The Brilliant Fighting Master
852 Intensive Targeting
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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852 Intensive Targeting

"Jiang Chen! Get ready to die!"

The next day, Wu Ziming's injuries had recovered completely, and he ran to the restaurant where Cliff Mountain's disciples were residing and challenged Jiang Chen to a fight.

Half of the city's citizens could hear his angry shout. People assumed that the incident between them had come to an end, yet who would have expected that this was just the beginning? Many people had witnessed Wu Ziming kneeling the day before and asking for forgiveness, and he had become a thorough laughingstock. However, people still assumed that the reason why Wu Ziming couldn't block even a single blow was that Jiang Chen took the initiative by striking first.

The Wind Spirit Clan's members stated that Jiang Chen mounted a sneak attack on him and was shameless and contemptible. It was only due to this that he managed to subdue Wu Ziming. At this moment, Wu Ziming wanted to prove this matter to everyone.

"Today, I will fight until the death against you, if you have any balls, come out! I don't want to hear any of your excuses!" Wu Ziming spoke once again.

Cliff Mountain's disciples went to the windows and looked at the angry Wind Spirit Clan's genius and started discussing this matter spiritedly. There were many Spirit Clan disciples among them, who were all supporting Wu Ziming.

"Ancient City's new rule forbids all battles before the start of the qualification battle, and all contests in the city will also be canceled. No one is allowed to have a private fight both inside and outside the city."

While the crowd was waiting for Jiang Chen to come out, a Blood Shadow Dynasty soldier's resonant voice echoed through Ancient City. It was obvious that it was directed at Wu Ziming's challenge.

The crowd was taken back by this, and they were all surprised by it. They didn't expect that they would forbid fighting even outside the city. Weren't they being too overbearing? However, it was still up to the Blood Shadow Dynasty's usual conduct.

"Count yourself lucky!" Wu Ziming also understood that it was directed at him and just clenched his teeth. Even though he was unwilling to accept it, he still didn't have the guts to challenge the Blood Shadow Dynasty. A crazy gale containing Wu Ziming's anger swept the sky. After he had given vent to his anger, Wu Ziming quickly left.

Jiang Chen, who was standing before a room's windows, muttered, "The lucky one here is you."

When his voice had just echoed, his sword energy, which was on the verge of erupting, disappeared.

Such an incident started suddenly, and ended suddenly. However, Wu Ziming still demonstrated his point—that he didn't fear Jiang Chen, and what had happened the day before was just an accident.

The next days were quite peaceful and calm because of the new rule, and it was quickly time for the qualification battle. It would be easy for Jiang Chen to get a qualification in a 100-people battle with his current power, and this matter didn't have any suspense. What was important to him was still the Title Battle.

However, news quickly spread that all people close to Jiang Chen would be eliminated. Such a piece of news spread from the Spirit Clans, and it was rumored that this was decided by the young disciples of the Wind Spirit Clan, Fire Spirit Clan, and Earth Spirit Clan. Those people would all use their interpersonal relationships in the Three Middle Realms to teach Jiang Chen a lesson. Fengyu Duo, Ji Yinyi, Li Bai, and even Jiang Moliang were on their targets list. After Jiang Chen got wind of this, his mind was concerned with just the last woman alone. He wondered how was she now, and whether she had already advanced into the Great Venerable Realm.

The matter which Jiang Moliang wanted to achieve wasn't any easier than Jiang Chen's aim of going to the Ice Spirit Clan to marry his senior sister.

Jiang Chen wasn't really worried about Fengyu Duo because their fighting prowess rose drastically after Jiang Chen taught them a joint attack sword technique. Even though they couldn't rival Wu Ziming, it didn't mean that they were weak, but just that Wu Ziming was too strong.

As for Ji Yinyi and Li Bai? He really couldn't set his mind at ease about them. When Jiang Chen went to look for them, he found them at different places. Li Bai came here with the Heavenly Martial Arts Institute, while Ji Yinyu came here with the Elixir Association's Ji Ruxue. He called those people over and introduced them to each other, before he started discussing this matter with them.

"Different situations call for different measures." Ji Yinyi didn't really care about this matter.

