpiece certainly belongs to you. You have the right to take it back. I'll send someone to give it back to you when today's qualification battle is over."

This woman had held the Civil and Martial Arts Institute in so many territories and so many prefectures. She certainly would not be crushed so easily. Her response was just perfect.

"Miss Tian Ling, you sound like I was the bad guy. In fact, even if I take it back, it's useless for me. What I can't accept is that even some nobody can defeat me. Miss Tian Ling, as long as you tell the world the truth, that this Jiang Chen is only crap, and he didn't complete any divine piece of art, I'll let you keep my masterpiece."

Han Qianye told her what he actually wanted. It was confusing who he was aiming at, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute or Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen knew he intended to kill two birds with one stone. If Tian Ling really said what he wanted her to say, it would make her incredible, since she was the one who had decided Jiang Chen's works were divine pieces of art.

At this time, people only doubted his ability to finish a divine piece of art. However, not until it was confirmed would the real storm start. Tian Ling did not take the bait. She said calmly, "I saw Jiang Chen's two divine pieces of art with my own eyes. I decided they were divine pieces of art based on the standards of the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. There were witnesses too."

"Exactly. I saw them with my own eyes too. It can't be more true. Your masterpiece isn't the only masterpiece the Civil and Martial Arts Institute has!" Li Bai, who had been there that day, spoke out emotionally.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you speak to me?" Han Qianye said disdainfully.

"You're just jealous, because Jiang Chen can do something that you can't do with such ease. You just want to make things difficult for him," Li Bai said in anger.

"Are you courting death?!" Han Qianye was still smiling. He squinted at Li Bai for a long time.

Then Jiang Chen came into his sights, standing in front of Li Bai. "You're so rude. And you want to insult my friend? You can't make it, so you think others can't either? That's ridiculous."

Han Qianye's smile gradually faded from his face. It was true that he was unable to create a divine piece of art. Let alone two.

"That's not fair. Young Master Han's masterpiece is something that really exists. People have seen it. But your so-called divine pieces of art only exist in rumors," Ling Yushi said. "Besides, you think his doubts are because of jealousy. What if someone who has really finished a divine piece of art has the same doubts? What would you say to such a person?" She surprised everyone on the scene.


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