The Brilliant Fighting Master
830 Strong Temper!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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830 Strong Temper!

The robust Earth Spirit had come first to the Fourth Palace, which was why he was obviously stronger than the First Palace's Spirits.

"Be careful! He has just passed the Eighteen Stone Statues test."

When it was time for them to fight, Shui Mu became prudent and cautious, and he warned the Earth Spirit, while his gaze regarded the two mysterious people standing around.

"What just happened?" The Half-Spirit finally came back to his senses.

"It seems as if his gaze has a tangible form and is like a pair of scorching swords, which were about to run through me." The Half-Spirit was frightened, and he didn't even dare to meet Jiang Chen's gaze.

Now, the Earth Spirit thrust his fist at Jiang Chen. It seemed as if he had practiced this strike countless times, and he used it skillfully and with ease. The strike used his whole body's power. His waist pushed his whole body forward, and both his fist and shoulder were at the same level, while his leg exerted its whole power. What was even more amazing was that he borrowed power from the ground beneath him.

His ordinary punch possessed earth-shattering power, and Jiang Chen's head would probably end up bursting like a watermelon when struck. However, this result was premised on the idea that the man could actually strike Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's hair fluttered in the wind that blew by his head at the passage of the man's fist, and he raised his right hand quickly. A crisp sound echoed as Jiang Chen caught the man's fist. A powerful power erupted out when they collided, and it spread to all the surroundings and swept over the people watching them fight.

The robust man and Jiang Chen just stood there motionlessly, while the ground beneath them started cracking open.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!!" The robust man started shouting as he exerted his power unceasingly. His legs stamped the ground and penetrated it, while his power rose to its peak.

The ground beneath Jiang Chen's feet turned into mud, which splattered all around. The ground couldn't withstand their great power.

"You are as weak as your little brother." Jiang Chen uttered these provocative words, while he wore a mocking smile on his face.

The robust man could not help but grimace. He really wished greatly to tear Jiang Chen to shreds.

"Where did he get enough power to compete against an Earth Spirit?"

Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit exchanged a glance. Their gazes were filled with surprise, and many emotions were playing out in their hearts.

At this moment, Wu Hui and his three companions passed over from the Third Palace. They hadn't listened to Yao Yuntong and had joined hands to achieve this. Their power was on the same level; thus, none of them suffered any losses.

"You all!" When Shui Mu witnessed those four people, flames of anger welled in his heart. The humans acted in collusion and not like he wished.

"Don't look down upon the Human Clan!" Wu Hui was startled by the sight of Jiang Chen and the robust man fighting, but he still couldn't help but feel very confident.

"I will tear you all to shreds!" When Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit were just about to attack, the busybody, who had intervened a moment ago, stood between them. "Why does it seem to me like this is a fight between the Human Clan and the Spirit Clan? If this is the case, as a member of the Human Clan, I will be obliged to fight," he said.

Upon hearing him, Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit immediately give up on the idea of fighting with humans.

Wu Hui wasn't aware of what had just occurred here, and his face became filled with confusion.

"Let's just observe this brilliant duel," the busybody said.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen and the robust man's duel wasn't brilliant at all. It was wrenching, waiting for the other to exhaust his power. The robust man's arm was already bending downward, and it seemed like he would shortly lose.

"Weak human! You are still lacking!" The robust man was still reluctant to admit defeat, and he concentrated his power in his other hand and thrust it forward. It started shining with a splendid light.

"Strengthening Power!"

He had just used a Spirit technique, which caused his whole arm to become more robust than before. It didn't fit at all with the rest of his body. However, its power still rose drastically. Moreover, he opened his fist and held Jiang Chen's palm and tried to twist it around his back. Jiang Chen ended up locked there, and he could only wait for his opponent's powerful strike.

"Are all Earth Spirits as stupid as you?" Panic did not appear on Jiang Chen's face, and he just let his palm be detained by his opponent, while lightning power quickly concentrated in his palm. It could be seen that the robust man sucked in his breath. He was bearing intense pain to try to finish his strike with his other hand.

