The Brilliant Fighting Master
836 Asking The Way
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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836 Asking The Way

After ten days had passed, Jiang Chen's achievements in the Doctrine Palace spread to all of the Three Middle Realms and gave rise to a great sensation. At first, only a few people were aware of it, while Jiang Chen didn't try to announce his own achievements. But, there were still people aware of it. One would pass it to ten, who would pass it to 100, and it continued on until it reached a certain degree and created a stir in the whole world. Everyone was stunned by it!

They were all aware that Jiang Chen had planned to go through the Doctrine Palace, but when he didn't announce his achievements there afterward, many people assumed that they weren't worth mentioning. Who would have expected that they were this amazing?

What was most astonishing wasn't that he had made his way through the Fifth Palace, but that he crossed off the Fourth Palace's top five geniuses' names. He didn't need to leave his name there, yet he still crossed off the names of five of the Spirit Clan's geniuses. What did he mean by this? The crowd was puzzled by it, but they were still aware that he had brought trouble upon himself. Carving one name among the top five was a great taboo for all humans, and Jiang Chen's actions were tantamount to a slap to the whole Spirit Clan.

All humans were stirred by his actions, and, even though some busybodies took joy in his misfortune, most of them still felt comfortable all over due to his actions.

As for the Spirit Clan, they had a different attitude toward this matter. They were all infuriated, while there were still some Spirits who just planned to watch how this matter would unfold by itself. Regardless if it was humans or Spirits, all intelligent beings had the same common failings. 

There were some people who wanted to look for Jiang Chen and inquire about how he had managed to achieve what he had. However, it was a pity that Jiang Chen didn't have a fixed residence in the Three Middle Realms, and even though he belonged to the Elixir Association, Elixir buildings existed all over the world. However, since everyone was paying attention to him, they quickly discovered Jiang Chen's whereabouts. After Jiang Chen left the Doctrine Palace, he went to the Mysterious Thunder School along with Yao Yuntong.

"Did anything happen between Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong?" The crowd started making guesses about this matter. Yao Yuntong was an inheritor of lightning techniques and was also at the center of attention, while Jiang Chen had cultivated a Holy Skill and was also proficient in lightning techniques. It seemed like they were a good match for each other.

The Mysterious Thunder School was located at an area in the sea on an island. It didn't have a large domain because it wasn't a great school. There were several old buildings near a cliff. They had a different style than usual palaces and seemed more like an academy's buildings.

Jiang Chen was sitting on the ground with beautiful scenery in front of him. The sea breeze was blowing, while all the tree leaves were fluttering in the wind and some leaves were swept away by the wind to the horizon. Everything was peaceful and auspicious. As Jiang Chen experienced this, lightning power started surging around him, and it started flickering without any rhythm.

After a long while had passed, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. They were flickering and glowing with spirits. After he had cultivated for two weeks, he had managed to digest everything he learned in the Doctrine Palace. What was interesting was that his realm level didn't rise, but his fighting prowess continued moving forward.

It's all thanks to Miss Chen Xi's Source Heaven Stone, Jiang Chen said to himself. That piece of Source Heaven Stone pointed him to a path made for him alone. Even though cultivating with a Flawless Nine Clouds Divine body was filled with difficulties, Jiang Chen was already mesmerized by its great power. However, Jiang Chen still felt like he lacked something. As for what it was? He couldn't manage to state it. He always felt like his heart was empty, as if he lacked something extremely important, but he couldn't recall what it was.

I need more Source Heaven Stones. Jiang Chen thought subconsciously, but he shook his head just after that. He said to himself, I mustn't depend entirely on Source Heaven Stones; I must depend upon myself and comprehend things by myself.

He closed his eyes slowly with such a thought in mind, and this time lightning didn't appear around him.

Yao Yuntong was in a house, which wasn't far from him. She was now looking at Jiang Chen, who was sitting cross-legged, and couldn't help but get lost in her thoughts while looking at him. Jiang Chen had been cultivating since the moment she invited him to the Mysterious Thunder School. She couldn't help but grumble many times about this because they hadn't exchanged more than ten words since then.