They would target them by setting powerful opponents in the same arena as them. If they were afraid of such a matter, they shouldn't bother with participating in the Title Battle.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by her reply.

"Miss Ji, I may offend you by this, but if the opponent set for us was at the same level as Jiang Chen, what should we do?" Li Bai didn't take this matter lightly. He smiled bitterly and said, "Jiang Chen's realm is also just at the early stage of the Celestial Venerable; he's at the same realm as us."

Upon hearing him, Ji Yinyi was taken aback. Everything had its highest bearing limit, and if their opponent was Jiang Chen, it would have surpassed their highest limit by much.

"I heard that even Miss Tian Ling will be targeted by them," Li Bai said.

"What?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Even though he could guess the reason behind this, it was still difficult for him to accept it. Tian Ling had helped him just when he faced the Jiang family, and with how great was her fame in the Three Middle Realms, it could be said that those Spirits had gone insane.

"It is mainly because of the two divine pieces of arts." Li Bai also yearned for the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, and it was him who brought Jiang Chen and Ji Yinyi last time to participate in its event in the Wing Prefecture.

"The divine pieces of arts were destroyed by the Jiang family, hence why many people argue about it, and state that it is impossible for one to make two divine pieces of arts at the same time, and that it was just Tian Ling who used her fame to save you."

He said, "You shouldn't assume that the Civil and Martial Arts Institute don't make any profits. Just its great influence alone possesses immeasurable value, and after Miss Tian Ling started such a project, many people wanted to imitate her and are all just looking for a suitable opportunity."

"So, I have provided them such an opportunity?" Jiang Chen felt both helpless and angry. What he hated most was people targeting his friends.

Li Bai nodded and expressed his idea that if Tian Ling couldn't pass the qualification battle, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's prosperity would suffer a devastating blow.

"Where is Miss Tian Ling living now?" Jiang Chen couldn't ignore this matter, and he planned to intervene in it.

Li Bai informed him of the address, and Jiang Chen bore it in mind. He looked at the four people and said, "Since the Spirits want to target you all, I will also target them. Moreover, take those objects and take advantage of the remaining time to raise your power."

He waved his hands at them, and many Heaven Elixirs appeared before them. Those were the rewards offered to him by the Elixir Association for his performance.

"I have plenty of elixirs, so you don't need to be reserved. I won't treat my friends unfairly," Jiang Chen said.

Fengyu Duo, Ji Yinyi, and Li Bai were all attracted to the elixirs. It wasn't as if they had never consumed Heaven Elixirs, but it was just in small quantities.

"I didn't state that I will treat you with reservation," Zhou Jianfeng spoke bluntly.

Lu Bai laughed heartily and took a batch of Heaven Elixirs. As for the two women, Xiao Yujian and Ji Yinyu, they both thanked him before they excitedly took the Heaven Elixirs.

"Moreover, we must also prepare something for them. Since they want to play, let's play with them." Jiang Chen revealed a mysterious smile. He was really looking forward to the qualification battle.

After an hour had passed, they had finished discussing what they should do. Jiang Chen planned then to go pay a visit to Tian Ling, and see whether he could provide any help to her. However, when he came out of the restaurant gate, he witnessed a group of people waiting for him there. He assumed at first that they were Spirits, and it was only after he observed carefully that he discovered that it wasn't the case. They were all his old acquaintances from the Three Lower Realms. They were Ning Haotian, who joined the Divine Martial Arts School, as well as the six people, who joined the Great School's Six Peaks.

As for Tang Shiya, she had an unreconcilable feud with Jiang Chen, and she wouldn't show herself in front of him.

"We all got this thanks to you." Ning Haotian was tall and lofty. He had a majestic appearance and wore black battle clothes. He seemed valiant and formidable-looking. He had a letter in his hand, which had the following words written on it: If you don't get out of the Three Middle Realms, you will bear dreadful consequences.

Jiang Chen looked at the other six people and witnessed that they all had similar letters.

"It seems like they want to put pressure on me." Jiang Chen didn't need to mull this over to figure out that it was done by Spirits. They would make matters difficult for all the people related to him.


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