The Brilliant Fighting Master
831 Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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831 Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes

"You don't need to leave." It was at this moment that a cold voice echoed down from the cliff. It seemed like he spoke from very far away, and everyone in the Fourth Palace was startled upon hearing him.

Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit, who had reached the Fourth Palace's edge, were overjoyed, and they turned around. A white-haired man was now standing atop the palace and looking over all the people below. It was unknown how long he had been standing there, but it was still obvious from his tone that he was aware of what had just happened here.

Brother Fei Yu! Shui Mu transmitted his gratitude in his thoughts and with his eyes. He didn't need to speak to express how anxious he was now.

The gaze of the man called Fei Yu fell on Jiang Chen. His black eyes were like bright gems, and, if one looked at them fixedly, one would find them sharp as if they were capable of erasing everything. "Kneel down, cripple your cultivation, and I will let you leave. As for your affair with the Earth Spirit Clan, this will be settled between you in the future," he said. He spoke earnestly as if he was reading a book's contents, but his tone was firm and resolute.

"I asked you to get lost, didn't you hear me?" Jiang Chen paid no attention to the white-haired man and just looked at Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit, who had stopped in their tracks. Those two people, who had just seen a glimmer of hope, couldn't help but purse their lips. They didn't want to follow Jiang Chen's orders, but Jiang Chen was near them, while their Brother Fei Yu was on the palace above the cliff. So if a fight started, their situation would be anything but reassuring.

All of a sudden, a black blur flew through the air and reached Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit. It revolved around atop their heads, before it descended slowly. This was a cape, a snow-white cape. It had many beautiful feathers on it, which was why people assumed a moment ago that it was a bird or a flying beast. Those feathers were spotlessly clean, fine, and refined. If one observed them carefully, one would discover that those feathers were divine, sharp weapons. They were like myriad swords, which protected Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit beneath them.

"It's the Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes!"


Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit were overjoyed, and when they looked once again at their Brother Fei Yu, they discovered that his coat had already disappeared. They would both be safe while protected by this piece of clothing.

"This is a supreme treasure of the Ice Spirit Clan. He's probably a member of the royal family," Yao Yuntong whispered to Jiang Chen.

Spirits were all divided into several grades, and the royal family's members were people with an extremely aloof status.

"An Ice Spirit?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. This guy belonged to the same Spirit Clan as his senior sister.

"You should just continue observing from there. I will kill him after a short while." Fei Yu exclaimed as he continued climbing upward. He quickly reached the peak of the palace. However, there were still almost 1,000 feet between him and the top of the cliff, and, since he couldn't fly, it would be difficult for him to reach the peak.

Jiang Chen noticed that many names were left above the palace, and they were all at different heights.

"So, those are the geniuses who left their names at the Fourth Palace?" As Jiang Chen looked there, he quickly discovered Ning Haotian's name. There were still two names beneath his name, and they were both crossed off. Moreover, it seemed from the traces left behind that it was done by a spear's tip.

"It turns out that this is the ranking." It didn't seem tidy at all, and many names weren't written properly. Moreover, many people had only written half their names. This mountain wall did not have any sense of beauty at all. Jiang Chen didn't like this at all. However, it was fortunate that the highest region was completely empty. If it hadn't been empty, he might not even have been willing to leave his name there.

"If we climb atop the cliff, we will reach the Fifth Palace. However, it is extremely difficult for anyone below the Great Venerable Realm who can't fly to reach such a place. Many people have tried it, yet they all failed in the end. It was only later that someone had a flash of inspiration and decided to leave his name on the highest region he could reach, and this affair quickly became a trend."

Jiang Chen nodded and said, "Is it just a height obstruction?"

When he had just uttered these words, the sound of a raging torrent of water echoed from above the cliff. People oblivious to the truth might even assume that it was a mountain flood. Fei Yu took a deep breath and jumped up. He used his whole body's power. When the water flow battered him, he felt like he was being bombarded by a heavy object possessing tremendous power. Fei Yu bore the brunt of the stream, and his body slid along the cliff. However, he was still outstanding, and he penetrated the cliff with his fingers and didn't let himself be swept away by it.

When the water flow started weakening, he exerted his power once again. He stepped on the water flow and started jumping along it. It was like he had turned into a skipped stone. When he reached his highest limit, he took out a dagger and quickly carved his name on the mountain's wall. After he had finished this, he descended along with the water flow. It was only at this moment that the people below got to see where he had left his name.

"The top ten!"

"The fourth position!"

When they had ascertained his approximate position, they looked up there earnestly. Wu Hui, Yao Yuntong, and the others couldn't help but exclaim in alarm.

"Brother Fei Yu is really formidable! This is our Spirit Clan's noble lineage!" Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit shouted excitedly. Then they looked at Jiang Chen and shouted at him, "You are done for, lowly human."

"You have already wasted your sole chance of leaving alive," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"It seems to me that it is you who wasted it." It was unknown when Fei Yu reached the ground, but he was now walking toward Jiang Chen step by step. His surroundings were filled with mist, and he seemed like a painted character who had come out from a painting that was still damp. He had a special and outstanding demeanor. When he neared them, he went back to his previous state, perfect, without blemish, and spotlessly clean.

"Did you already consider how you want to die?" He asked Jiang Chen.

"Do you feel like everything is under your control?" Jiang Chen responded.

"Isn't that the case?" A faint smile appeared at the corners of Fei Yu's mouth.

"You will then just end up disgracing yourself." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and just flew toward Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit, who were protected by the Divine Clothes.

"Humph!" Fei Yu smiled disdainfully and made hand signs. The feathers on the Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes flew out, and they seemed like myriad swords fused by a Sword Doctrine's great master. There wasn't any room for escape from them.

"Die, die!" The Half-Spirit shouted complacently.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!" Jiang Chen didn't use his two swords and just pointed with his finger and used the Fire God Scripture's Spark Layer.

A spark flew out of the tip of his finger. It seemed ordinary and inconspicuous, but when it reached the ten thousand swords they all stopped in their places, before they all started shivering. All of a sudden, the spark started quickly growing, and it seemed like a Sky-burning Evil Flame, which was about to devour the world. It devoured all swords in its path and bombarded the Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes directly.


The havoc caused by it on the ground was more terrifying than what occurred in the sky. The whole mountain quaked, and everyone was left in a sorry state. When two miserable screams echoed out, Fei Yu's expression changed drastically.

After that, the Sky-burning Evil Flame shrank down into a spark as when it was released, and it disappeared, while charred black clothes were left on the ground. As for Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit? They disappeared completely, and only charred potholes, which had a humanoid shape, were left on the ground.

"Overbearing!" Wu Hui and the others all exclaimed in alarm. If Jiang Chen planned to attack, he would immediately attack and wouldn't hesitate at all. He wasn't afraid at all of the Spirits' statues, and was arrogant and wild.

"It wasn't a genuine product," Yao Yuntong thought inwardly, while looking at the piece of Heavenly Feathers Divine Clothes. If it was genuine, it wouldn't be burned by the flames and left in such a state.

"You really dared to kill them in front of me!" Fei Yu's calm expression had changed drastically, and eerie flames burned in his eyes. Even though those were burning flames, everyone felt a chill spreading to their bodies, as if they were really in the underworld.

"They both died because of you," Jiang Chen pointed out this matter to him.

"Today, you will also die here!" Fei Yu said coldly.

"Do you know the Ice Spirit Clan's woman, who had an arranged marriage with the Blood Shadow Dynasty?" Jiang Chen uttered baffling words.

"What?" Fei Yu was taken aback by this and didn't manage to come to his senses for a moment.

"If you know her, you will get to keep your life."


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