The Brilliant Fighting Master
832 A Mysterious Man And Woman
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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832 A Mysterious Man And Woman

Fei Yu didn't give this matter any thought. He said, "No matter what you say, it still can't save your life."

"A year ago, in the Nine Heavens Realm," Jiang Chen was obligated to say this.

If this guy was a relative of his senior sister, he would end up creating an obstruction between him and his senior sister if he ended up killing him. He must bicker with him for his senior sister.

Fei Yu understood then which person Jiang Chen was talking about.

"Oh, it was you." Fei Yu examined him in surprise and spoke mockingly, "You really chased after her to the Three Middle Realms."

It seemed like he was aware of the agreement between Jiang Chen and Li Xueer, but he just took it as a joke.

"Is the Spiritual Lady someone the likes of you can covet? You are just a lowly mortal, and having any presumptuous thoughts about her is an insult to the whole Ice Spirit Clan. I will kill you today," Fei Yu spoke coldly.

Upon hearing his tone, Jiang Chen's mind was at ease. It seemed like Fei Yu wasn't close to his senior sister.

Cough, cough. "I am also a mortal." When the person who had helped Jiang Chen previously heard Fei Yu, he walked over slowly. He said, "Why don't I accompany you and play with you?"

Fei Yu examined this guy calmly. "Don't make trouble!" 

At this moment, the busybody's companion finally spoke. The crowd looked over at her with their faces filled with curiosity. It seemed from her voice that she was a woman, but she had covered her whole body. Her black clothes possessed special powers which caused her appearance to fluctuate unceasingly and prevented them from having a clear look at her appearance. She had such special techniques, while her companion possessed great power. Such matters aroused the crowd's curiosity about these two people's origins.

"I don't care about what conflict you have between you, but your previous fight already affected the Doctrine Palace. Even though the palace will recover by itself, all the people who entered this time may lose their chance of challenging it." She had a pleasant-sounding voice, but it too was ice-cold.

"Who are you?" The proud Fei Yu couldn't accept just dropping this matter, and he asked her coldly.

"It will be better for you not to know," the mysterious woman spoke again.

"Arrogant!" Fei Yu took those two people for Jiang Chen's companions. It was obvious that they stood at the very least on Jiang Chen's side.

"If I want to kill someone, no one can obstruct me." His gaze fell on Jiang Chen's body once again. His gaze was both sharp and ice-cold.

"Sirs, please just let me take care of this matter," Jiang Chen spoke politely.

The man standing before him turned around. His appearance was ordinary in comparison to the handsome and talented youths Jiang Chen was used to seeing. He had an oval face and a seemingly harmless look. While smiling, he would always squint his eyes.

"If you start fighting again like what my friend just said, the Doctrine Palace will be destroyed." He stopped for a moment. His smile disappeared, and he opened his eyes wide. He said, "If you really start fighting, I can only drive both of you out." He didn't need to mention how he would drive them out, because it was obvious how he would try to carry it out.

These two people didn't stand on anyone's side and were truly neutral. However, the person before them was fond of meddling in other people's business and couldn't stand how the Spirit Clan belittled the Human Clan. As the man's words just echoed out, the mysterious woman walked toward Fei Yu. They were both confident of taking care of Jiang Chen and Fei Yu without destroying the Doctrine Palace. They got such great confidence from their great power.

"The Doctrine Palace is really not suitable for fights." Fei Yu was obliged to give in. He said, "Jiang Chen, let's go out."

"Just wait here." Jiang Chen still hadn't challenged the Fourth Palace, so he obviously could not leave.

"Humph! You are someone on the brink of death, so even if you leave your name on the wall, what use does it have?" Fei Yu knew what he wanted to do and just mocked him. He wore a prideful and haughty expression while mocking him. It was obvious that he surely believed what he had just stated.

"Are you sure they won't try fighting again?" The man started laughing.

"Just go there first, while we observe everything from here," the mysterious woman spoke to Jiang Chen. She was worried that Jiang Chen and Fei Yu would start fighting once again while she was trying to break through the palace along with her companion. Jiang Chen didn't have any objection to this. He started making last-minute inquiries about the Fourth Palace of Yao Yuntong.

"Climbing to the palace, and jumping from there to leave one's name isn't important. What is critical is the palace's test, which is more difficult than all the previous three palaces' tests, so you must be careful. Moreover, you can't use any weapons while climbing, and the stream of water which will descend isn't ordinary water—it weighs 10 million pounds," Yao Yuntong said to Jiang Chen.

As for how would he go there? There were many ways and magical abilities for achieving it.

Jiang Chen went to the cliff and stood before it. He looked at the palace above his head and wondered why it had never fallen down. Many traces had been left by people who had once climbed the cliff, and they gave Jiang Chen many insights. Then he drew back and was just about to rush forward. However, it was unknown how the water flow above learned that he had already planned to start, but it had already started rushing down, and a torrential stream which would engulf the ground descended.

Jiang Chen was running as fast as flying and as he jumped with his whole power, almost 1,000 feet. He could directly jump to the middle of the cliff with his great jumping power. However, when he was just about to grab hold, the water hit him. It wasn't ordinary water just like Yao Yuntong had said, and was extremely heavy.

His body was forcefully washed down by it. Jiang Chen was then left without a choice, and he could only strike the cliff's wall and make a notch, which he could hold into. Just after that, he jumped once again and repeated the same steps as before unceasingly.

"Is he still human?"

"He can depend upon his brute power to jump up there, can't he?"

The people below, who witnessed his barbarian ways, were all dumbfounded.

This mountain's wall had a special palace on it, and it was obviously not made from ordinary rocks. One would need to use his whole power just to carve one's name here, and if that hadn't been the case, there wouldn't have been so many incomplete names here. Jiang Chen made his way forcefully through the torrent, and it could be said that he was really abnormal.

"What was he good at?" Wu Hui really couldn't understand this. Jiang Chen displayed outstanding sword techniques for a moment, and outstanding physical power in the next. Then a moment ago he had used an Alien Flame and Heavenly Lightning.

He cultivated all those many aspects at the same time, yet he still had another status as a Heaven Alchemist. Wu Hui really felt like prostrating himself in admiration.

In the end, Jiang Chen managed to reach the Fourth Palace using his own way.

"Be careful!" Yao Yuntong, who had failed many times, knew how difficult the trial was and was worried about him.

Fei Yu, who had taken the fourth position, wore a disdainful and arrogant expression on his face and didn't take Jiang Chen's breakthrough of the palace seriously. Moreover, after he learned that it was Jiang Chen's first time here, he still stated that he would surely fail.

"Isn't it also your first time here?" Upon hearing him, Yao Yuntong was baffled.

Fei Yu was a person who just appeared suddenly. This was ordinary for Spirit Clans, who had a tradition of hiding their descendants from Seedling Extermination Operations. All the Spirit Clan's disciples were hidden for a long time and were always prudent and careful. They didn't dare to expose themselves in front of others.

It was only after coming back to their Spirit Clan that they would become confident in themselves once again, and the first matter they would usually do was make a name for themselves. It was like the Sacred Prince, who clamored about killing Jiang Chen. What he wanted was just to become well-known. This was also the reason why Fei Yu came to the Doctrine Palace.

"Do you think that anyone can rival Spirits?" It was Fei Yu's first time here, but he still didn't think highly of Jiang Chen, who was also here for the first time. As he said this, he discovered that the busybody looked toward him. Hence, he continued on and explained, "There are statistics for this matter. In their first try for the Fourth Palace, Spirits had a success rate of around 60 and 70 percent, while humans had a success rate around 30 and 40 percent."


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