The Brilliant Fighting Master
849 A Contest Of Running In A Circle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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849 A Contest Of Running In A Circle

"He destroyed our Wind Spirit Clan's board, yet we just imprisoned him for a while?"

"We really let him off lightly! Our Wind Spirit Clan will become a laughingstock.

"What was Brother Ziming thinking?"

The Wind Spirit Clan members weren't willing to accept this. If they couldn't immediately teach Jiang Chen a lesson and delayed it until later, they would surely become a laughingstock. However, Wu Ziming didn't care about other people's opinions; what he wanted was just to please that woman.

Jiang Chen was already encircled by guards, and, as soon as that woman gave an order, they would immediately take him away. When the woman was just about to speak, she noticed that Jiang Chen wore a carefree expression, while the Wind Spirits in the vicinity wore resentful expressions. She felt all of a sudden like this matter's development wasn't what she wished and she was being toyed with by him.

"He destroyed our board, yet he will be imprisoned at most for just three days." The woman felt like she would end up letting him off lightly like this. This guy was provoking her repeatedly and mustn't be forgiven.

"What punishment do you want him to suffer?" After she considered this matter properly, the woman wasn't anxious any longer, and she asked Wu Ziming. Wu Ziming immediately understood what she wanted. He said, "The board represents our Wind Spirit Clan's dignity and honor. Princess, please punish him severely."

"That's right, you must not let him off lightly."

"Let Brother Ziming make a move and teach him a lesson." The other Wind Spirit Clan's disciples immediately endorsed this plan.

The woman chuckled and spoke in a clear voice, "According to Ancient City's temporary rules, Jiang Chen must be imprisoned for three days because of his actions, but this matter is graver than usual, and just three days won't appease the Wind Spirit Clan."

As she spoke, she then stopped on purpose for a while. Everyone was aware that what she would say next would be harmful to Jiang Chen.

"Break his hand which had attacked it a moment ago!" The woman spoke in a firm and unquestionable tone.

The crowd went into an uproar. It was obvious that she sided with the Wind Spirit Clan.

"Princess, you obstructed them in the name of Ancient City's temporary rules, so how can you now help the Wind Spirit Clan?" Zhou Jianfeng retorted.

"I already gave him a chance," the woman spoke boldly and confidently. She didn't believe that she had made a mistake, and she was instead pleased with herself.

"What qualifications do you have to speak with the princess? Did you assume that you were a part of the Spirit Clan just because you were called Fengyu Spirit Duo?" Wu Ziming's arrogant and aggressive character hadn't changed, and he started making things difficult for the Half-Spirit, Zhou Jianfeng.

The dynasty's soldiers would listen to Zhou Jianfeng's words. Two soldiers immediately detained Jiang Chen's shoulders and back, while two other soldiers held his hands. Another soldier held a weapon and was just about to break his right hand. Strangely enough, Jiang Chen didn't fight back and just let those soldiers do what they wanted. It was only when the soldier raised his weapon high that Jiang Chen revealed a bright smile. Those six or seven soldiers were immediately bombarded heavily and sent flying away, while their armor was damaged heavily.

The people watching such a bustling scene all drew back in fright, and they were all dumbfounded.

"You dare to fight back?" The woman was stunned. Even though she stated that Jiang Chen was lawless and out of control, she still didn't expect that it was to this point. The Blood Shadow Dynasty wasn't like the Fire Spirit Clan.

"You are trying to boss people around against me in the name of rules. But I want to ask what qualifications you have for this? You are only a member of the Spirit Clans' dynasty, so what right do you have to manage my matters?" Jiang Chen walked over to her, and the Fire God State disappeared gradually while he was walking forward.

"Ancient City belongs to all Three Middle Realms' people, and the dynasty came here just to manage the Title Battle. Princess, they didn't ask your highness to become this land's ruler." Jiang Chen approached the princess and uttered the last words with a playful tone.

The woman opened her mouth, but didn't know what she should say. Jiang Chen wasn't mistaken, but Spirits were all used to their aloof status, and most humans were influenced by them. The sudden appearance of a rebelling human just seemed unreasonable to her.

