The Brilliant Fighting Master
857 Masked Experts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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857 Masked Experts

Jiang Chen didn't attack anyone and just practiced his technique in the Boundless Fire Domain. What he was cultivating was obviously the Fire God Scripture. His Third Transformation Sky-burning Evil Flame was proceeding toward the Fourth Transformation.

However, he hadn't cultivated the Fire God Scripture for the past few days, so he obviously would not succeed, and the Fourth Transformation Sky-burning Evil Flame started gradually going out of control. Jiang Chen had a Divine Body and wasn't harmed by it, but all of the Fire Spirit Clan's disciples were injured heavily. Many pained cries echoed from their mouths. Even though they were Fire Spirits, they still couldn't resist an Alien Flame.

"Stop! Quickly stop!" The soldiers in the sky, who had just observed this matter with folded arms, shouted anxiously.

"Why should I stop? I'm just practicing my technique," Jiang Chen responded.

Even though he was standing in the berserk Evil Flame, he still seemed fine and spoke in a calm tone. The dynasty's soldiers couldn't help but feel a great pressure then. They wanted to say something, but they didn't know how they should state it.

"Do you want to kill all of the people in the city?" The woman in the dark clothes, who was the dynasty's princess, was forced to show herself.

"Well, no, of course I don't want that. I was just practicing my technique along with my Fire Spirit Clan friends since the qualification battle is near at hand. Now the Alien Flame went out of control, and I can't deal with it. You should all quickly flee. I heard that the Sky-burning Evil Flame went out of control once in the Jiang family residence and almost burned it to the ground."

Jiang Chen was slightly embarrassed. He was really incapable of controlling the Fourth Transformation Alien Flame. If this continued on, it could go out of control even more, and it might even reach the Ninth Transformation. The woman was aware that he was just playing dumb, but she was still scared by him because she wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen would really do such a thing. Moreover, the Sky-burning Evil Flame wasn't a docile sheep, and it might really go out of control thoroughly.

"You are a madman!" Once the Sky-burning Evil Flame went out of control thoroughly, it would bring with it a great disaster. Jiang Chen would have to bear responsibility for such an affair's consequences, but it would also be the case for her, since she was in charge of keeping the city's order. It was especially the case since she had allowed the Fire Spirit Clan to stir up such an incident.

"Quickly stop!" She shouted anxiously.

"I also want to stop." Jiang Chen waved his hands at her. He was now engulfed by the evil flame and was like a divine furnace among raging flames.

"Don't cause a scene here!" The woman shouted loudly.

She wasn't the only one who was restless, even Tian Ling and the others became restless. If this continued, the Sky-burning Evil Flame could really cause a disastrous accident.

"So, you admit now that you made a mistake?" Jiang Chen, who was among the flames, asked.

The woman nodded without giving this matter a single thought.

"If someone makes a mistake, what should he do?"

Upon hearing him, the woman couldn't help but clench her teeth, but she still forced herself to speak, "I'm sorry...."

"Your voice is too low, what did you just say? I don't have void-related divine abilities, so you better speak louder," Jiang Chen said.

"I'm sorry! I already apologized to you, so quickly collect this damned Alien Flame!" The woman shouted loudly.

"You still didn't mention what mistake you have done, and I'm also confused. Wasn't this incident caused by the Fire Spirit Clan?" Jiang Chen still continued asking.

"Jiang Chen," Tian Ling couldn't help but speak to him. If the Evil Flame really erupted, everyone in the city would suffer.

"I shouldn't have allowed those three Spirit Clans to cause trouble for you. It is me who wanted to take revenge for what you did last time, and it's me who is in the wrong." The woman almost started weeping.

"Since it's like this.... Okay, I will do my best." Jiang Chen smiled understandingly and started making hand signs. The Sky-burning Evil Flame was pulled back to his body little by little. He couldn't control a Fourth Transformation flame freely, but he still could pull it back into his body and take care of it.


At such a critical moment, a sword ray penetrated the Alien Flame quietly and flew toward Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was scared by it, and the Alien Flame almost went out of control, while the woman was so scared that her body shivered in fear.


