The Brilliant Fighting Master
851 The Doctrine Heart’s Function
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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851 The Doctrine Heart’s Function

By the time the crowd realized that it was just an afterimage, and by the time the afterimage disappeared, three seconds still hadn't passed. In the third second, the crowd could clearly hear the lightning sound.

In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen appeared once again in the place where his afterimage had just disappeared. He stood there as if nothing had occurred. However, the hourglass came to a stop when he came back. Everyone was dumbfounded and looked in disbelief at the hourglass. They were all startled by what they witnessed. The time was clearly written on the hourglass. Three seconds! His results were better than Wu Ziming's.

When one speed reached the extreme, the unit of measure used to measure one's progress wouldn't be just seconds, but milliseconds. Improving by just a single second could be considered a great improvement. No one here had a hope of catching up with Wu Ziming's achievement, but Jiang Chen's achievement was even more exaggerated.

He passed the eastern gate, southern gate, western gate, before returning to the northern gate. He didn't even use a single second to reach each gate.

"This can't be true...." Wu Ziming's lips were shivering, and he spoke in a soft voice, before he shouted sharply. "This can't be true! This is just a diversionary tactic!"

His voice caused everyone to come back to their senses, and they all started calling this matter into question one after the other.

"Investigate it quickly!" The Blood Shadow Dynasty's Princess even passed down an order. She didn't believe this either.

After a short while, the soldier ran back over wearing an odd look. He looked at Jiang Chen with a complex gaze, before he whispered near the woman's ear.

"What!" The woman was shocked. Everything was real, and Jiang Chen left some marks behind on the other three gates and followed the order properly.

Upon witnessing this, delight appeared on the faces of Fengyu Duo. Zhou Jianfeng ran over to Jiang Chen without giving it a single thought and put his arm around his shoulders, before he looked provokingly at Wu Ziming.

"You borrowed external power, it is surely the case." Wu Ziming's face was twisted. He couldn't accept such an outcome, and he still was making comments.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything in reply and just displayed his great speed once again.

"Teleportation Technique!" After Jiang Chen cultivated the Five Lightning Method, his speed was so quick that it almost reached the pinnacle, and each time he moved, he would leave behind an afterimage. When the crowd saw the afterimage once again, they quickly reacted, but they still couldn't find Jiang Chen.

Ah! Before they found him, they heard Wu Ziming emitting a miserable scream.

Jiang Chen was now standing behind Wu Ziming while holding two swords, while two bloody holes were left in Wu Ziming's knees. After Wu Ziming screamed, he knelt weakly on the ground. He didn't give this matter much thought and immediately tried to struggle, but then an ice-cold metal was pressed against his throat. He realized immediately that it was a sharp sword, which could cut his throat at any moment. The Heavenly Fault Sword was obviously capable of achieving such a matter.

"Apologize or die." Jiang Chen stood behind him before all the people's gazes and put the Red Cloud Sword against his shoulder. As long as he exerted his power slightly, the Heavenly Fault Sword would take his life.

"Damn! You...." Wu Ziming's mind still couldn't digest what had just happened, and he was just about to start cursing without giving this matter a thought. Jiang Chen moved his hand at almost the same time Wu Ziming spoke. The Heavenly Fault Sword easily cut open his skin, but the smooth sword blade was still not smeared by even a drop of the blood flowing out.

"No! No! No!" Wu Ziming's whole body quivered, and cold sweat seeped from his back. He felt a stifling feeling in his chest.


Wu Ziming started retching. This was the first time he had had such a close experience of death, and it was really sickening. It was fortunate that he quieted down in time, and the Heavenly Fault Sword didn't continue on. Just after that, everyone present witnessed Wu Ziming waving his hands and moving forward while still kneeling on the ground. He went toward Fengyu Duo and apologized to them.

"It is up to you to apologize to us if you want, but it is also up to us to accept your apology or not." Fengyu Duo gave him such a reply.

