The Brilliant Fighting Master
839 Huo Lingtian
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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839 Huo Lingtian

Since so many people had come to visit them, it was impossible for Yao Yuntong to air any opinions. Unless Jiang Chen was hiding somewhere in the Mysterious Thunder School and would not show up no matter what, he would be laughed at by the whole Three Middle Realms.

All of them were struck dumb at seeing the person standing beside Yao Yuntong.

"He didn't hide."

It was the very first time for many of these people to meet Jiang Chen in person. In their eyes, he looked quite normal, and there was nothing special about him. Only a small part of them really looked seriously at him. They perceived a strong oppressive energy from Jiang Chen, which usually only came from the universe.

"Don't you have any manners?" Yao Yuntong said unhappily. Then the people did not stay in the air. They landed on the mountain one by one.

"Jiang Chen, you killed my clansmen. Today, a fight between us is inevitable." Lei Lie's face was black. He sounded full of anger.

"Jiang Chen! How dare you cross me off?" Huo Lingtian brought it up directly, without beating about the bush.

"Jiang Chen, the same question here. Why did you cross off the top five?"

"I ask you this on behalf of Xia Yijue, the Blood Shadow Dynasty's prince, who took the first place in the Fourth Palace. Why did you cross him off?"

Seeing Jiang Chen in front of them, these people questioned him one by one. Yao Yuntong felt worried. It was not because she was afraid Jiang Chen could not handle the pressure. She was actually afraid he would say something too shocking.

"Whoever attacks me, I'll fight back all-out, no matter who this person is or in what position this person is. Bear this in mind. Ask yourself whether you really want to fight with me before you launch an attack." The first point Jiang Chen made was quite normal. There was no problem at all.

"As to why I crossed off the top five, don't you know all records are to be broken? They got those rankings that shouldn't have belonged to them only because they were a Spirit. Why shouldn't I cross them off?"

Yao Yuntong felt so embarrassed. She had anticipated this was coming. This second point caused a big disturbance. Most of those visitors were Spirits, but Jiang Chen did not show any respect to them.

"We have nothing to say then. Let's start," Lei Lie said coldly.

"Who'll go first?" someone asked.

"Me, of course. Let me show this arrogant human how strong the Spirits are!" Huo Lingtian said proudly.

Jiang Chen said something and stopped them from quarreling with each other immediately. He said, "All of you, together."

"Arrogant! He is so arrogant!"

"Is he bluffing? Did he really get into the Fifth Palace?"

"He climbed onto the peak by playing tricks. No one is convinced!"

The Spirits wished they could dash forward and stomp on Jiang Chen immediately.

"What did you say? Playing tricks?" Yao Yuntong said unhappily.

"Of course. There couldn't be another way. A human who took the challenges of the Doctrine Palace for the first time passed the Fifth Palace at one go? That's absurd," Huo Lingtian said in a sarcastic tone.

"It's forbidden to use external force in the Doctrine Palace. Otherwise anyone could get there," Yao Yuntong said with a cold smile.

"Ha, ha, ha, it's only a cliff. The only thing forbidden there is flying. If we really wanted to play tricks, who wouldn't be able to go up there? But the noble Spirits are above playing dirty tricks. To our surprise, a human that nobody knew did that. How thick-skinned," Huo Lingtian said with a scornful smile.

He was right about one thing. There were many ways indeed to climb onto the peak where the Fifth Palace was. However, in a place as famous as the Doctrine Palace, people would watch each other. Whoever got a place would be challenged by those they had defeated. If they lost, it would prove they had cheated. They would be utterly discredited. No one in the Three Middle Realms would befriend them ever again.

That was why every challenger of the Doctrine Palace would experience a second challenge to prove they deserved the place they had gotten.

Ning Haotian got into the top ten last time. Then he was challenged by the person who owned the sixth place. In the end, he got an easy victory. It was assumed that if Ning Haotian had not been intimidated by the rules set by the top five Spirits, he would have gotten a more amazing result.

But then Jiang Chen went even farther. He crossed off the top five after getting into the Fifth Palace. It was not an exaggerated response at all that so many people had come here to challenge him.

"Cut the crap. Someone has got to give this human a lesson immediately. I can't take his manner anymore!" someone shouted.

"Send Huo Lingtian first."

"Okay. No problem."

Huo Lingtian got the chance to fight first because of what Jiang Chen had said. He could not stop smiling coldly.

"It is forbidden to kill if you fight in the Mysterious Thunder School. If someone dies, the killer won't be able to get out of here either." The headmaster's voice came from somewhere deep in the Mysterious Thunder School. No matter who had come this day, he just had to make this clear. These Spirits did not dare violate his rules.

"That's why you are hiding here. You are afraid of death." Huo Lingtian could not hide the sarcasm in his eyes at all, as if he had detected the reason that Jiang Chen had not shown up earlier to accept their challenges.

"Even my father knows you're an unbridled man. He is just afraid you'll kill too many people." However, Yao Yuntong knew why her father had said that. The others were surprised to hear Yao Yuntong. They could hardly believe it.

"Miss Yao, even though you are putting on a show with him together, we still have to do it. We've got to teach him a lesson," Liu Yiyi said.

All of these people thought Yao Yuntong was trying to help Jiang Chen convince them he was really a strong man who had got into the Fifth Palace, which they did not believe was true.

"What stupid hypocrites these human beings are." It was the same voice that had despised Yao Yuntong.

"Who is that?!" Yao Yuntong was greatly irritated, but she still could not find the person who had spoken.

However, Jiang Chen perceived something. However, Huo Lingtian had come up to him and said, "Let's go, genius of the Fifth Palace." He flew out of the peak toward the sea as soon as he finished speaking.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He was wondering why he had had so many problems with the Fire Spirit, despite the fact that his property was also fire. He had met Huo Linger and Huo Kun first, who tried to rob his sword from him. And then he ran into Huo Zhengyu.

At this thought, Jiang Chen said out of curiosity after following Huo Lingtian to the sea, "You and Huo Zhengyu, who is stronger?"

"Huh, cut the crap. I got into the top five two years ago. How much a Spirit can improve in two years is beyond your imagination," Huo Lingtian said.

"So, Huo Zhengyu is the stronger one. That's boring," Jiang Chen said.

"Keep on putting on airs, you disgraceful man who played tricks with external aids!"

Speaking of this, Huo Lingtian stopped and looked toward the Divine Fire Ring. Then he went on, "If you use any external force today, we won't have to keep on fighting anymore. I'll win, and the whole world will know about your dirty tricks."

Jiang Chen beat Huo Zhengyu to a pulp last time, which started a great disturbance in the Fire Spirit. Huo Lingtian had gone to visit his clansman too. He was surprised to see the latter so heavily injured.

But facing Jiang Chen, he was afraid he would end up the same. That was why he warned Jiang Chen in advance.

"You're overestimating yourself," Jiang Chen said seriously.

"Keep on bluffing! I'll beat you until you can't speak anymore!"

Then Huo Lingtian finally launched an attack. He had been holding his temper for a long time. He finally had reached his limit.

Two hot flames came out of his eyes, dashing toward Jiang Chen like two shock waves.

"He is starting the fight with this!"

Those who knew Huo Lingtian well realized he had been really pissed. They felt sorry for Jiang Chen.


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