"You are daring!" She was left at a loss for words for a long while before she thought of such words.

"You still don't see what's more daring. If there is a good opportunity for it, I will let you experience it," Jiang Chen said.

The woman drew back several steps in fright, however, she quickly stopped herself and flew into a rage out of such humiliation. Her eyes were filled with boundless anger.

"Enough!" It was at this moment that a vigorous voice echoed out and broke this tense ambiance. A tall, upright man strode over. He wore a purple robe and possessed an outstanding demeanor.

"Imperial Uncle!" The woman spoke in delight, and she quickly ran over to him as if she had just sighted upon a savior. Upon witnessing that such an influential person was alarmed by such an affair, everyone became tense, and they all started making guesses about how this matter would unfold.

"Even if you are a follower of a Martial Sovereign, you still can't act this wantonly toward a member of the imperial family." The Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle had a tough attitude and immediately shouted at Jiang Chen. However, people noticed that he didn't attack; hence, it was obvious that he wouldn't take any action against Jiang Chen. A Martial Sovereign's follower was still quite influential.

"It is quite good to have the Blood Shadow Dynasty here keeping Ancient City's order, but someone just took it for a way to boss people around, make guesses about my aims, and use the Spirit Statute to attack me." Jiang Chen also displayed great boldness befitting a Martial Sovereign's follower. He continued, "So, is it me who is impudent, or is just that the dynasty's princess looks down upon all humans too much." He came here to cause trouble just for Wu Ziming alone and set a battle with him outside the city, but this woman wanted to intervene in this matter. She had really overstepped her bounds. Moreover, this woman was still not satisfied with that and even wanted to break his arm. It was really laughable.

The Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle took a look at the woman. He had already learned about the sequence of events that had just transpired and that it was really this woman who didn't handle this matter properly.

"So, let's just discuss each matter separately," the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle said. "You provoked the Wind Spirit Clan in Ancient City, and the Wind Spirit Clan asked our dynasty to step forth...."

"So you also want to break my hand?" Jiang Chen interrupted him.

Upon hearing him, the woman became both embarrassed and angry.

"Ancient City's rules forbid all fights, but you can still have a contest and use it to resolve your grudges against the Wind Spirit Clan," the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle continued speaking. He was more mature than the woman by much and had come here just to resolve this issue, while still keeping a dominant role and keeping the Blood Shadow Dynasty's dignity.

"May I ask how will we compete?" Wu Ziming had ended up wasting such a long time watching this scene, yet in the end it would still come to exchanging blows. He was already impatient and wanted to quickly stamp Jiang Chen with his foot.

"You should both run around the whole Ancient City one time, and the one to finish it first will have won," the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle said.

Upon hearing him, discussions arose, and the Wind Spirit Clan's members almost burst out laughing.

"This isn't fair," Xiao Yujian said. "How can you have him compete in speed against a Wind Spirit?" Xiao Yujian could be considered a Half Wind Spirit and was aware of how outrageous this was for Jiang Chen.

"This contest was set a long time ago, and I am not just making matters difficult for you." Shame did not appear on the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial Uncle's face. He said, "I have already set a way for resolving it and expressed my standpoint, so it is up to you now."

If Jiang Chen declined at this moment or looked for an excuse to refuse, the Dynasty could then attack him openly, and no one could say anything against them. A Martial Sovereign's follower's deterrence was limited to just this alone. If he was a Martial Sovereign's disciple, then even the princess would need to greet him with a smile, apologize to him, and compensate him.

"I don't have any issue with it," Jiang Chen said.

"We will only depend on our power." Wu Ziming was still not relieved, hence why he emphasized this matter.

"You already don't deserve more." Jiang Chen cast a glance at him disdainfully, before he said, "Why don't we decide what will happen if we lose or win?"

"What do you want?" The woman asked.

"If he loses, he will have to kneel on the ground and apologize to my friend," Jiang Chen said coldly.


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