Wu Ziming was taken aback by this, and, when he turned his head and looked back, he witnessed that Jiang Chen had already put back his Heavenly Fault Sword. He heaved a sigh of relief, while the Wind Spirit Clan's disciples next to him quickly came over to support him.

"This guy isn't one to be trifled with." Everyone who witnessed this scene couldn't help but have such a thought. He was a madman, he was a real madman! If Wu Ziming had replied a little later,Jiang Chen wouldn't have stopped at all.

"Imperial Uncle, why is the disparity between them this great?" It seemed like the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Princess had changed completely. She didn't even dare to look at Jiang Chen, and just asked in a low voice. She asked a question which other people also wanted to ask.

"He just caught him off guard and gained the initiative by striking first. Wu Ziming is just a dim-witted person who is used to start fighting only when his opponent announces it." The Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle said, "If they had both been ready, the outcome would be different."

Wu Ziming was still a Fourth Palace's genius, and they were both at the same level. However, Jiang Chen attacked suddenly and struck his knees, before putting the Heavenly Fault Sword against his neck. This was the reason why Wu Ziming couldn't block even a single blow a moment ago.

"What? It has already come to an end?"

Many people were still coming over to the eastern gate to watch such a bustling show, but they were informed that it had already come to an end. Many emotions mixed in their hearts upon hearing the outcome.

"He revealed such great speed in front of the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle and subdued Wu Ziming, so it couldn't be just an external power."

"That's right, if it was the case, the Blood Shadow Dynasty's members wouldn't have tolerated his actions."

"This accident only helped Jiang Chen raise his fame once again."

"In the end, who is able to put him down?"

The crowd looked forward to such a matter, and it was especially the case for the Spirit Clan's members.

Jiang Chen looked at the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle and princess before he left along with Fengyu Duo, wearing a mystical smile.

"Wu Ziming had a sword against his neck, yet he still dared to act arrogantly. If you hadn't attacked him, he would surely not apologize," Zhou Jianfeng said.

Jiang Chen nodded. This was the reason why he had attacked Wu Ziming. If he didn't take such measures, it would be impossible to let Wu Ziming kneel on the ground of his own accord.

"How did you achieve it? How did you manage to pass by four gates in just three seconds," Zhou Jianfeng asked once again.

Jiang Chen just revealed a mysterious smile in response and didn't explain it. This time, he used lightning techniques to strengthen his Divine Body and used the Teleportation Technique. While he had also put his Wind Lore to good use.

However, if it was just this alone, it wouldn't be enough to achieve it in three seconds. Even though his lightning techniques were powerful, he still wouldn't get any advantage while competing in speed against a Wind Spirit. Moreover, Jiang Che's Wind Lore was just at the first level, while his opponent's Wind Lore was at the fifth level.

The reason why he managed to achieve it in three seconds was his Doctrine Heart. He found the meaning behind martial technique's great fusion, or what could be considered the Doctrine Heart's function. He could use his Doctrine Heart to fuse conflicting or chaotic energy together. The power he could erupt with then would be higher than his peak state.

At that moment, he used his Doctrine Heart along with the lightning technique and the Wind Lore. His Nine Clouds Divine Body bore great tearing power caused by such terrifying high speed. Even though he seemed relaxed through the whole process and didn't sustain any injuries, his body already had almost reached his upper bearing limit. If he had tried to be faster by another second, then even his Nine Clouds Divine Body would have had to pay a grave price to achieve such a matter.

"However, my Wind Lore is just at the first level, and it's quite low."

It seemed like martial techniques great fusion wasn't just a lunatic's ravings, and Jiang Chen was satisfied by the outcome. When he used a sword and a knife together at first, people stated that he was only trying to show off, and that this matter was useless. When he had mastered afterward two Lore Martial Realms, people stated that it was unnecessary, and he had just wasted his time in vain.

It was only after he managed to fuse the Wind and Fire Sword Realms that his state turned for the better, but now he had a Doctrine Heart, and he could truly fuse them completely.


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