The Brilliant Fighting Master
837 Doctrine Hear
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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837 Doctrine Hear

Jiang Chen was now in a mysterious state, and all myriad matters before his eyes started fluctuating. He couldn't help but feel anxious as he heard the raging thunder echoing atop his head, but he was now incapable of defending against it. It was fortunate that he managed to calm down quickly and realize where the issue lay. He calmed his heart and tried to observe everything with his senses.

After a short while, a bolt of lightning struck. It was similar to normal lightning, but it had a purple color.

"Purple Divine Lightning!" Yao Yuntong was also a Lightning Method inheritor, and she couldn't help but cover her mouth in fright and cry out. Jiang Chen was struck by the Purple Divine Lightning before her eyes. His whole body disappeared from her sight and was engulfed by lightning.

At such a moment, sparks of insights appeared in Jiang Chen's mind.

Why was he cultivating? It was to become strong.

Why was he trying to become stronger? It was to go back to the Sacred Zone and find answers.

No, that wasn't right!

At this moment, his mind was like a furnace that was making elixirs and smoke almost rose from it. Jiang Chen's face was filled with sweat, while the Purple Divine Lightning was getting restless. If he couldn't comprehend it successfully in the next moment, he would be bombarded by it and torn to shreds.

It was to go to the Ice Spirit Clan and meet his senior sister!

Jiang Chen had another answer, but he quickly denied it. What was his cultivation's purpose and aim? At such a precarious moment, Jiang Chen suddenly had a spark of insight and understood everything. He didn't know why he had thought of it only now, and it was like he had just recalled something, which he had forgotten. He was incapable of describing such a feeling.

His cultivation objective was becoming stronger and aspiring to the throne of supremacy. He wanted to step onto the road to Godhood, rise above everyone, and became a Martial God.

Meeting his senior sister and going back to the Sacred Zone were just his life's objectives and not his Martial Path. The Martial Path's summit was lonely and peerless, and one needed a heart willing to defy even Heaven to reach it.

When he had just figured out this matter, the purple mist in his Holy Sea gotten by him in the Doctrine Palace started shining brightly and surged out of his body. A purple light altered the Purple Divine Lightning and fused with it, before they were both absorbed into his body. Such a wave of power didn't go into his meridian system, nor did it go into his Holy Sea. It just went to his heart directly.

Yao Yuntong and the Mysterious Thunder School's Master witnessed the disappearance of the purple lightning and were able to see Jiang Chen once again.

"Father, he's...." Yao Yuntong didn't know how could she describe this. Jiang Chen's heart was shining, and its light illuminated his whole body. This light wasn't formed by his own body's power and yet seemed like natural light. However, why did such light emanate from Jiang Chen's heart? All of these matters surpassed Yao Yuntong's imagination.

"It is a Doctrine Heart! He's condensing his own Doctrine Heart. This lad's talent is really terrifying!" The Mysterious Thunder School's Master spoke in surprise.

After a long while passed, the white light disappeared and everything went back to normal. The lightning clouds in the sky scattered, and a bright sun illuminated the land once again.

Jiang Chen stood up slowly. His body's manners became more reserved and, even though he was quite young, he seemed like he reached the level of going back to the natural state. His every ordinary movement would give people a feeling that they were facing nature itself.

"So it turned out that this was the reason!" Jiang Chen found the reason why he always felt that his heart was empty. It was because all along he had a mistaken idea of his objective for cultivation. In the Hundred Thousand Mountains' Southwind Ridge, he cultivated because he wanted to protect the east courtyard left by his father. When he left the Great Mountain, his cultivation's goal became contending against Ning Haotian. When he left the Fire Field, his cultivation's goal was coming back again to fight against that dynasty.


Now that he looked back at all this, it seemed like he had never asked himself why were martial artists cultivating? Today, after having a moment of enlightenment, he managed to find the answer. The answer was quite simple. It was for himself alone, and it was just to pursue the apex.

The world is heartless and treats all beings as mere dogs, Jiang Chen muttered to himself.

The Heavenly Doctrine wasn't benevolent, nor righteous. Regardless if it was a lofty Divine King or insignificant weeds, they were all the same in the Heavenly Doctrine's eyes.

