The Brilliant Fighting Master
827 Becoming One With Thunder!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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827 Becoming One With Thunder!

The colorful spiritual bird flew to the Third Palace from the Second Palace.

The Third Palace was indoors. It was in a magnificent palace. Seven or eight people were standing at the gate of the palace. People who could get in there were all outstanding practitioners. They might not be as brilliant as those who got to the Fourth Palace, but they were working hard to shorten the gap between them and those geniuses.

Among them there were three people whose energies were so oppressive that the others had to stay more than 60 feet away from them, although they did nothing but stand there.

Two of them were Spirits, and the other was a Half-Spirit.

They were waiting outside the palace quietly. None of them intended to speak. They were using every second they could use to adjust themselves. Suddenly, a muffled sound came from the palace, and a wind blew out from there. The corners of the gate were illuminated.

"He has passed! Brother Tian Yu has gotten to the Fourth Palace!"

"Brother Tian Yu will arise soon. He will absolutely amaze the Three Middle Realms in the Title Battle."

"Let's start too."

The three strongest people said one by one. Then the palace gates opened automatically to receive the next challengers. They were about to enter when the spiritual bird arrived and stopped on the shoulder of the guy in the middle.

Judging from his hair color, he was a Wood Spirit. He was handsome, but his face had a feminine beauty. And he looked melancholic. Holding the spiritual bird in one hand, a long message appeared in his head.

"What happened?"

The other two saw his facial expression change. They knew it could not be something good. The man did not speak. He walked up to the four people next to them.

"Stop taking adventures in the Doctrine Palace at this time!" He sounded like he was giving an order.

The four human practitioners looked at each other, confused.

"Apprentice Brother Shui Mu, what happened? Did we offend you?" One of them asked, plucking up his courage.

"Cut the crap. Go away!" The Spirit insulted him directly. He was quite aggressive.

The four people were not as cowardly as those in the First Palace. They could not accept to be treated like that. All of them emitted a strong energy.

"You want to fight back?"

However, the other Spirit and the Half-Spirit walked up to the Spirit called Shui Mu. They had no idea what had happened yet, but it did not matter. They were also aggressive to the four people.

"When you are told to go away, you should just go instead of blabbing!" The Half-Spirit cursed.

"At least you should tell us why! Otherwise, we wouldn't mind ruining our challenge as well as yours." One of them insisted on asking the reason.

"You want to know why? Okay. I'll tell you why. A human companion of yours eliminated my younger sister and her companions in the First Palace. And he...he also killed Gang Yang."

Frowning, Shui Mu looked toward the other Spirit next to him when he was speaking the last part.


That Spirit, who had been puzzled, flew into a rage immediately. His muscular body told who he was. "Gang Yang is dead?!" He was extremely angry. That was a junior in his clan.

"Shui Mu, what on earth happened? Does it have anything to do with these four?" He asked. His look was so aggressive that the four sensed a killing intent.

The four glanced at each other. They were nervous and anxious. They knew how serious this was.

Shui Mu told them what had happened. It had nothing to do with the four people. He was just venting his anger on them.

"But we don't even know that guy."

"Yeah. We don't even know Yao Yuntong well."

"Apprentice Brother Shui Mu, we have nothing to do with it. It's not fair for you to vent your anger on us."

Those humans were quite unhappy. This was an unexpected disaster for them.

"Bullshit! You humans had balls to kill an Earth Spirit disciple. I'll tear you apart and leave your dead bodies on the way here!" The Earth Spirit man was in a towering rage.

"But in this way, the human race and the Spirit race will keep fighting with each other forever!"

The humans were given a scare, but they did not get intimidated. They were already in the Third Palace. None of them was weak.

"He, he, you think the human race can fight with the Spirit? Are you gonna attack us? I can get rid of you four on my own!"

The Half-Spirit, who had not spoken much, smiled coldly. The sharp sword in his hand was giving off a raging energy and a white radiance.

"Power of the doctrine of sword?! And it's complete?"

"Who is this Half-Spirit?"

"Seems a disciple from Cliff Mountain."

The four humans were shocked. They suddenly felt themselves weak. If this was the case, they did not have to start the fight indeed.

"More crap?" the Half-Spirit said sarcastically.

"I changed my mind. You can go on taking your adventures, but you'll stay at the entrance of the Third Palace to wait for that guy called Jiang Chen. You'll kill him when he arrives." Shui Mu sounded cold and aggressive.

"Great idea. Let the humans kill each other. I like it," the Half-Spirit said with a smile.

The Earth Spirit agreed as well.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was still exchanging blows with the stone man.

Since he was practicing the Five Thunders Authentic Method at the same time, the fight had taken a long time. Jiang Chen, who was studying the thunder method, soon experienced the difference. He used to control thunder, but if he could master a thunder method, he and thunder would become one. Especially this Five Thunders Authentic Method, it could strengthen his body a lot.

"The five thunders are respectively governed by the five internal organs. The five internal organs' Qi will accumulate and become one. In this way, the great doctrine will be achieved."

This was the essence of the Authentic Method. When the power of thunder was not just limited to the core of thunder and reached every part of the body, his thunder method would be a great achievement.

By then, the power of the Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm and the Teleportation Method would also be enhanced. When Jiang Chen had figured this out, he jumped to hit the stone man's head with his hand palms.

The thunder on his palms interwove, much more powerful than before. The white radiances at the center of his palms became two balls. As soon as he hit the head of the stone man, those rocks exploded. What exploded next was its body. Broken rocks kept falling.


The power was beyond Jiang Chen's expectation, but it was also more exhausting, because he was only a beginner.

His talent is awesome. Seeing him succeed, Yao Yuntong was shocked.

Thunder was the fiercest. It had an extremely strong destructive power. Practitioners had to be very careful during practice. Otherwise they would be killed by the thunder.

Jiang Chen put a thunder method into use in a practical fight, and it was the Five Thunders Authentic Method, which was extremely dangerous since internal organs were also involved.

Thunder methods are great, Jiang Chen said to himself.

As long as he mastered a thunder method, he would be able to release the power of thunder in all its forms.

Then the two kept advancing. The challenge of the Second Palace was not a problem. The real difficult part was in the Third and the Fourth Palace.

They saw four people waiting at the entrance of the Third Palace when they had arrived from the Second Palace.

"A man and a woman. That's them."

"You are Jiang Chen?"

"You know we almost got killed because of you?"

They made Jiang Chen very confused. Then, thinking of the spiritual bird, he vaguely knew this must have to do with the Spirit.

After learning what they were going to do and why they were going to do it, Jiang Chen asked, "You are gonna do what that Spirit said?"

"What else can we do?"

The four humans were also very angry. They had to vent their anger and bring an end to this thing.


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