However, her father was now in secluded cultivation, and there were only the two of them at the Mysterious Thunder School. Such an ambiance was quite hard to deal with. All of a sudden, a sound of footsteps echoed behind her.

"Father! You have left seclusion?" Yao Yuntong looked over and witnessed an upright, tall person walking over. He was wearing a wide robe, but he still almost burst out of it. The Mysterious Thunder School's Master was obviously a great person. He had a square face with distinct features and a pair of sharp eyes beneath his thick brows.

"It is the first time you bring a man to the Mysterious Thunder School," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said with a smile.

"Father, it isn't like that." Yao Yuntong informed him of the Mysterious Thunder Variation Method matter, before she said, "This is why it's reasonable and fair for me to invite him into our Mysterious Thunder School."

"That is really the case." The eyes of the Mysterious Thunder School's Master lit up upon hearing that a complete Mysterious Thunder Variation Method existed. He nodded and said, "This person gave our Mysterious Thunder School a great favor, and we really must repay him properly."

"That's right." Yao Yuntong also had had such a thought. Even though Jiang Chen hadn't asked for any remuneration, she still had many qualms about this. This was a basic principle for behaving with integrity.

"However, Yuntong, you should keep a distance from such a person, and you should just stay as friends," The Mysterious Thunder School's Master said solemnly.

"We are just friends," Yao Yuntong replied without giving this matter a single thought. However, just after that, she realized something and raised her head.

"He's cultivating in the Mysterious Thunder School, hence why I observed his state slightly. He cultivated a Divine Body and has great ambitions," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said, while sighing. Yao Yuntong knew her father well, and she was startled to hear him state that Jiang Chen had great ambitions.

"This era is different than before, and a Divine Body's growth requires an astronomical amount of resources, and Heaven won't tolerate it. An inborn Divine Body hasn't appeared for more than 1,000 years, and Sacred Bodies replaced its position," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said.

After understanding this matter in detail, Yao Yuntong was also stunned. "Did he cultivate it on purpose?"

"That's right. Moreover, he still fused it with his Holy Pulses. His body already possessed great growth room before and wasn't weaker than a Sacred Body," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master said.

Yao Yuntong let out a long sigh. It was no wonder that Jiang Chen was this strong. He managed to defy all outstanding heroes while still in the early stage of the Celestial Venerable Realm. It was all because he had paid a grave price for it. It would be difficult for him to advance forward, and he almost had no hope of raising his cultivation.

"This is why even though he seems peerless among youngsters now, it is possible for people defeated by him to advance into the Great Venerable Realm or an even greater realm, while he will be still just in the Celestial Venerable Realm."

Like the Flame Emperor, the Mysterious Thunder School's Master also noticed the flaws of Jiang Chen's special and powerful body.

"However, he's still the Mysterious Thunder School's benefactor, and we will treat him well and pay him back, but.... Yuntong, you understand it, don't you?"

Yao Yuntong let out a long sigh and felt dazed and beside herself. She spoke blankly, "Even if I want it, it's still impossible...." Before she had finished her words, she realized what she had just blurted out. When she looked at her father once again, she witnessed him shaking his head while wearing a bitter smile.

It was at this moment that a sudden clap of thunder echoed and broke such an awkward silence.

"What is going on?" When Yao Yuntong looked at Jiang Chen once again, she witnessed that the region around him had changed thoroughly. It was like he isolated himself from this world and was in a completely different world. Tribulation Clouds started gathering in the sky atop his head.

"Tribulation Clouds? Will his cultivation achieve another breakthrough?" Yao Yuntong spoke in surprise.

"No, it isn't the case!" The Mysterious Thunder School's Master furrowed his brow and became solemn. He strode forward as if he wanted to verify something.

"He's asking the way! How did he achieve it? How did he manage to ask the way while still this young?" The Mysterious Thunder School's Master cried out in alarm.

Yao Yuntong was also stunned. Since even her Master was in such a state, it was obvious that what Jiang Chen was doing was an unimaginable matter.

"This lad can probably become the only Divine Body Possessor in all ages who manages to grow up," the Mysterious Thunder School's Master muttered to himself.


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