"You want to destroy me, don't you? Just come at me, and let me see how many times can you afford to lose!" Jiang Chen stuck out his chest and looked at the azure sky. All of a sudden, the weather changed thoroughly, and he even had a feeling that the ground beneath his feet couldn't withstand his weight.

Yao Yuntong even felt for a moment that Jiang Chen was more powerful than her father.

"Senior!" Jiang Chen had already detected this father-and-daughter pair. After he took care of everything, he strode forward and went toward the Mysterious Thunder School's Master.


The Mysterious Thunder School's Master witnessed that Jiang Chen didn't wear a prideful look and had just a modest and warm expression. He was surprised by this. It was really unusual for someone who cultivated a Divine Body to have such a character.

"Jiang Chen, I'm thankful to you for the Mysterious Thunder Variation Method. The Mysterious Thunder School will surely not forget this," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said.

"As a matter of fact, the Mysterious Thunder School's Mysterious Thunder Variation Method didn't really lack much, and improving and perfecting it was just an easy task for me," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the Mysterious Thunder School's Master looked at his own daughter. Yao Yuntong quickly gestured with her hand and shook her head. She expressed that she didn't divulge her version of the Mysterious Thunder Variation Method to Jiang Chen.

"I guessed it by counting the time Miss Yao needed to comprehend the complete Mysterious Thunder Variation Method," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The Mysterious Thunder School's Master was startled by this. If it was really the case, it couldn't be denied that Jiang Chen had great observation power.

"How is that possible? We have at most just two-thirds of it. As for why Yuntong managed to improve so quickly, it is only because she made little progress in the past," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master spoke politely.

"Father!" Yao Yuntong, who had a strong disposition, wouldn't accept this matter, and she immediately came over to them. The Mysterious Thunder School's Master laughed loudly and didn't say anything more.

All of a sudden, the Mysterious Thunder School's Master examined Jiang Chen and said, "I can sense a familiar aura from your body, is it that lightning sword?"

"Senior, was it made by you?" Jiang Chen took out the lightning sword, which he had bought in an auction. As he thought back about this person's status, he felt like it should be surely the case.

"My father was then interested in crafting artifacts, but he didn't have talent in such an aspect. However, he was still full of tricks and used lightning to make a lightning sword," Yao Yuntong was still angry and she exposed the truth heartlessly.

Jiang Chen suddenly realized everything. The craftsmanship of the lightning sword wasn't excellent, and what was good about it was only its Heavenly Lightning Source.

"You used the lightning sword as a cultivation resource and just absorbed its energy," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master stroked the lightning sword and spoke helplessly. He really took a grave blow since the spiritual artifact crafted by him wasn't used to fight enemies.

Jiang Chen just chuckled in response. He had the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword, hence he didn't need the lightning sword.

"I will refine the lightning sword once again and condense a Divine Lightning Source inside it," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master spoke once again.

"Senior, many thanks," Jiang Chen was overjoyed, and he quickly thanked him. Since he could imbue a Divine Lightning Source inside a sword, then regardless of how his attainment in artifact craftsmanship was, he would still need to have great achievement in lightning techniques to achieve it.

"You don't need to thank me, this is just an insignificant repayment of the Mysterious Thunder School. If you need anything, just state it," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said.

Jiang Chen mulled over this for a moment. This person should be able to travel in the Forbidden Desolate Land by using his lightning power. Desolate Spirits had Longevity Essence, and he wanted to ask the Mysterious Thunder School's Master to help him gather it. However, when his gaze fell upon Yao Yuntong, he decided to give up on such an idea. The Forbidden Desolate Land was extremely dangerous, and even the whole Ancient Sword Sect was buried in it. He had already experienced the pain of losing one's father, so how would he be willing to let others experience such pain.

"Senior, thanks for your kindness," Jiang Chen said.

"Jiang Chen! Get ready to die!" At this moment, an angry shout echoed from outside the Mysterious Thunder School's island.

They were all startled, and Yao Yuntong wore an ice-cold look. She spoke angrily, "They unexpectedly dare to come to our Mysterious Thunder School to cause trouble."

"They would be the Spirits whose names were crossed off by me." Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by this.


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