The Brilliant Fighting Master
856 Boundless Fire Domain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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856 Boundless Fire Domain

A stone appeared in Jiang Zhe's hand. However, since he was the young master of the Jiang family, it was obviously not an ordinary stone.

"A Star Stone!"

When the crowd sighted this stone, which had distinct, sharp edges, they were all fascinated. It was more eye-catching than any treasure and had a cyan surface, which was filled with veined patterns emitting faint light. It was rumored that if one took out a Star Stone in darkness, one would feel like one was looking at a starry river. This stone was obviously not just pretty; it was a rare treasure for all cultivators.

Tian Ling was attracted to it at first, but hesitation quickly appeared on her face.

"We have known each other for so long, and, even though we have ended up estranged, we haven't drawn a line separating us, have we?" Jiang Zhe spoke hurriedly. If she didn't accept his gift, she would be drawing a dividing line between them. Tian Ling didn't have any choice at this moment.

"Thank you," Tian Ling spoke softly, while a Civil and Martial Arts Institute's woman went to receive the Star Stone.

Jiang Zhe looked at Jiang Chen complacently. It was like he had just defeated him. Jiang Chen didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, but he couldn't help but admit that Jiang Zhe was crafty. He had given on purpose a treasure that anyone would be tempted by, and Jiang Chen could discern that Tian Ling was quite fond of that Star Stone.

"Miss Tian Ling, is your birthday close?" After Jiang Zhe had left, Jiang Chen asked her.

"That's right." Tian Ling nodded and cast a glance at him. She said, "However, isn't the Title Battle more important than it?"

She was good at understanding others and was worried that Jiang Chen wanted to compete with Jiang Zhe and send her a more precious gift. Everything would become different than before if he did it.

"Miss Tian Ling, you have done me a favor in the past, and if your Civil and Martial Arts Institute hadn't protected me, I might have already been slapped to death by the Jiang family's members." Jiang Chen spoke earnestly, "Moreover, when I went to pay you a visit, I had already planned to give you a present." He didn't utter anything exaggerated like Jiang Zhe, and his tone seemed sincere and honest.

"Young Master Jiang Chen, many thanks for your good intentions," Tian Ling said with a smile. She wanted to see what Jiang Chen wanted to give her.

"I don't have it with me now. I will give it to you next time," Jiang Chen explained.

Tian Ling's smile became brighter, and a crafty glint appeared in her eyes. It was like she saw through Jiang Chen.

"It is really the case," Jiang Chen spoke helplessly.

"I didn't state that I didn't believe you." Two crescent moon–like dimples formed on her face as she smiled. She seemed extremely charming!

If he had prepared a gift early, how was it possible for him to not bring it with him? It was obvious that he was just saying this to gain time to prepare it later. All the people in the vicinity who had overheard this exchange had the same thought, and it was also the case for Tian Ling. However, upon witnessing that Jiang Chen was willing to lie to her, she felt like their relationship wasn't as simple as mere friends anymore. At the very least, Jiang Chen had already expressed that he didn't want to stay just a friend to her.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had already prepared the gift.

"Tian Ling, who's the woman he was talking about? Will she come to cause trouble for you?" Ji Yinyi asked curiously.

Jiang Chen was also interested in what Jiang Zhe had just said a moment ago.

"It must be Ling Yushi," Li Bai whispered to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen realized everything then. Ling Yushi must be one of the people who wanted to compete against the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. They all wanted to embarrass Tian Ling on this day's qualification battle and prevent her from getting into the chosen group for the Title Battle. Jiang Chen was the cause of all those problems, and it was no wonder that Jiang Zhe stated that she was implicated by him. Tian Ling was also aware of this, which was why she didn't say much about this matter.

Their group continued forward, and when they passed a certain area, they noticed a strange sight. The Earth Spirit Clan's members were standing on all the houses in front of them. They were both men and women and were all youthful. They all wore vicious expressions and rushed over as if they were already aware Jiang Chen was coming. 

