The Brilliant Fighting Master
841 Root Of Spiritual Wisdom
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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841 Root Of Spiritual Wisdom

Liu Yiyi was a sexy woman, but it did not mean that she was a fragile vessel who depended a lot on men. On the contrary, her fighting power was strong. The Spirit method she exerted was certainly related to wood. Thousands of blades went toward Jiang Chen. These wooden blades seemed ridiculous, but if you looked carefully, you would see how sharp they were.

Jiang Chen pointed the Red Cloud Sword at them. The large amount of flames set these blades on fire. However, they did not stop. Neither did they get burned up quickly like average wood. Thousands of burning blades formed a sea of fire. They transformed again when approaching Jiang Chen. They turned into a giant cage.

Jiang Chen was trapped in it. At the same time, Huo Lingtian had also accepted the fact that they had to collaborate to deal with Jiang Chen.

"Spirit method: Sky-burning Anger!"

It was another advanced Spirit method. Endless flames fell on the burning cage. At the same time, Liu Yiyi made a new mudra. Wood and fire working together had a wonderful effect. The fire in the air was burning like a mountain.

"Spirit method: Endless Power!"

Lei Lie, who had been sent flying, launched another attack. He threw a punch from a distance. When the extremely powerful punch made contact with the fire, Huo Lingtian and Liu Yiyi shouted loudly at the same time.

The destructive power created by the three's perfect collaboration was strong enough to demolish the world. The sea of fire whirled rapidly at first. Then, after an abrupt release, the flames splashed. The onlookers hurried to step back from fear.

"Are they going to kill him?"

They bore in mind what the headmaster of the Mysterious Thunder School had said. Seeing this scene, none of them believed Jiang Chen would survive this fight.

"What else can they do? They can't subdue Jiang Chen in another way."

"All of the three are elites of the Spirit. Even if they kill him, I don't believe the headmaster of the Mysterious Thunder School would really kill them."

"What a pity."

Yao Yuntong did not join in the discussion. Her silence was quite rare. She was still expecting Jiang Chen's victory.

Over the sea, Lei Lie, Huo Lingtian, and Liu Yiyi were gasping for air. The joint attack had almost exhausted them. However, they were pretty satisfied with the result.

"Practicing these extraordinary Spirit methods directly also cost you a lot of things." To their surprise, Jiang Chen's voice came again, but it did not come from far away.

The three of them lifted their heads, unable to believe what they were seeing. Jiang Chen was standing before them. Not even one hair of his head looked out of place.

"He dodged it!"

"It's impossible! I saw him shrouded in the sea of fire with my own eyes!"

"He was so fast that he managed to dodge it immediately."

Huo Lingtian and his two companions couldn't accept these facts. "Take him down!"

They were quite frustrated, but more than that, they felt reluctant to accept the result. Such reluctance transformed into a high morale.

"Let me help you." Liu Yiyi was not a talkative person. She exerted her Spirit method directly. A wooden board was paved and flew under Lei Lie's feet. Stepping on the board, Lei Lie not only felt supported, but also felt his Spirit method was being aided by a wonderful power.

More than that, a few blades flew out at the same time and came up to Huo Lingtian. Huo Lingtian understood what they were up to immediately. The genuine fire he had got by practicing was released from his eyes. The fire swords combined by the fire and the blades were not sharp, but they were faster and more powerful.

"Root of spiritual wisdom! Just as the rumor says, Liu Yiyi has the root of spiritual wisdom!"

People who knew Liu Yiyi had all heard the rumors about her. One of them was about the root of spiritual wisdom, which was a rare talent the Wood Spirit had got. It was not suitable to use in a fight, but it could help others enhance their fighting power.

Lei Lie used his mind to control the wooden board. He made it the best flying prop in the world. It carried him up into the air.

"Spirit method: Demolish a Mountain!"

The Earth Spirit's ferocious side was perfectly shown. His arm muscles bulged. A bright golden light was given off from his knuckles, as if he was wearing a divine ring on each of his fingers.

