The Brilliant Fighting Master
854 A Young Girl
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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854 A Young Girl

"Why?" Ning Haotian was surprised. It wasn't as if he hadn't expected Jiang Chen's rejection, but it was more blunt and firm than he had expected.

"One of my mortal enemies came over to talk about a deal with me, and it concerns an aspect that I have never thought of," Jiang Chen said.

"So it turns out that you are afraid. You are worried that after I successfully cultivate my divine cultivation method, you can't face me then, aren't you?" Ning Haotian sneered coldly and spoke.

"You should be aware that such provocations are useless against me." Jiang Chen left such words behind him before he left the inn without ever turning back to look.

Ning Haotian just sat there and continued drinking wine wearing a gloomy expression. It was only after he had become slightly drunk that he left the inn and went toward an inconspicuous house in Ancient City. He opened the gate and went toward a room inside it. A woman's surprised cry echoed from the room, but, after she saw clearly who it was, she quieted.

"Why didn't you knock on the door?" The woman had a slender body and her blue skirt reached the ground.

If Jiang Chen had been present here, he would surely have been surprised because this woman was unexpectedly Tang Shiya. She was as beautiful as before and was graceful, gentle, and sweet-tempered.

"He didn't accept my proposition. He looks down upon me, and he also looks down upon my method," Ning Haotian spoke angrily.

"You got drunk?" Upon witnessing that his face was flushed, Tang Shiya poured a cup of tea for him. Such a subtle action made Ning Haotian's heart flutter. They were just allies who had gotten together with destroying Jiang Chen as an objective. When Ning Haotian met her for the first time, he told himself that this was a woman thrown away by Jiang Chen, and he mustn't fall for her. However, each time he was in contact with her and smelt her unique fragrance, his heart would flutter. He was both troubled and pleased by this. He couldn't help but hold her hand, which was holding the teacup. It was soft, glossy, and seemed like it was boneless.

Tang Shiya was taken aback by this, and she quickly retracted her hand, while her face turned pale.

"Miss Tang, I...." Ning Haotian became flustered and didn't know what he should do.

"I don't blame you for this," Tang Shiya spoke in an aggrieved tone with her back toward him.

Ning Haotian's imagination couldn't help but run wild upon witnessing this.

"Jiang Chen treated me in such a bad way, and, if I don't dispose of him, it will be difficult for me to calm down and cultivate peacefully. This is why this matters...." Tang Shiya wanted to say more but hesitated. Her words had both truth and lies mixed in. It was really difficult for her heart to find peace, but the reason behind this wasn't simple. Jiang Chen didn't announce the truth in the Three Realms Great Competition, hence people weren't aware that Tang Shiya was cultivating the Love Thread Tribulation Method.

"He isn't willing to offer me his blood, what should we do?" Ning Haotian couldn't help but ask.

"It doesn't matter, other people won't get to know this affair's details. This is why it's up to us to decide whether he has given it or not." Tang Shiya revealed a mysterious smile, turned over, and said, "I have already made a thorough preparation for it, and as long as you both fight brilliantly in the Title Battle, I can let him fall into a desperate situation."

"How can you achieve that? Jiang Chen is not a stupid guy—it can be said that he's the shrewdest guy I ever met." Ning Haotian was still not relieved, and he was afraid that Jiang Chen would see through their plan.

"Jiang Chen is shrewd, but most people are stupid." Tang Shiya emitted a peal of hearty laughter. She was confident in her plan. Upon witnessing that Ning Haotian was still worried, she spoke slowly, "Let me tell you a story. There was an ancient tree on a certain land, which lived for more than 1,000 years, and that region's people took it for a divine tree, and consecrated it for generations. A little girl had a wager with someone, and stated that she could destroy the tree in a single night. The little girl's friend didn't believe her, but, on a certain day, the ancient tree withered and died. Do you know why this happened?"

Ning Haotian furrowed his brows. He was really confused by such a story. He said, "Did that little girl extinguish the tree's life force?"