"Does the Earth Spirit Clan plan to make an attack?" Zhou Jianfeng spoke in displeasure.

Jiang Chen ended up having a grudge with the Earth Spirit Clan in a baffling way, but as with the Fire Spirit Clan, he had an irreconcilable enmity with them.

As they continued forward, they noticed that something was amiss. The road ahead of them was blocked. The whole region before them was engulfed by a formless power, which formed a wall there. When other people passed by there, they could directly go through it, but when Jiang Chen got near it, this wave of power became intense and was like a mountain blocking their path.

"It's the Earth Spirit Clan's spirit technique!"

"It is Mother Earth Divine Power!"

"They are really lawless and out of control. Do they plan to stop us and prevent us from going to the battle?" All the people in their party were dissatisfied, and Zhou Jianfeng looked at the dynasty's soldiers in the sky and explained this matter to them.

"The Earth Spirit Clan's members are practicing their techniques, what issue could this have?" The soldier wasn't surprised by this, and he even berated him. Zhou Jianfeng wanted to continue speaking, but was stopped by Jiang Chen.

On another day, he had made difficulties for the dynasty's princess, and the soldiers wouldn't be willing to help him.

"Let's detour around it," Jiang Chen proposed.

After they had flown for just a short while, they discovered that there were still people on the other road leading to the center of the city. This time, it was the Wind Spirit Clan's youngsters, and they were even more angry than the Earth Spirit Clan.

"Divine Storm!"

Those Spirits had also used a spirit technique to block the road. Other people could go through it, but when they got near it, the divine wind started getting restless. Jiang Chen took the people with him and tried to make another detour, but he discovered that the Fire Spirit Clan was also blocking the road.

"Boundless Fire Domain!" Tian Ling stated the name of the Spirit Technique used by the Fire Spirit Clan.

"Jiang Chen, what should we do?" Ji Yinyi asked.

Jiang Chen could pass through the obstacle made by the three Spirit Clans, but the issue was that the other people were incapable of achieving it.

"We must break it, but if we attack, the dynasty's members will drive us out of the city."

"It seems like they don't want to let us participate in the qualification battle."

"Has it started yet?" 

They were all aware of the Spirit Clans' plan, but they didn't expect that they would show off their power before the start of the qualification battle.

"I really want to see how powerful they are." Jiang Chen didn't want to continue detouring. He also had a fiery temper, and he planned to just go through the barricade.

"Be careful!" Tian Ling was worried about him. The Boundless Fire Domain was the name of the domain used by the Fire Spirit Clan, and they took such a name for it because of how powerful it was. One mustn't assume that this region didn't have any fire just because one couldn't see it. If one made just a little slip inside the domain, he would end up burned by it.

Jiang Chen waved his hand and reassured the people behind. When the Fire Spirit Clan witnessed someone coming over, they revealed cruel smiles, while disdain appeared in their eyes.

"It seems like you are quite confident." Jiang Chen didn't stop and continued proceeding forward, and he quickly entered the scope of the Boundless Fire Domain. The Fire Spirit Clan's members didn't hold back while facing him. They didn't make any movements, just revolved and used their Spirit Power. As the soldiers had stated, they were just practicing their techniques and forming a Boundless Fire Domain. It was Jiang Chen who had decided by himself to barge into the domain. If he suffered any accidents, then it was he who had brought it upon himself.

All of a sudden, when Jiang Chen's right leg took a step forward, raging flames started burning. But he still didn't stop, and he took another step forward with his left leg, which caused the flames to become more raging.

"Will he suffer any mishaps?" Li Bai was quite worried.

"It looks all right; you should all just observe him carefully." It seemed like Tian Ling had noticed something and wasn't as nervous as before.

When the other people looked over, they noticed that those raging flames didn't reach Jiang Chen and they were all kept off outside.

As Jiang Chen strode forward, the Fire Spirit Clan's members felt a wage of great pressure.

"You are playing with fire in front of me, aren't you? Fine, I will also practice my technique and play for a while." Jiang Chen sneered coldly, and terrifying flames surged out of his body.


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