The Brilliant Fighting Master
845 Go Through Me!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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845 Go Through Me!

As soon as the ice sculpture was completed, Jiang Chen's Holy Sea lost connection to the world. The ice sculpture fell off the snow mountain. Jiang Chen was completely frozen. He could not even move a finger, not to mention being able to break the ice sculpture. As big as the ice sculpture was, it was falling terribly fast. However, Jiang Chen could not hear any sound. And his vision was also limited.

Even though I have a divine body, I will die falling like this!

Jiang Chen could not think about anything. His body tensed. He was struggling.


Suddenly, his heart had a strong beat. Then the ice sculpture cracked.

Thump! Thump! Bang!

As his heart continued with a strong beat, the ice sculpture cracked more and more. In the end, it was smashed to pieces. Jiang Chen took the chance to fly out rapidly. By then he was several feet off the ground. He slid at high speed in the snow first, springing up and falling hard on the ground again from time to time. When he finally managed to stop, none of his bones were in very good condition. He could not move at all for half a minute. Not until his divine body had recovered was he able to lift his arm to feed himself some elixirs.

"My Doctrine Heart...."

Jiang Chen put a hand on his chest. A purple smoke had been flowing in his body during his recovery. After a while, with the aid of the elixirs, he got back to normal. Then he flew into the air to look for the Ice Spirit Saint. However, she had disappeared. Because of this, Jiang Chen did not look very happy. He used the Eye of Heaven to search on the snowy mountain.

Suddenly, he found something. He landed on another peak. Jiang Chen saw some messy footprints there. He kept on walking. There was blood beside the footprints. The red blood was very eye-catching on the spotless snow. Soon, he saw more and more blood.

Jiang Chen suddenly frowned, because he saw someone not far away, and it was the Ice Spirit Saint. She was still sitting in the snowy field. A part of her body was buried in the snow. Her injuries were recovering fast in the snow.

"Why did you have to do that?" Jiang Chen's nervousness was gone. He felt kind of helpless. The gap between them was not so huge. Their strengths were equal. He was able to hurt her, and she was able to hurt him. The result of their fight would depend on their performances in the fight.

He had injured her heavily with the Sword Method of Ksana before he was sealed in the ice sculpture. However, she had managed to hide it well. She gained the victory over her enemy by not falling onto the ground first despite her injuries. However, judging from the time she needed to recover, her injuries were worse.

"Just go." That special cold voice came from the snow.

"You attacked me for no reason. Now you are in my hands, but you want me to go?" Jiang Chen shook his head, but he did not want to make things difficult for her either. He said, "I only want you to respond to my three questions."

"If this were a fair fight, you would have lost." The saint somehow spoke more than before. Maybe she was stalling for time.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Giving it a thought, he had to admit it was true. If his Eye of Heaven had not found her, he would have thought he had been completely defeated. Jiang Chen suddenly realized one thing: only one movement was needed to decide the result of a fight between two strong people.

"It doesn't matter. I only know if I want, I can kill you right away, like what you tried to do to me just now." If he had not had the Doctrine Heart, maybe he would not have died, but it would have been inevitable to lose an arm or a leg. This woman was cruel. He would certainly show no mercy to her either.

"I never intended to kill you, but since you injured me, I was unable to control my strength," the saint explained.

"My question is, how is my apprentice sister's life as an Ice Spirit? What situation is she in and what kind of treatment is she getting? Will she take part in the Title Battle?" Jiang Chen asked directly. He did not want to beat around the bush.

"She is the Ice Spirit's Spiritual Lady. You are in no position to ask questions about her." The Ice Spirit Saint's tone stayed the same. She sounded pretty cold.

Her answer pissed Jiang Chen off. "If so, why would she have engaged with the Blood Shadow Dynasty? Shouldn't you keep such a genius in your clan?" Jiang Chen added.

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty proposed marriage to her. The Ice Spirit couldn't refuse them."

Jiang Chen was cheered up when he heard this answer. At least he knew the Ice Spirit did not want to marry his apprentice sister into the Blood Shadow Dynasty either. However, if they did not even think the Blood Shadow Dynasty was good enough for her, it was less possible for them to agree to their marriage…?

"What did you come for today?"

"This is your third question. Please go away when you get the answer."

It turned out it was because of his promise that the Ice Spirit Saint had answered him so obediently.


"Your apprentice sister sent me."

The Ice Spirit Saint said, "If you can't even go through me, you shouldn't go to the Title Battle and should leave the Three Middle Realms as quickly as possible."

"My apprentice sister knows I'm here?" Jiang Chen said, pleasantly surprised.

After staying silent in the snow for a while, the saint said helplessly, "That's not the point."

"No, it is the point." Jiang Chen was very happy. He was beaming.

"You've been pushing yourself forward in the Three Middle Realms. Even Fei Yu was almost killed by you. How could she not know?" The Ice Spirit Saint was speaking emotionally, which did not happen a lot.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Since his arrival in the Three Middle Realms, the people here had never stopped picking fights with him. The only two choices he had were to fight back tough or to be a coward. Apparently, he had chosen the former way. And this had helped him gain the Doctrine Heart. Even if he antagonized the whole world, so what? Even if everyone wanted to kill him, so what? As long as he was alive, he would intimidate and scare his enemies.

"The last question, well, not exactly a question question. Did I go through you?" Jiang Chen asked, smiling.

The world went quiet again. The saint obviously did not want to admit it, but she finally gave him an objective answer so that he could judge it by himself. "You've achieved a high level, but the Title Battle still could be risky for you. It will depend on how well you do in a real fight. You might or might not die."

"If everything was secure and there was no risk at all, wouldn't it be too boring?" Jiang Chen laughed. Actually, no matter what answer he got, he would go anyway.

"So, there is no one to blame if you die," the saint said.

"How responsible you are." Jiang Chen knew she was just afraid she could not face his apprentice sister anymore if he died.

"Let's just say, hypothetically, that I left the Three Middle Realms. Does that mean it would be impossible for apprentice sister and me to be together ever? Even if I come back after becoming a Great Venerable?" Jiang Chen said.

"You have too many questions." The saint was getting annoyed. The answer was also obvious. A human wanted to chase the Spiritual Lady of the Ice Spirit and wanted to move slowly and carefully? That was insane. All of a sudden, the saint heard footsteps in the snow. She involuntarily opened her eyes. What she saw gave her a good scare. Jiang Chen was leaning forward to scrutinize her face. They were gazing at each other at a very close distance.

"What are you up to?!" This time she really panicked.

"That's how you look." Jiang Chen was very close to her, as if he wanted to see his own face in the mirror clearly. Then, shaking his head, he said, "What a pity." Then, he left, as she had asked him to.

"What's a pity? Tell me!"

The Icy Spirit Saint was pissed off. Trembling due to anger, she shook off the snow on her body.


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