The Brilliant Fighting Master
853 Kind Intentions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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853 Kind Intentions

"So, this is why you have come here? To criticize me?" Jiang Chen examined those six people's expressions calmly.

Ning Haotian wasn't worried because he would surely not leave the Three Middle Realms because of a mere letter. Jiang Chen could feel boundless power within Ning Haotian's body. Even though he didn't have any unusual phenomena appearing around him, he still couldn't be looked down upon him.

"We just want an explanation. We have been vexed by such an annoying matter caused by you. How can you help set our minds at ease?"

The other people had also made great progress in the past half year, but they still hadn't managed to get a firm footing in the Three Middle Realms.

"Do I know you? It seems like we haven't exchanged even a single word before," Jiang Chen said.

"Are you trying to shirk your responsibility?" Ning Haotian spoke coldly.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders carelessly. He said, "We only both came from the Three Lower Realms; there is no relationship between us besides this. So isn't it absurd for you to ask me to surrender just for you? You should all ask yourselves who is in the wrong in this matter, or you should ask yourselves if the one threatening you all were just third-rate factions, what would you do?"

His words left the six people at a loss, and they all looked at each other.

"You still have a sharp tongue like before, and you can always convince people with it." Ning Haotian snorted coldly, and said, "If these six people are killed by the Spirits, won't it be just your fault alone?"

"Since this matter arose because of me, I will personally take care of it. If any one of you suffers an accident because of me, I will use the Great Sovereign's power and take revenge. It will be just this alone, and nothing more," Jiang Chen said.

"By that time, we will be already dead." Someone among those six people was still dissatisfied. They didn't want someone to take revenge for them; they just wanted to stay alive. However, someone quickly pulled the guy who had just spoken aside. Jiang Chen was now speaking loudly, and if someone heard it, it would surely reach the ears of the hidden enemies, and it would deter them.

"If you were my friends, I would do my utmost to protect you all, but that isn't the case—I don't even know your names."

"Now, you come here to me with several letters and want to use your weaknesses, as well as morality, against me. You aren't at all ashamed of the troubles you have brought me because of your weaknesses. It would be quite apt for you all to just go back to the Three Lower Realms."

"!!" When they heard his last words, these six people were all infuriated. Jiang Chen wasn't giving them their due respect.

"I really can't help but admire you for such a fallacious and preposterous argument. I really believe that your tongue can distort all facts easily," Ning Haotian spoke in mockery.

"The reason why it seems like a preposterous argument to you is just because of your ignorance." Jiang Chen's words had a double meaning, but he wasn't willing to explain it. He already expressed his standpoint a moment ago and thoroughly offended those six people. However, it also let other people realize that he didn't care at all about those six people's lives. Once the hidden enemies got news of this, they wouldn't bother with wasting any effort on them.

No one was aware of Jiang Che's true motives behind such actions, and those six people just wore resentful expressions. Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head and smile bitterly upon witnessing it.

"Jiang Chen, we will surely let you one day regret scorning us today." They left such words behind before they left one after the other. Even if they had stayed, they wouldn't have gotten anything from Jiang Chen.

Ning Haotian did not leave and still stood there, wearing a cold smile.

"You resolved the issue, yet no one will thank you for it. Was it worth it?" Ning Haotian asked. Ning Haotian had unexpectedly discerned Jiang Chen's true motive. Jiang Chen was startled by this, and when he looked at Ning Haotian's bright eyes once again, he understood everything. They had been fighting against each other for such a long time, and they knew each other well.

Ning Haotian had a hypocritical character, and, even though he had a great expert's power, he lacked a heart befitting a great expert. This was a fatal flaw, but he had run into a fortuitous encounter, which made up for it. He had two extremely pure inherited bloodlines, and he had gotten an Almighty Existence's inheritance in the Fire Field. Now, he had even joined the Divine Martial Arts School and made a meteoric rise and was reborn once again.

"If you can comprehend the true doctrine and possess your own Doctrine Heart, you will become a terrifying enemy." When Jiang Chen thought back to the past, he felt like he had had many opportunities for killing Ning Haotian, and he felt a slight regret for not using them. In the past, Ning Haotian had looked down upon him and had left him enough time to grow stronger. However, Jiang Chen also looked down on Ning Haotian in the True Force Realm. Who knew whether this affair would have had the same outcome as the former.

"Let's look for a place to have a chat," Ning Haotian spoke, and raised an unexpected request.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen also wanted to hear what he had to say.

They looked for an inn and sat down opposite each other.

"I can also make my way through the Fifth Palace successfully." After they sat down, those were the first words Ning Haotian stated, and he spoke in an aggressive tone.

"Is that the case?" Jiang Chen didn't comment on this and just raised a wine cup.

"Are you surprised by this? You assumed that you have already shaken me off, didn't you?" Ning Haotian said.

"If you have just come here to talk about this, why don't we just look for a good occasion to have a fight and settle our feud," Jiang Chen said.

"Settle our feud? You exterminated my whole family, yet still have the face to talk about settling our feud?" A ferocious glint shone in Ning Haotian's eyes. He slapped the table with both hands, while the Alien Beast inside his body roared loudly. The people in the inn were all startled by such a sight, however, many experts were hidden in Ancient City now, and people had already gotten used to this.

"Didn't your Black Dragon City also try to exterminate my family many times? It just happens that I'm the one who won in the end." Jiang Chen stood up, planning to leave.

"Sit down! Let's not discuss this for now. However, we will still have to fight to the death in the end." Ning Haotian took a deep breath and curbed his anger.

Jiang Chen hesitated for a moment, before he chose to stay. However, before he sat down, Jiang Chen looked in his eyes and said, "I will bluntly inform you that I don't regret my past actions, and if I had another opportunity to redo it, I would still attack Black Dragon City. As for your mother's death...."

"My mother's death?" Ning Haotian furrowed his brows and didn't understand what Jiang Chen was saying.

"It is nothing!" After Jiang Chen mulled it over for a moment, he still felt like he couldn't steel himself to inform Ning Haotian of the truth. He changed the topic and said, "Why don't you state bluntly what you want from me?"

"It's related to inherited blood." Ning Haotian didn't let his personal feelings get in this matter. He said, "This is our greatest asset for contending against Spirits. I have a Heaven-defying Alien Beast, while you have Immortal Genuine Blood. It is only through unearthing their true potential that we can become stronger."

"So what?"

"I feel like we haven't used even one-tenth of our inherited blood's power," Ning Haotian said.

"You came here to exchange our knowledge and insights about it?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"No, I came here to inform you how you can unearth its true potential." After Ning Haotian spoke, the inn's whole ambiance became quite queer. Jiang Chen's face became filled with confusion. He couldn't guess at all what Ning Haotian was up to.

"I got an inheritance in the Martial Arts Divine School which is a perfect match for my inherited bloodline, and it helped in stimulating my Alien Beast's bloodline power, and it is also the reason why I managed to overtake you. I'm incapable of divulging the inheritance to you, but I can still write down my knowledge about it for you. With your talent, it will be easy for you to use it," Ning Haotian spoke once again.

"What do you want?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Your blood." Ning Haotian wasn't surprised by his question. He said, "I need the blood essence of a Celestial Phoenix Genuine Blood's possessor to practice my cultivation method."

"How much?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Ten drops." After Ning Haotian spoke, he looked toward the wine in his cup and waited for Jiang Chen's reply.

"I don't plan to exchange it with you," Jiang Chen answered, without giving this matter any thought.


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