The Brilliant Fighting Master
844 The Ice Spirit Sain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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844 The Ice Spirit Sain

Due to the enormous hubbub surrounding his fight in the Mysterious Thunder School, Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong parted to travel. It was Jiang Chen's idea, since he did not want to get Yao Yuntong into trouble.

He had used the Divine Fire Ring a few times. He was now able to use it for seven more minutes. Once it was used up, he would be in a dangerous situation.

I hope that what happened to the two Fire Spirit protectors will intimidate the others.

Only because of these seven minutes was he able to go through difficult moments until he was stronger.

If I can achieve great Venerable with the divine body in three years, I will be able to step onto the Ice Spirit's territory holding my head high. So, the first thing to do is to get a title. Then, guided by the title, I will find the inheritance that belongs to me. Only in this way, will I be able to satisfy the divine body's needs.

Jiang Chen was thinking about his future as he was traveling.

The Flame Emperor's inheritance was in the Seventh Realm. According to the Flame Emperor's rules, he was sure there was danger waiting for him there, so he had to leave this inheritance behind for the moment.

At this moment, the airship he was taking passed a mountainous area. It was still late winter in this area. It was snowing. The mountaintops were all white. Jiang Chen perceived something, so he stopped the airship. His Eye of Heaven detected someone sitting on the mountain in such cold weather, all covered by snow.

When Jiang Chen's airship landed, all of the snow attacked it, as if the ship had a special sucking force. Jiang Chen sensed danger—he shouted dangerous to himself. This person had been waiting for him!!

An Ice Spirit?

This person's energy was very similar to the Ice Spirit's whom he had met. He thought of Fei Yu immediately, but he did not think it was Fei Yu.

The Ice Spirit didn't go to the Mysterious Thunder School to challenge me. Why would they wait for me here?

Among the eight Spirit races, the Fire Spirit and the Earth Spirit were the two races that hated him most.

Before he did anything, Jiang Chen took charge of his airship. This was his vehicle. If it was damaged, he would have to fly on his own. It would be much slower. Besides, it was impossible to fly through the Desolate Forbidden Land without an airship.

He punched the air, creating burning fire, which melted the snow into water. Before the water was vaporized, however, a spiritual power turned it into thick ice. Then the ice became a sharp sword that came piercing toward him. Jiang Chen frowned. Holding the Red Cloud Sword, he confronted the attack with ease.

"Unless you are a Great Venerable, you won't be able to kill me at such a distance," Jiang Chen said toward the person below.

"Spirit method: Flowers in a Mirror and the Moon's Reflection in Water." He still could not see the person, but he heard that person's whisper. The ice blade changed again. It turned into an ice cube. A woman's reflection appeared on its smooth surface.

"The Ice Spirit Saint?" Jiang Chen had seen her once on the Elixir Emperor's ship. He had thought it was his apprentice sister at first. Sitting in the ice, she looked even more remote and unreal. Without giving Jiang Chen any chance to speak, she threw numerous ice cubes and icicles over.

Jiang Chen could resist them with ease at first, but to his surprise, the Ice Spirit Saint's reflection was on every ice cube, and they were flying toward him from everywhere. The icicles were not average sharp weapons. Containing extremely pure spiritual force, they could be compared to spiritual weapons. The icicles were shot consecutively like a storm. Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Fault Sword with his other hand.

"If you stay silent, I won't show any mercy to you," Jiang Chen said in a cold voice.

The saint still did not speak. The icicles' attack became even fiercer.

"All right!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly. The sword realm of fire and wind was ready. The wind and the fire were like a hot-tempered fire dragon, devouring the icicles and hitting all of the ice cubes.

However, the ice cubes were extremely hard. The fire could not melt them immediately. They were turning into water slowly.

"Water and fire are natural enemies, but it is water that restricts fire, not the contrary." The Ice Spirit Saint's graceful voice came again, as if this was not a fight, but a chitchat during teatime.

Jiang Chen wanted to stay away from the ice cubes. This was the wisest way to resist her. However, the ice cubes were not only coming from the four directions, but from his upside and downside as well. Between every two ice cubes there was a gap less than a few inches long.

"If this is the case...."

Jiang Chen raised the Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword at the same time.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

"Divine Thunder Transforms to a Sword!"

The Sky-burning Evil Flame seemed to intend to melt all of the icicles. The thunders of nine clouds exploded. They hit every ice cube.


The ice cubes were all broken. He finally saw the Ice Spirit Saint not far away.

"Teleportation Method!"

Jiang Chen came up to her in less than one breath. His hand, with thunder and lightning all around, clasped her neck. To his surprise, the Ice Spirit Saint smashed immediately like a fragile china doll. Jiang Chen was shocked. He looked around and saw ten Ice Spirit Saints standing in the air. This time they were not in ice cubes.

I haven't cracked her spirit method yet? Realizing the Ice Spirit Saint's strength, Jiang Chen was petrified. A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire and Divine Thunder Transforms to a Sword were his special moves, but they did not affect his rival at all.

"Fire and water are incompatible. Human and Spirit don't mingle." All of the Ice Spirit Saints opened their mouths, saying the same thing.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. Something had occurred to him. This was a test the Ice Spirit was giving him. Or, in other words, the Ice Spirit was making things difficult for him. He had got the attention of the Ice Spirit. The top management of the Ice Spirit knew about him and the Spiritual Lady, namely, his apprentice sister.

By then, Jiang Chen was the youngest and the best Heaven Alchemist, the Martial Sovereign's follower, and a genius of the Fifth Palace. He was extremely eye-catching within the younger generation. All he lacked was a patron.

"Is this the Ice Spirit's test? I will get a pass if I defeat you?" Jiang Chen asked.

The Saint did not speak, but she did not deny it either. He still could not see her face. Then a thick Ice Sword appeared in the saint's hand.

"Power of the doctrine of sword?!"

His rival's sword was only made of thick ice, but it contained a strong power of the doctrine of sword. Manipulated by the spiritual power, it had a dreadful sword momentum. Human beings could not be as good at the martial techniques of lore as the Spirits. Neither could they get spiritual power.

By comparison, the Spirits could achieve a high level of martial techniques, which the human beings were good at. That was why the Spirits were so proud of themselves. They saw themselves as the blessed ones.

"Since this is related to my apprentice sister, I'll try my best. No offense at all." Jiang Chen smiled coldly. This baffling fight made him pretty excited. He put the swords back into the sheaths, but his hands were still grasping the handles.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: the third movement!"

Jiang Chen had never exerted this movement, not even when he was confronting a large group of Spirits. He disappeared. There were only flowing lights sparkling. The Ice Spirit Saints were smashed one after another. They turned into ice melt and splashed around.

In less than a second, Jiang Chen appeared again, standing holding his swords. All of the saints had vanished.

"Show up." Jiang Chen said.

A freezing wind blew over, carrying a powerful strength and endless coldness.

"Lore of wind?! It's at least of the fourth level!" Jiang Chen turned serious. Then he panicked. He said, "And it contains the fifth level of the lore of water!" The wind was chilly. It blew over him. His joints felt frozen. Then a layer of thick ice covered him, turning him into an ice sculpture. Not until then did the saint show up.

"The top geniuses of the Spirit are far better than you. You are not a match for them. Go back. Don't fight with Huo Zhengyu or the others. Don't even stay in the Three Middle Realms. This place isn't for you," the Ice Spirit Saint said.


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