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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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858 I Am!

If the sword light's attack had managed to succeed, the Sky-burning Evil Flame would have gone out of control and caused an enormous disaster. Jiang Chen really wanted to know who hated him so much that he had attempted such a matter.

"I don't know who it is precisely, but he's over there," the Azure Demon said.

Over there was the center of the plaza, and everyone had focused their attention on it. Several men masked men were standing there, and they didn't interact with anyone.

"If you walk before every one of them, I can discern which one it was," the Azure Demon said.

Jiang Chen nodded and went over there calmly.

"It's Jiang Chen! He came over!"

"Is he Jiang Chen?"

"He's really young!"

When Jiang Chen showed himself, he was immediately recognized and caught people's attention. People who had never seen him before all had imagined his appearance as the man of the moment.

"He's just a clown, yet he has the limelight."

"This can only demonstrate that the human clan is so weak that they assumed that they could rise up because of such a person."

"He's just a lowly organism in the face of our Spirit Clan."

All Spirits present here didn't have a favorable impression of Jiang Chen because of what he had done against Spirits. Even Spirits who weren't related to Jiang Chen's previous affairs still felt like he was posing a threat to the Spirit Clan's prestige, which was a threat to their interests. However, the Spirits' discussions concerning him made Jiang Chen's entry seem even more extraordinary.

When Jiang Chen landed on the center of the plaza, he quickly saw many of his acquaintances. Besides Song Hao, Huo Zhengyu, Wu Ziming, and Jiang Zhe, there was also the Xiao family's Young Miss, Xiao Biluo, whom he had met in Treasure City, and Fang Wentian, who instigated Mu Qitian to try to kill him. He also saw that the Fire Spirit Clan's Huo Kun and Huo Linger were present.

"It seems like I have many enemies."

When Jiang Chen counted them, he found that there were about ten of them. However, he also quickly noticed other people he was acquainted with. They were the Jiang family's Five Elements Disciples, Jiang Yu and Jiang Chi. Those two people were the reason why Jiang Chen had ended up becoming an enemy of the Jiang family.

The three Five Elements Disciples tried to steal Jiang Chen's Heavenly Fault Sword and hunted him down to the Forbidden Desolate Land. One of them had already been killed by Jiang Chen, and he had taken an oath that he would hunt all those three people until the end of the world. Moreover, he didn't see any embarrassment and shame on the faces of this man-and-woman pair, just anger.

Jiang Yu was wearing a golden armor, which was crafted from powerful metal. The fusion of his armor's power with his unusual phantom image formed the image of a bright sun floating in the sky.

"Two Five Elements Disciples have already been killed by me, so do you still feel like you are a match for me?" Upon witnessing the anger on Jiang Yu's face, Jiang Chen found it just laughable. His current opponent was Jiang Zhe, and he was the most outstanding youngster of the Jiang family.

"You should all consider how you can avoid running into me outside the Ancient City or else you will end up killed," Jiang Chen spoke coldly, while he saw out of the corner of his eye Jiang Chi, who calmly kept a distance from him.

At first, this woman had a good impression of Jiang Chen, and she even treated him well, but greed made her reveal her fangs, and she was the one who attacked Jiang Chen the most vigorously among those three people.

Jiang Yu snorted coldly. He couldn't accept that someone, who had once fled from him in panic, was now capable of acting arrogantly in front of her.

As for Jiang Chi, she recalled what Jiang Chen had stated on that day. At that time, it was a night with a dim moon's radiance and was suitable for killing people. Before Jiang Chen had stepped into the Forbidden Desolate Land, he shouted at her and Jiang Yu. She still clearly remembered every word he had stated. At that time, she just took it for a joke, but now it brought great pressure on her.

"You don't need to fear him." A warm palm fell on her shoulder, and, when she looked over, adoration and respect appeared on Jiang Chi's pretty face.

"He won't have such a chance because he will die when the Title Battle comes to an end," Jiang Zhe said.

