The Brilliant Fighting Master
842 How To Deal With It?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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842 How To Deal With It?

Tian Qiong grew into a big, tall tree—fresh, green, and sturdy—under the effects of Liu Yiyi's occult methods. It looked like a sky-high pagoda from a distance. The tree crown gave off a soft luster. Its branches extended to every corner of the battlefield.

The Spirit warriors all got strengthened standing under the ancient tree. More than that, all of their spiritual powers gathered together. The gathered spiritual power was so immense that it could be compared to a giant mountain. They did not have to attack Jiang Chen all together. They just needed to release as much of their spiritual power as possible.

Those who were leading the team seemed to have gotten the strength of a great Venerable. Powerful enough to break the sky, they intended to smash Jiang Chen.

"Ants are ants forever, even though there are so many of you. Get away!" Jiang Chen stayed proud. His profound look was cold. He glanced over those in front of him.

"Divine Thunder Transforms to a Sword!"

He threw the Heavenly Fault Sword and exerted the holy method. The Five Thunders Authentic Method showed its power. The Heavenly Fault Sword was extremely brilliant. It looked as if the bright moon from a dark night had stayed just as bright during the daytime.

Thunder came. Infinite lightning followed. The whole battlefield was being attacked by a wide range of thunder. Numerous screams could be heard. One figure and then another fell from the air into the sea. The remaining figures were struggling.

"How did he do it? Did he use any external force? If that's the case, why haven't the elders meddled?"

"What are you waiting for?! Stop him. He is using the power of the Martial Sovereign!"

Some of them kept yelling. They could not believe Jiang Chen was strong enough to launch such an attack on his own.

"Shut up. This isn't an external force." The ten strongest Spirits reproached the others angrily. Trying to resist the thunder, they were annoyed by these voices. Those voices stopped, but exclamations kept on coming.

"I'm out. I'm out."

Some of them wanted to stop fighting. That sword attack was too dreadful. They could not handle it at all.

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Fault Sword acted. Carrying thunder, it whooshed across the sky and hit the tree. With all of the lightning focused on the tip of the blade, the sword smashed into the tree with a hard blow.

Liu Yiyi was as pale as a ghost. She spit out blood. The ancient tree disappeared.


The woman's followers went into a rage. They dashed toward Jiang Chen madly.

"Ha, ha, ha. Bring it on! Show me how good you are!"

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

Jiang Chen threw the Red Cloud Sword in his right hand without showing any mercy. The Sky-burning Evil Flame was also exerted.

"That's not good!"

Those who were dashing over to attack Jiang Chen were devoured by the evil flame in an instant. Half of them either died or were injured.

"This man is too cruel. We are not a match for him. Retreat now!"

Liu Yiyi treated her injuries simply to stop them from getting worse. She threw Jiang Chen a glance with her pretty green eyes, as if she had seen a ghost. The Spirit warriors' morale had collapsed. Huo Lingtian, who had been so resolute about teaching Jiang Chen a lesson, was the first to stop.

"Okay. You're great." Lei Lie stopped his large-scale attack too.

"Are you scared? Didn't you say you would avenge your clansmen? I'm right here. Why would you retreat?!" This time, Jiang Chen would not stop there. He wanted to beat these Spirits until they were scared, until they cried their hearts out! Throwing his swords away, he dashed up to Lei Lie. The power of thunder was surging in his body.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation!" Jiang Chen exerted the Martial Techniques of Dragon at his best. Lei Lie, a Spirit who took pride in his strength, turned pale facing the Martial Techniques of Dragon. However, he had already lost his chance to escape. Hit by the Martial Techniques of Dragon, he gave off a blare like a deflated punching bag. In the end, Lei Lie also fell into the sea, almost dead.

"Darn it!" Huo Lingtian swore. He had never expected that Jiang Chen would refuse to stop. Then he froze, since Jiang Chen was gazing at him. "Don't you want me to experience your Spirit method?"

Jiang Chen curled his lip. The Red Cloud Sword went back into his hand. The Fire Sword Realm started to show its power.

"Stop! What are you going to do?!!" Huo Lingtian was extremely shocked when he perceived how cruel this sword attack from Jiang Chen was. He wondered whether this human was really going to kill him. He could not go on thinking about it. Lifting his head, he shouted, "Protectors! What are you waiting for?!"

"Punk! Stop!"

"Do you really think the Spirit will put up with your behavior?"

Two piles of genuine fire showed up out of nowhere. They stopped in front of Huo Lingtian. Then two Spirits appeared. Both of them were strong.

"Anyone who attacks me does so at his own risk."

"First Sword: strike!" To their surprise, Jiang Chen went on attacking. A fatal momentum of the sword was exerted before the strong Spirits materialized completely. The Red Cloud Sword transformed to a firelight. It whooshed over, hitting Huo Lingtian in the chest and tearing his chest apart.

"You!" The arrogant Huo Lingtian lowered his head to gaze at the wound in his chest. He could hardly believe it. Then, coming from his wound, a fire started to burn. He was burned into ashes quickly. In this way, Huo Lingtian was dead.

Many Spirits who had quit the fight felt lucky, but soon they became terrified by Jiang Chen's boldness.

"Nuts! He is crazy!"

"He was called crazy man when he was in the disguise of Young Master Wind. He really is a crazy man!"

The two protectors of the Fire Spirit certainly went into a rage. Without saying anything, both of them launched their most powerful attack.

"You came here to challenge me, yelling that you would teach me a lesson or even kill me. Do you think I'm a pushover? If you wanna kill me, I'll kill you first too!" Jiang Chen was even angrier than they were. Running his fingers over the Divine Fire Ring, he entered the status of God of Fire Descends to the World. Instantly, he looked more like a Fire Spirit than a real Fire Spirit.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

Facing the Fire Spirit's protectors, he threw the Red Cloud Sword over quickly. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen flashed past between the two Fire Spirits. No one realized what had happened. They only saw the Fire Spirit's protectors standing there motionlessly. Then, a fierce flame that came out of nowhere rose from under their feet. It devoured them so quickly that they did not even have the time to scream.

"This is an external force. I won't have to use it to deal with trash like you."

Gazing at the dumbfounded Spirits, Jiang Chen walked toward them. The Spirits involuntarily stepped back due to fear. They looked terrified, because they found that they could not get any response no matter how they called for their protectors.

"It seems you can never remember I'm the Martial Sovereign's follower." Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Fault Sword. It streaked over the Spirits. Everyone pointed at by it felt it difficult to breathe. Their bodies froze.

Lastly, he looked toward Liu Yiyi. It would be a lie to say that the female Wood Spirit, who was already very weak, was not scared. Jiang Chen flashed up to her. He was less than one foot away from her. He extended his hand to lift Liu Yiyi's chin so that he could see her face better. No one in the Three Middle Realms had ever done such a thing. Liu Yiyi was struck dumb. She did not know how to stop him.

"Not bad. Tell me! How do you want me to deal with you?" Raising his head, Jiang Chen looked at her coldly.

Huo Lingtian was dead. Lei Lie fell into the sea. No one knew whether he was dead or alive. Among the three Spirits who had challenged Jiang Chen this day, Liu Yiyi was the only one left. His behavior made others involuntarily imagine all the worst scenarios. They were all guessing what Jiang Chen was going to do.

Liu Yiyi was breathing fast. Her chest was heaving up and down as she said, "Let me go. The Wood Spirit and you will be considered even."


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