Pff! Tang Shiya revealed her pearly white teeth and rolled her eyes at him. She revealed an irresistible charm. Now Ning Haotian was mesmerized by her. Tang Shiya spoke once again, "That little girl still hadn't started cultivating, and the divine tree was protected strictly by people. But, that little girl just used several words to let the people consecrating the divine tree destroy it by themselves." As Tang Shiya spoke, she walked toward Ning Haotian's side and whispered softly near his ear. This was an intimate action, which she had never taken before, and Ning Haotian could then smell a delicate fragrance. It was only after a long while had passed that he once again paid attention to what Tang Shiya was saying.

"Did you understand?" Tang Shiya asked.

Ning Haotian mulled over this carefully, but he still just understand half of it and wasn't sure that what she meant was what he understood.

If it was Jiang Chen, he would have guessed everything after I told him just half of it. Tang Shiya couldn't help but have such a thought when she witnessed how dull he was. After that, her expression changed drastically, and she puked a mouthful of blood. Trying to use the thread of love against Ning Haotian before she let go of Jiang Chen was an extremely dangerous matter. The reason why she dared to take such risks was that she had already planned Jiang Chen's death. If Jiang Chen didn't die, she would fail in her second tribulation and would suffer the thread of love's backlash. However, she couldn't help but become afraid after she puked blood this time and, after she saw Ning Haotian looking at her with a face full of concern, she quickly dodged his caring arm.

I must not have any skin-to-skin contact with him before Jiang Chen's death." This was what Tang Shiya told herself.


In another neighborhood, Jiang Chen had just reached Tian Ling's residence. As a matter of fact, if Jiang Chen hadn't had a Doctrine Heart, he might have considered Ning Haotian's proposition. Now, he already had his own path that he could walk down, and he could just take care of unearthing his inherited bloodline's potential by himself. He wasn't aware of Ning Haotian's hidden motive, and he was also not aware that Tang Shiya was concocting a plot targeting him.

"It should be here." Jiang Chen went toward a gate. According to the address given to him by Li Bai, this should be Miss Tian Ling's residence.

There wasn't anyone on guard before the gate, but a formation was set around the whole courtyard. When he reached the gate, a line of characters appeared there out of thin air.

"If you don't have any important matters, I will have to reject your visit."

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this. He really didn't know whether his matter could be considered important or not.

"Who is standing before the gate?"

However, the gate unexpectedly opened by itself, and two graceful women clad in white clothes slowly walked out of it.

"I'm Jiang Chen, and I want to meet Miss Tian Ling."

Jiang Chen recognized them and realized that they belonged to the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. One of them knew Jiang Chen, and she still had a vivid memory of him.

"Young master, please wait for a bit." They didn't dare to neglect him, and one of them quickly went back to report this matter. The other was left here before the gate just in case Jiang Chen tried to barge inside by force. Jiang Chen noticed that she was still a young girl—just 14 years old. She had fair skin and a youthful face. She had a pair of black eyes filled with curiosity, which were staring at him.

"Is there anything on my face?" Jiang Chen asked.

The young girl was startled by this and wore a bashful expression as she evaded his gaze. However, after a while, she summoned her courage once again and raised her head and looked at him.

"My older sisters said that you made two pieces of divine arts?" She inquired about the matter she was the most interested in.

Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Even the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's members couldn't believe that he had made two pieces of divine arts. It was really no wonder that people would suspect this matter.

"It seems like I must make two pieces once again to dispel their suspicions and doubts," Jiang Chen thought inwardly, while he said, "What do you think?"

"You are too young, and it is impossible for you to have such brilliant and high martial attainments," the girl spoke.

"Ha, ha, young miss, you are also young," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"How is that the case? I'm quite old, okay?" The young girl wasn't willing to accept this. She raised her head and stuck out her chest. Her body really had alluring curves.

"It is really quite big," Jiang Chen said.

"Young Master Jiang Chen." The woman who went to notify Tian Ling came back. She said, "The young miss is now having a moment of enlightenment, and I can't notify her now."

"It doesn't matter, any moment of enlightenment is quite important. I will just have to come another time," Jiang Chen said.


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