"We will get to see who will die first." Jiang Chen looked at the six masked people. Everyone had a different mask, one of them had a snow-white mask which didn't have anything carved on it, while someone, who seemed a woman from her curvaceous body, wore a mask with many gorgeous petals depicted on it. However, all those masks had a common feature. Holy Awarenesses weren't capable of penetrating them and having a look at their appearances.

Jiang Chen considered using his Heaven Eye, but this current place wasn't suitable for it. There were countless experts present here, and he would likely end up discovered. When he was just about to go over there to let the Azure Demon discern the culprit, a woman came over to Jiang Chen. She had a beautiful appearance and dignified bearings. Even though she wore slim-fit battle clothes, she still possessed a noble air.

"Are you young master Jiang Chen who has made two divine pieces of art?"

"What is the matter?" Jiang Chen wore the same expression as before, and cast a look at the masked men who weren't far from him.

"I'm Ling Yushi and have heard your renowned name long ago. It is only today that I get to finally meet you."

"Ling Yushi?" Jiang Chen thought back to the name mentioned by Li Bai, and, when he turned his head around, he discovered that Tian Ling was looking at him.

When Ling Yushi noticed Jiang Chen's actions, she said, "Young Master, it seems like you know of me. It is really an honor for me."

"Miss Ling, if you want to use me to deal with someone, please don't waste your efforts in vain," Jiang Chen spoke bluntly, brushed past her, and went toward the masked men.

"You are really speaking arrogantly. Did you really assume that you have made two divine pieces of art?" Someone unexpectedly walked over and stopped him. She was just a young girl, 15 or 16 years old. She seemed like a precious gem made out of jade and was brimming with youthfulness. It was obvious that she was irritated by how Jiang Chen had treated Ling Yushi.

"Miss Ling had treated you politely, So, aren't you too impudent?" A youth, who seemed to be the same age as Ling Yushi, was also infuriated.

These two people weren't standing far from them, which was why they clearly witnessed and heard the exchange.

"It's up to me to treat people how I want, and it isn't up to you to criticize me. Since I must reply to people treating me politely with a smile, shouldn't I offer a slap to people with a nasty attitude like you?" Jiang Chen faced the youth's sharp gaze and didn't yield by even an inch. He had a strong and unyielding character.

"You are really as arrogant and haughty as all the rumors say. I really wonder what's your true power?" The youth was so infuriated that he laughed and spoke in a strange tone.

"It's still enough to deal with the likes of you." Jiang Chen examined him with his eyes and spoke in mockery.

"You!" The youth flew into a rage, and he pointed his finger at Jiang Chen's face.

"You are really talking big, don't assume that you can look down on all people just because you managed to rival some Spirits."

The young girl spoke arrogantly, "Brother Fan Yao is stronger than you by much."

This young girl hadn't listened to even a single word Jiang Chen had said.

Jiang Chen looked at the youth's finger, which was pointed at his face. He sneered coldly, and said, "I will give you just two seconds to lower your hand."

Fan Yao was taken back for a moment, before he realized that Jiang Chen was referring to the finger pointed at his face. He just smiled carelessly. He didn't plan to do anything and wanted to see what Jiang Chenwould do to him.

In the next second, his expression changed drastically because Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly became crimson. An ice-cold murderous aura engulfed his body, and he felt like he was facing one of the ancient times' ten great ferocious beasts.

The youth's finger shivered several times, before he lowered it weakly.

"It's better like this." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and strode forward. He struck the youth's chest with his shoulder and pushed him away.

"Brother Fan Yao." When the young girl witnessed how weak and feeble was the guy she adored, she was taken back, and her confidence in him couldn't help but waver.

"Hateful!" After Fan Yao had come back to his senses, he realized how shameful was his appearance a moment ago. He flew into a rage out of such a humiliation, and he lost reason. He was unexpectedly about to make an attack.


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