The Brilliant Fighting Master
843 Title Battle, Start!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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843 Title Battle, Start!

Smiling, Jiang Chen said, "You think I care what you Wood Spirits think?"

Liu Yiyi did not speak. She stayed silent, as a way to answer him. Then Liu Yiyi wrenched herself from Jiang Chen's grasp. She asked, "What do you want then?"

"I can't even bother to think about it. That's why I asked you, but you didn't use the chance I gave you. In that case, I'll have to do what I have got to do." As he spoke, the Heavenly Fault Sword gave off a bright light as beautiful as the moonlight, and fatal too.

"Wait!" Liu Yiyi was shocked. Her facial expressions kept changing, as if she had never seen a person like Jiang Chen before. She made a decision before long. She reached into her bosom. When she took her hand out, her tightly clasped tiny hand was giving off a radiance.

Jiang Chen became a little bit excited since he knew that must be some good stuff.

"This is a seed of the Sacred Herbal. It's my compensation for you for the mistake I made. Could you let me go?" Liu Yiyi was not an average woman. She was able to go with the flow. Her words sounded quite natural. And she winked at him spontaneously. She was really charming and attractive.

However, Jiang Chen did not buy it. He paid all of his attention to the seed of the Sacred Herbal. He accepted it after confirming it was authentic. He said with a smile, "You are welcome to attack me again. And then prepare more valuable treasures."

Liu Yiyi curled her lip. She looked down to hide her knowledge that she had to admit defeat. She would not know Jiang Chen had anticipated it, even though he did not see it in her face.

"What about you?" Leaving her behind, Jiang Chen looked toward the other Spirits.

These Spirits glanced at each other. It took them some time to realize they were about to be robbed!

"I didn't bother to think what I want from you. Actually, I would like to kill all of you. So you only have three seconds to tell me what you can offer me."




A bunch of Spirits ran up to him to give him the most valuable treasure they had on them before he finished the countdown.

Jiang Chen took all of the treasures and let these Spirits go. 

"See you later." Looking at Jiang Chen returning to the Mysterious Thunder School, Liu Yiyi said. Then she flew off in another direction. The other Spirits also left. This area recovered its peace soon.

"You are crazy. Didn't you go too far with the Fire Spirit?" Yao Yuntong was still worried. He had made a hit this time, but it could still bring him big trouble in the future.

"Doesn't matter. I've gotten used to it," Jiang Chen said.

It reminded Yao Yuntong of the rumors about the Jiangs and Jiang Chen. She understood what he meant by "gotten used to". She could not help but shake her head and smile bitterly.


By the next day, the story about the fight in the Mysterious Thunder School had spread all over the Three Middle Realms at a breakneck speed. It was normal for the Doctrine Palace's challengers to be challenged again. Considering what Jiang Chen had done in the Doctrine Palace, it was nothing weird that a grand group of people had gone to challenge him. However, the result created quite a stir.

Jiang Chen crossed off the top five. Some people assumed he looked down on all the Spirits and made nothing of them. After this fight, people were sure that Jiang Chen did look down on the Spirits. A great amount of Spirits either died or were injured. More than that, Huo Lingtian was killed. So were the protectors of the Fire Spirit.

"He is the Martial Sovereign's follower after all." People exclaimed after learning how Jiang Chen had killed the protectors of the Fire Spirit.

Most important, except for during the fight with the protectors, he had been fighting using his own strength the whole time. Lei Lie was almost killed through close combat, which was actually his strength. He fell into the sea, and finally only survived thanks to his incredibly strong vitality.

Liu Yiyi had to give Jiang Chen a seed of the Sacred Herbal to leave.

All of these things showed to the world what a tough person Jiang Chen was! For the moment, Jiang Chen's name was known by the whole Three Middle Realms. He was at the height of his powers.

"If he weren't the Martial Sovereign's follower, he would have been killed a million times by the Spirits." Some people said out of jealousy. However, it was impossible to hear such comments in public, since only the weak would say that sort of thing.

"I will kill Jiang Chen in the Title Battle." Huo Zhengyu from the Fire Spirit announced again. Although he had learned how strong Jiang Chen was, he was still very confident.

"I'll take back the ancient sword in the Title Battle." The sword cultivator Song Hao was also very confident.

People could not help but feel awkward, since both of them were only geniuses of the Fourth Palace. Soon, some people realized why they were so confident. It was three or four years ago that they had carved their names in the Fourth Palace.

News about the adventures of the Doctrine Palace kept coming with more and more stories being passed around. After Jiang Chen, Huo Zhengyu also succeeded in passing the Fifth Palace. And Song Hao followed. Wu Ziming from the Wind Spirit also passed the Fifth Palace. He finished strong, but in the end he did not pass the Sixth Palace.

"These Spirits have been holding back." People tumbled to the fact. Due to the Kill Talents project of the Spirit, even though they had made big progress, they could not seek the limelight. However, by then they had to seek publicity, since Jiang Chen had pushed himself forward too much. It was also fair to say that thanks to Jiang Chen, the Three Middle Realms' young geniuses were pushed to a whole new level.

"What an era full of geniuses."

"The Title Battle will be great!"

While people were talking about these things, the date of the Title Battle was finally decided on. After a series of introductory happenings, the Title Battle would start at the end of the month. After counting up, people found there were less than 20 days to go.

The Three Middle Realms were suddenly bursting, full of people and their things. Airships could be frequently seen in the skies, flashing across the heavens like meteor showers.

Jiang Chen was still staying in the Mysterious Thunder School. He was leaving with Yao Yuntong too. During this period, he learned that Huo Zhengyu and the others had also passed the Fifth Palace, but he did not take the news very seriously.

The difficulty of his Fifth Palace was different from others' experiences, just like the 100,000 divine soldiers and divine generals in the Fourth Palace. They could not be compared to him at all. He spent his time focusing on his thunder method. It would have been a great waste if he had not practiced any thunder method during his stay in the Mysterious Thunder School.

The five thunders of the Five Thunders Authentic Method corresponded with the five viscera. They were the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. The five viscera affected one's essence, energy, and spirit. That is why they were also called the five spirit viscera.

For practitioners, as their states enhanced, their bodies would improve too, including their organs. That was why martial arts practitioners could live well without eating, sleeping, or resting for a long time. The Five Thunders Authentic Method could be regarded as a practicing method to exercise the body.

Those who got great achievements not only would get the strong thunder power, but they would get very strong and tough as well. According to the order regulated by the thunder method, Jiang Chen exercised his kidneys first. Of course, since he did not have too much time, he had barely achieved the entry level. Although there was no obvious change, he still experienced its benefits.

In addition, it also dawned on Jiang Chen the reason that Flame Emperor and the Mysterious Thunder School's headmaster had doubts about his Flawless Nine Clouds Divine Body. Since he had been enlightened by the Source Heaven Stone and achieved the divine body, he had had to make more effort to upgrade his states. The effort he had to make to break through to the middle stage of Celestial Venerable from the preliminary stage was a lot of times more than what it took others to break through from the preliminary stage to the late stage. The resources he needed for his practice were calculated by "mega".

What a shame that I changed the blood oath with the Jiangs. Jiang Chen thought to himself. Otherwise he was sure he would have been able to spend all of the Jiangs' wealth.

But since the Source Heaven Stone pointed this way to me, it means it is plausible. The difficulty doesn't matter. It doesn't matter either, even if I go against the natural law. When I become the Martial Divinity, nobody in the Nine Realms will be a match for me.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》