The Brilliant Fighting Master
833 10,000 Divine Soldiers And Divine Generals
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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833 10,000 Divine Soldiers And Divine Generals

Probability demonstrated everything, and nothing was false about it. Fei Yu didn't fear anyone causing trouble for him due to it. Upon hearing what he had just said, the man just rolled his eyes and didn't say anything more. Fei Yu was radiant with delight, but he quickly recovered his cold and prideful look and looked at the Fourth Palace.

Jiang Chen had already gotten into the Fourth Palace, and he realized that the Third Palace's high difficulty was just a gift presented to him alone. This palace had already been emptied by people, and nothing was left in it. It was quite gloomy! Jiang Chen looked all around, yet still didn't see any stone statues. All he saw was a mural, which depicted a heavenly palace set high in the clouds. The mural occupied all sides of the walls. It had dense immortal energy drifting among the fog and jeweled jade palaces, which stretched as far as the eye could see, were faintly visible in the fog.

Jiang Chen didn't dare to fiddle with anything rashly because he was afraid of the occurrence of another accident. However, even though this was the case, he still always had a feeling that he was being watched by someone. Moreover, it came from the mural. When Jiang Chen concentrated on it, he discovered that the mural didn't have just beautiful landscapes, it also had people in it. Many armored guards were standing on guard outside of every palace.

Each guard was tall and mighty. They seemed outstanding and outfitted immaculately in soldiers' uniforms. Jiang Chen couldn't help but covet their armor.

"Those soldiers are all alive!" Jiang Chen was startled by this. He discovered that the ones looking at him were these soldiers. Even someone with a firm will like his was amazed by such a queer matter.


A muffled thunder-like sound echoed out. It was emitted by all the soldiers. Jiang Chen was just an invader in their eyes. Their gazes shone with a divine light, and they all charged out of the painting.

When they had just flown out of the mural, Jiang Chen felt like he witnessed the fog around the heavenly palace swirling around.

"Are those the legendary Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but have such a thought, before he grumbled loudly, "Isn't their number too high?"

Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals rushed out from the mural from all sides. Their divine weapons shone in a divine light, and each general possessed an imposing aura. Since they were in such a narrow space, they would be able to stamp him to death.

Does the Doctrine Palace have a prejudice against me?

It was fine if it was just the Third Palace's Eighteen Stone Statues, but, now, such a large number of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals appeared. Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel like he was being targeted.

The people waiting outside opened their mouths wide and couldn't close them even after a long while. Even the palace couldn't conceal those Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals' imposing auras. They flowed out of it, and the whole palace shone with bright light.

"Why is there such a large number of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals?" Even Fei Yu, who just passed through the palace, was confused by this.

"What has he done? Why is it always this dangerous?" Yao Yuntong was also incapable of understanding it.

When she had passed through, the most she got was just 1,000 Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, but now Jiang Chen had at the very least more than 10,000.

"10,000 Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly. The Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals who still hadn't come out were shouting loudly, but there wasn't any place left in the palace for them.

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Fault Sword in his right hand and the Red Cloud Sword in his left hand. He didn't bother with using any sword moves and just quickly waved it around to hack them like one would chop watermelons. He even used the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the Heavenly Lightning and didn't hold anything back.

Lots of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals were collapsing and turning into purple mist before disappearing, but they were still rushing him without stopping. If Jiang Chen slowed down for just a moment, he would be submerged by them.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

"The Third Transformation!"

Jiang Chen thrust his Red Cloud Sword forward, and the Sky-burning Evil Flame revealed its berserk power, and burned a large number of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals. However, in the twinkling of an eye, their space was filled with more Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals.

The Heavenly Fault Sword was famous for both its wind and lightning power, but he used just the Wind Sword Realm with it. Lightning power was too vigorous, and he couldn't use his Sword Doctrine's power along with it. Moreover, he had just used the Red Cloud Sword's ultimate technique a moment ago, and his power was exhausted for the moment, which caused his situation to become even more dangerous.