"Now it's getting interesting." Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Fault Sword. Holding both swords in his two hands, he was manipulating the sword realm of fire and wind. The wind and the fire worked together. Since his lore of fire was stronger, the fire was aided by the wind. In this way, the fire moved so fast that it made Huo Lingtian despair.

Wherever it was aimed at, no one would be able to resist it.

No matter how powerful Lei Lie's punch was or how great his defense was, he was intimidated by those two Doctrine Artifacts.

In the meanwhile, the fire swords flew over, but before Jiang Chen could hit them away, they exploded like a bomb. The power of the explosion was smashed by the sword realm of wind and fire before it could hurt anyone.

"You are still not good enough." Jiang Chen took the initiative to launch an attack. Lei Lie was the closest one to him, so he attacked Lei Lie first.

"Damn it!" Lei Lie was proud of the strong defense power of his Spirit method, but before the sword realm of wind and fire, he just could not be as confident as before when he was facing an enemy.

Huo Lingtian joined them. He kept on exerting his spirit methods.

Liu Yiyi did not stay there doing nothing either. She was using the Wood Spirit's method to help them.

"He is too strong...."

However, it was not difficult to see Lei Lie and Huo Lingtian were not at an advantage at all. They had gone all-out, while Jiang Chen was still holding back.

"If he kills Liu Yiyi first, there won't be any suspense at all," Yao Yuntong said.

Liu Yiyi suddenly looked over, which gave Yao Yuntong a scare, since she thought that woman had heard her.

"Spirits, let's subdue this human together!"

Fortunately, Liu Yiyi was not interested in her at all. She was calling on those Spirit onlookers to join the fight. "Jiang Chen looks down on the Spirit. Even though the Spirit's strong ones aren't here today, we shouldn't go easy on him. Let's give as good as he gets!" she added.

Yao Yuntong showed a cold smile. It was these Spirits who had started the fight first, but by then they were making Jiang Chen the bad person.

"That's right!" However, for the Spirits, Jiang Chen was indeed a bad person.

"He is strong, but he looks down on the Spirit. This is unforgivable!!"

"We'll teach him a good lesson today!"

"Exactly. It's not as if we don't have anyone who can defeat him. They are just not here today." The Spirits joined the fight as well after persuading themselves.


Yao Yuntong was going to help Jiang Chen. She did not even give any thought to it, but then she heard her father's voice. He was telling her to calm down.

"You think you can win just because you have more people? Today I want to see who can be my rival!" Jiang Chen burst out laughing. Looking at so many Spirits, he did not show any fear.

"Arrogant! You really think you are the best?!"

"You are only a human. How dare you talk so big!"

"I'll break your arms as well as your legs!"

The Spirits all flew into a rage. They had been embarrassed by the situation, but by then they were conquered by anger.

"Two of the Spirit's Three Swordsmen are here. So is their best fist practitioner...."

Yao Yuntong was still worried. Some of the Spirits did not join the fight in the first place, but it did not mean they were worse than the three Spirits who started the fight. They just did not have any reason to attack Jiang Chen. In fact, many of them were as good as Lei Lie.

"Tian Qiong! You are a human. What are you going to do?!"

All of a sudden, Yao Yuntong saw a human was going to help the Spirit too. She was shocked. The fact she knew his name meant he could not be someone simple.

"I'm doing it for Yiyi." The man said simply. Then he joined the fight decisively.

"Occult method: Method of Wooden Men!"

The method Liu Yiyi exerted was not a simple spirit method. It was an occult method of the Wood Spirit, which they never imparted to outsiders.

Yao Yuntong suddenly felt her father's energy was on the verge of breaking out. She was shocked. She knew it meant he was going to help. Her heart was in her mouth.

On the other side, Liu Yiyi's occult method cheered up all of the Spirits who had joined the fight. Each one of them behaved like they were being blessed by god.


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