They all hadn't noticed the sword ray and just assumed that Jiang Chen was trying to scare them. However, Jiang Chen was really scared by it because such a sword ray was really deadly. The attacker wanted him to lose control of the flame, which would let the Sky-burning Evil Flame wreak havoc in the whole city. If that happened, there would be casualties of over 10,000 people.

It was fortunate that the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon were already awake and helped him block that sword ray. Jiang Chen quickly pulled back the Alien Flame into his body completely, before he started looking for the swordsman. His gaze surveyed the places nearest him before the farthest regions. He saw at first several corpses of the Fire Spirit Clan's disciples, then he looked at people in the streets, as well as spectators on the roofs. He couldn't figure out who had sent such a sword ray at him.

If he had succeeded, I could have fallen into a desperate situation. It seems like it isn't Fire Spirits alone who mustn't play with fire. I must also be prudent and careful. Jiang Chen still felt lingering fear after this event. He really had taken too much of the limelight in the past days and started becoming complacent. His previous actions were really dangerous.

At this moment, a pair of pretty blood-red eyes looked at him. They were filled with resentment. 

"You are just a bastard," the woman cursed him.

"Your Highness, your current attitude isn't the same as when you apologized to me," Jiang Chen spoke mockingly.

The woman was so infuriated that her whole body shivered, but she couldn't state anything in reply.

"Jiang Chen, you killed my Fire Spirit Clan's disciples once again!" Huo Zhengyu descended from the sky and landed on a house's roof. He was infuriated!

The Fire Spirit Clan's disciples who blocked the road had been burned to death, and such an affair was a great humiliation to all Fire Spirit Clan's members.

"You shouldn't blame me for this. It was them who chose to practice their techniques here, and it was really a dangerous endeavor. If they had made just a slight slip, they would have ended up falling down." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and patted the shoulder of the woman next to him. He said, "If you don't believe me, ask the princess. They all died while practicing their techniques."

The Fire Spirit Clan's disciples were not killed by the Alien Flame, and they all ended up suffering the Boundless Fire Domain's backlash because of the Alien Flame's disturbance. Their bodies didn't have any injuries left by Jiang Chen.

The woman shook off his hand and walked toward Huo Zhengyu. She wanted to discuss this matter with him.

"Fine, fine. You can continue acting complacently. People like you should only die after they finish enjoying their fleeting limelight." Unexpectedly, Huo Zhengyu didn't flare up and just left.

"He blames me for this matter too." The woman detected Huo Zhengyu's attitude toward her, and it was obvious that he was discontented with her. While she just wanted to cause trouble for Jiang Chen once again, she discovered that Jiang Chen had already brought his group with him and passed through this district.

"It was really infuriating!" The woman really wished to capture Jiang Chen, hang him up, and beat him for a while.

The plaza had a vast crowd on it, and no one cared about the small incident that had just occurred. When Jiang Chen's group reached the plaza, their eardrums almost burst due to the ruckus there. Only after a long while did they get used to it. Many people were looking around, trying to find the people of the moment.

"Sure enough! There are masked men once again." Jiang Chen and the others quickly noticed the group, who were at the center of attention. Eight out of the ten people in it wore masks. Jiang Chen recalled that he had also worn a mask in the previous contest.

"What's going on with those masked men"

It could be discerned from the expressions of the people near them that those people's oddities weren't limited to the fact that they wore masks. "They are likely Spirit Clan's Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Ladies."

"The Spirit Clan doesn't want to let those geniuses expose themselves in advance, but it still wants them to get the Title Palace's guidance and inheritance, which is why they would show themselves here in such a way."

"This is why in every Title Battle, all masked people are extremely powerful." The people next to them were all aware of this matter. They all spoke about this and explained it clearly.

"Jiang Chen, the person who sent a sword ray at you is among those masked people," the Azure Demon suddenly spoke. It had blocked the sword ray a moment ago, which was why it was familiar with its aura.

"Where is he?" Jiang Chen really wanted to know which person was demented to such a point, and who had such a bitter feud with him.


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