At such a precarious moment, Jiang Chen got a spark of insight, and he just threw the Heavenly Fault Sword away.

"Divine Lightning Turns into a Sword!" 

The Sword Doctrine's power couldn't control lightning power, hence he just changed his thoughts and attempted the opposite, and tried to control the sword with lightning power. Lightning techniques weren't restricted to any specific shape. They could change into myriad shapes. The Heavenly Fault Sword in the air was emitting intense lightning, and countless bolts of lightning emanated from it, and forced back once again the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals. However, before Jiang Chen rejoiced, another group of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals arrived.

"Damn!" Jiang Chen shouted. He had already understood that the Doctrine Palace's difficulty was adjusted according to each person's level. Even though there were countless Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals here, it still wasn't a dead end. This was similar to what had happened in the Third Palace. After Jiang Chen had used his entire power, he managed to pass it while sustaining some hidden injuries.

"If I don't find a way to deal with this, I will end up dead even if I manage to pass this one." Jiang Chen didn't give this matter many thoughts and just put a piece of Enlightenment Tea in his mouth. He held the sword hilt strongly, and his sword energy's power rose crazily, as if it didn't have an upper limit.

"The Immortal Sword Doctrine is eternal and immortal. This Sword Doctrine's power will never dry up. Even if you were Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, so what? I will just have to kill you all!" The Enlightenment Tea's effect still hadn't emerged completely, yet it had already affected his mind. Jiang Chen became bold, heroic, and brimming with confidence. He didn't just defend himself on the same spot any longer; he instead started attacking forward and moving the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals along with him.

"Ksana Sword Method: the third move!"

When he used this sword move, he disappeared from the palace, while a large number of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals were cut apart, as if they were just autumn's fallen leaves. It was unknown how long had passed, but now, even his Nine Clouds Divine Body became tired, while Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals were still present.

Jiang Chen's gaze became blurry for a moment, and a Divine General struck Jiang Chen's waist at that moment. Even though the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals would just disappear after being killed, all injuries sustained by Jiang Chen were still true and real.


"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen used the Wind and Fire Swords Realm with the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Its might was terrifying, and it turned the whole palace into a sea of flames, which burned unceasingly. Even the people outside could feel such a scalding temperature.

"Is it possible for him to survive it?" Fei Yu thought in disbelief. Those were 10,000 Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, and even their saliva was enough to drown him.

The Evil Flame wreaked havoc for more than a minute, and any Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals who had left the mural, would be instantly melted by it.

When the raging flames finally died down, the palace was left completely empty.


However, the mural was still filled with a large number of Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, and one couldn't even see their end. They all charged toward the palace, which was still very hot. They all charged toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was just about to curse them, but his expression suddenly changed. He felt like fountainheads appeared in his hands, which were holding the two swords, and it provided him unceasingly with more power.

"Did my Sword Doctrine's power achieve another breakthrough?" Jiang Chen was excited by this. The piece of Enlightenment Tea in his mouth had already melted. 

As he thought about what had just happened, many pieces of knowledge about the Sword Doctrine appeared in his mind. He felt like he had reached a boundless and indescribable new realm.

Jiang Chen hid his overbearing aura within his body and revealed his whole power. His sword shone in a dazzling light, which engulfed all Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, and it could be seen even outside.

"Is this Sword Doctrine's power? Isn't it at great master level? Abnormal! It's too abnormal!" Wu Hui really wished to just kneel down and worship him on the ground. This Jiang Chen was no ordinary person!

Fei Yu furrowed his brows and he clenched his teeth.

"It seems like your probabilities aren't really accurate." The man threw his previous words back at him. He wore a weird smile, as if he wasn't surprised by such an outcome at all.

"He still hasn't succeeded, you should wait until he has passed before saying this," Fei Yu spoke obstinately.

In the palace, Jiang Chen just held his sword, and let the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals charge toward him.

"Great master, great master...." When he was just about to be run down by the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals, a dazzling light emanated from his sword and all the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals were torn to shreds by it.


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