The Brilliant Fighting Master
840 Crushed By Spirit Methods?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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840 Crushed By Spirit Methods?

The flames emitted from Huo Lingtian's eyes were extraordinary. It could not be achieved simply by adding spiritual force and Lore Martial Realm together. It was a Spirit method. After a long time of practicing, the tinder was ignited and a tongue of fire showed up, which in the end turned into a fiercely burning fire. It was not as great as the Alien Flame, but it was powerful indeed.

They were like two angry fire dragons, fierce and powerful. Jiang Chen had to dodge, letting it dash forward.

Huo Lingtian was at first suspicious. Not until the fire was only ten feet away from Jiang Chen did a cold flash appear in his eyes. The two flames wove together like two strands of rope. The head of them was cone-shaped, which seemed able to pierce through anything.

"Huh!" Huo Lingtian shouted loudly. The fire converged into one point in an instant. In the end, it was only as big as a fist. However, it was destructive enough to burn an entire city up. Jiang Chen did not dodge; he had lost the chance.

"Go to hell!" Huo Lingtian said complacently.

Not until then did Jiang Chen react. He threw his arm out. The burning fire was deflected by Jiang Chen's palm, reaching thousands of feet away in an instant. It exploded with a blaring sound. The explosion started a swirl in the sea. Waves rose up and were swept along.

"This...this...!" This scene gave Huo Lingtian a scare. He almost bit off his tongue. His attack was sent flying by Jiang Chen so easily, as if the latter was swatting at a fly.

"Your face is interesting." Jiang Chen moved and came up to him right away. He pulled Huo Lingtian's hair with effort and lifted his knee at the same time. It was like a street fight. Huo Lingtian bent backward at the waist. Then he was kicked in the head by Jiang Chen's knee. His entire body was covered by tumbling fire clouds, which formed a unique Protective Dipper Energy, but it was useless.

Jiang Chen loosened his fingers, and Huo Lingtian was sent flying horizontally. His forehead was wounded. He was bleeding.

"Alas, if only my state and attainment were higher." Seeing his rival was only slightly wounded, Jiang Chen was not very satisfied. However, his words were like a curse for the others, who were all shocked by him.

"Did he really pass the Fifth Palace?!"

"He confronted tens of thousands of divine soldiers and divine generals in the Fourth Palace? That's insane!"

"Huo Lingtian isn't a match for him at all."

The fight had just started, but Jiang Chen's performance had already scared them.

"Jiang Chen defeated 100,000 divine soldiers and divine generals alone, but you just refuse to believe it. Whose fault is that?" Yao Yuntong said with a cold smile.

Jiang Chen told her what had happened in the Fourth Palace. That was why she knew the precise number.


People held their breaths. Divine soldiers and divine generals were the most average Celestial Venerables in terms of attacking power. Their defense could be compared to a piece of paper. As long as their outer layer was pierced through, they would be turned into a purple smoke. As a result, it was not a problem to handle hundreds or thousands of them.

However, more than 10,000 would be quite difficult to handle; 100,000 was simply beyond imagination.

"He is physically strong. That's all!"

Huo Lingtian let out a roar. He wiped the blood off his forehead, refusing to admit his defeat. He went all-out. The Spirit's characteristics were completely exposed. His eyes turned into a pair of eyes of fire. The fire clouds around him turned into the genuine fire.

"Spirit method: Fire Dragons' Dance!"

He did not dash forward to launch the attack. Instead, making mudra with his hands, with his mouth wide open and burning flames surging from his throat, he gave full play to the Spirit's advantage. Then, flames came swirling out of his mouth in a spiral manner, continually increasing in scale. When they had approached Jiang Chen, he had nowhere to escape.

"There are two kinds of destructive powers of the lore of fire. One is through high temperature, while the other is fierce. When flames explode, they are overwhelming."

"You combined both of them, but failed to exploit their advantages. I really don't see the sense of this Spirit method." Jiang Chen looked up at the rippled fire that surrounded him, which looked like a wide-open mouth.

Huo Lingtian was pissed by his comment. This was an advanced Spirit method which was very difficult to get.

"What do you think my Spirit method is?!"

The fierce burning fire charged down with his angry scream. It fell onto Jiang Chen's head and then drowned him.

"I got him!" Huo Lingtian was pleasantly surprised. Feeling relieved, he made another mudra. The fire gave off a brilliant light and then exploded.


In the Mysterious Thunder School, everyone was shocked.

Even Yao Yuntong, who was every confidence in Jiang Chen, could not help but feel worried.

"Ignorant human, Spirit methods surpassed your martial arts since the first day they came into existence. Only ancient scriptures or genuine scriptures can be compared to them," Huo Lingtian shouted complacently.

"Yeah? I don't think so." Jiang Chen's voice came from the fire. He sounded so calm, not affected at all. Then Jiang Chen walked out of the fire at a steady pace. His clothes were intact. His hair was not burned. He looked completely fine.

"That's how much you've improved in the past two years?" Jiang Chen was scornful. 

"Darn it!" Huo Lingtian gnashed his teeth. Jiang Chen's defense seemed horribly strong to him.

"You think martial arts aren't as good as Spirit methods?" Putting his hands on the Red Cloud Sword's handle, Jiang Chen drew the sword out. Although no flame was used, the sword still gave off a strong firelight.

"Fire Sword Realm! And it's the Fire Sword Realm of the second level at its peak!"

Since the power of his sword doctrine had achieved the master level, the power of his Lore Martial Realm had also improved a lot.

"The combination of the lore of fire and the power of the doctrine of sword can achieve such a great power...."

Huo Lingtian was very surprised. The Fire Spirit was naturally close to fire. His lore of fire reached the fourth level a long time ago. However, he felt Jiang Chen was stronger than him.

"Human beings are able to create miracles." Jiang Chen shouted angrily. The fire emitted by his sword burst out. It kindled half of the sky.

Huo Lingtian exerted another spirit method, which focused on defense.

"This fire is too weak to hurt me, but the sword doctrine power contained in it intends to tear me apart!"

Huo Lingtian was covered in a cold sweat. Recalling what Jiang Chen had said at the beginning, he knew this guy would not show any mercy to him just because he was a Spirit. Fortunately, a large, tall figure arrived when Huo Lingtian was struggling about whether to ask for Jiang Chen's mercy. The figure attacked Jiang Chen directly using the impact.

"It's Lei Lie!"

This Earth Spirit was different from other Spirits.His skin was bronze-colored. His masculine charm suggested he was more than a lummox. It was true. He knew that if the fight continued, they would be defeated by Jiang Chen one after another. So he had to launch an attack. What he did reminded Liu Yiyi the Wood Spirit. She hurried to join the fight, too.

Throwing them a glance, Jiang Chen threw a punch.

Lei Lie fought back without any hesitation. He was so powerful that even the air was distorted by him. In the confrontation of pure force, Jiang Chen could not stand still anymore. He was pushed backward.

He is incredibly strong! Jiang Chen thought to himself. He had to use the Holy Sea to make an effort to steady himself.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

He opened his palm. The fist method turned into a palm method immediately. The power of thunder exploded like a flood.

Lei Lie turned pale. He did not twitch because of the electricity, but he was still defeated.

"Spirit method: Everything under the Sun!"

Liu Yiyi attacked without speaking.

"So, in the end, you fight together."

Jiang Chen was fearless. Instead, he was excited.


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