However, Jiang Chen still had another free hand. He clenched it, and it shone with blazing light, as if a world of flames was hidden within it. A rumbling sound echoed then. Jiang Chen's fist wasn't even one-fifth of his opponent's fist size, but when the latter struck him, the Earth Spirit felt like he had just struck a hard steel plate and his shoulder bones were dislocated.

The one who emitted a miserable scream wasn't Jiang Chen in the end, but the robust man.

The robust man's hands had been eroded by two different lights, one red and the other white. One represented respectively raging flames, while the other represented lightning power. Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy, and he had used the Sky-burning Evil Flame against the robust man. When those two powers converged in the robust man's chest, they formed a destructive power that tore apart his chest. However, no blood or flesh flew out of him. It was because his corpse immediately turned into ashes that disappeared along with the wind.

"Another Earth Spirit was killed by him."

Yao Yuntong and the others were startled by this. Even though they had expected such an outcome, they didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be this ferocious and powerful. His power was really terrifying.

"In the end, is he proficient in sword techniques or just in brute power?" Wu Hui, who had lost to Jiang Chen when they competed with sword techniques, was bewildered, and he felt quite powerless in the face of Jiang Chen.

"This human martial artist is powerful!" Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit realized this finally and didn't dare to cause more trouble. They just drew back to a corner.

"Both of you!" Jiang Chen's gaze followed them, however, and it was like a pair of arrows, which struck their bodies. They didn't dare to budge.

"Just get lost!" Jiang Chen shouted.

When Shui Mu and the Half-Spirit realized what he meant by this, a hideous look appeared on their faces. They felt like they had just been humiliated and insulted.

"Didn't you hear me?" Jiang Chen repeated himself once again.

Since Jiang Chen was reborn in the Nine Heavens Realm, his personality had changed slightly, and it was all because of arrogant guys like these who forced his hand.

"Do you know who I am?" Shui Mu spoke coldly.

"I don't know, and I don't want to know. But if you dare to say another word, you will suffer the same fate as the First Palace's Spirits," Jiang Chen said.

"You are too arrogant, you are just a human," the Half-Spirit couldn't help but state this.

Before he had even finished his words, Jiang Chen put his hand against his sword sheath, and a surging sword energy emanated from it.

When the Half-Spirit realized that the turn of events was far from good, Jiang Chen pulled out his sword quickly. He streaked across the air like a meteorite and appeared behind the Half-Spirit. By then, the Red Cloud Sword was already sheathed once again. 

The Half-Spirit held onto his chest, while pain appeared on his face and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. The Half-Spirit also had an inextinguishable flame in his body, and it was an Alien Flame. However, he probably couldn't use its power at all before the Title Battle.

"If you say another word, I will take your lowly life," Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Speaking with reason wasn't as effective as just using one's fist and power. This was a matter which all experts would agree on.

When the Half-Spirit was just about to rain curses on Jiang Chen, he felt a tangible killing intent, and he quickly shut his mouth obediently.

Shui Mu next to him wore a gloomy look. Regardless if it was fire or lightning, they were both nemeses of Water Spirits; hence, for this reason it would be easier for Jiang Chen to kill him than the Earth Spirit. This was why he had stayed quiet all along. Resigned, he just took the Half-Spirit with him and left.

Wu Hui felt quite excited upon witnessing this scene. A while ago, those two Spirits and the Half-Spirit were all arrogant and bossy, and they had looked down upon all of them and ordered them around, but, now, everything had changed, and they all felt comfortable upon witnessing this.

"It is fortunate that we didn't listen to them and attack him." All of a sudden, such a thought came into their minds, and their bodies couldn't help but stiffen. They all rejoiced inwardly, but couldn't help but shiver to themselves upon considering the consequences of such rash action. If they had attacked Jiang Chen and tried to kill him, obviously they would be the ones lying on the ground now.


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