The Brilliant Fighting Master
826 Can You Or Can You Not?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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826 Can You Or Can You Not?

The Five Thunders Authentic Method was the thunder method Jiang Chen found in the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula after talking with Yao Yuntong.

The Divine Lightning Formula was the holy method Fan Tianyin had given him. Only people who had the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds could practice it. Different from other practicing methods, holy methods were extensive and profound – they contained so many things in them.

The part Jiang Chen had mastered by then was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Teleportation Method or the Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm, or absorbing the power of thunder using the divine body, they were all a part of the holy method. In fact, there were different ways to practice thunder methods involved in the holy method as well.

Different ways had different characteristics. For example, Yao Yuntong's thunder method was very delicate. It was full of variations and very difficult to resist.

Jiang Chen's thunder method was still entry level. He had not chosen any specific thunder method yet. So far he could only control a small part of thunder.

Learning this from Yao Yuntong, Jiang Chen took a closer look at his holy method and found many thunder methods in it. There were Five Thunders Authentic Method, Thunder Dragon Method, and Mysterious Thunder Variation among others.

Jiang Chen would have to choose one of them to practice to catch up with Yao Yuntong in the attainment of thunder.

"Among so many thunder methods, I'm sure Mysterious Thunder Variation is also included in your holy method. Could you...let me have a look at it?" Yao Yuntong said, embarrassed.

They had seen each other for the first time this day. It was really too much to ask that she wanted to read one of the most important practicing methods.

"Your thunder method is included in my holy method?" Jiang Chen was surprised. If that was true, it meant his holy method was really great.

"Yeah. My thunder method isn't complete. Although only a small part is missing, as long as it's not complete, I won't be able to exert its power completely." Nodding, Yao Yuntong did not deny this.

Not until then did Jiang Chen understand what she had meant by doing both of them good.

"Tell me a part of your incomplete thunder method first," Jiang Chen proposed.

He had to confirm first whether she was trying to con him. If they were really talking about the same thunder method, he would give it a thought.

However, Yao Yuntong hesitated. Her brow tightly knitted, she looked as if she was struggling.

"If you think my thunder method is complete and it's the missing part of yours, you won't lose anything if you show it to me, will you?" Jiang Chen expressed his doubt.

"It's not that simple!" Yao Yuntong refuted emotionally against his doubt. However, she was too embarrassed to explain it to him.

Throwing her a few glances, Jiang Chen said, "Well, let's talk about this later. Thanks a lot for your instruction. It's very helpful to me. The thing is, someone else gave the holy method to me. It means a lot to me. So, I can't...."

Jiang Chen suddenly stopped speaking. Gazing at Yao Yuntong's face, he vaguely knew what this was about.

The Mysterious Thunder School only imparted its method to its male descendants, and there was only one inheritor in every generation. Yao Yuntong was an exception thanks to her talent. If she showed the thunder method to Jiang Chen, even though she would not lose anything, in some sense, he would be able to accomplish what many forces wished they could accomplish.

"Did you take any blood oath? Like once the method is known by outsiders, you will do something absurd?" Jiang Chen took a guess.

"Exactly." Yao Yuntong was shocked. She did not expect this man to be so smart. He had guessed it so quickly.

"So I have to trust you first to show you the Mysterious Thunder Variation?" Jiang Chen added.

Yao Yuntong gave a slight nod, although she was not sure whether it was as simple as that.

"Look." Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said with a smile, "We just met each other. We are not even friends. I understand you want to have a look at the Mysterious Thunder Variation, and I'm willing to show it to you. The thing is, what can you give me in return?"

If he gave any pretty girl such a valuable thunder method, he would waste Fan Tianyin's good intentions to give him this holy method. To be honest, without Fan Tianyin, it would have been extremely difficult for Jiang Chen to find a holy method that could be practiced with the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds on his own.

"I can't afford that." Shaking her head, Yao Yuntong said helplessly.

The Mysterious Thunder School only imparted the method to one person each generation. This meant they did not have a big, well-off property that could be compared to a big force.

"I'm sorry. That's all I can say," Jiang Chen said.

Yao Yuntong did not resent him for that. That was how the world worked. She would feel weird if Jiang Chen had given her the complete thunder method with no strings attached.

"Do you have a fiancee?"

However, it did not mean Yao Yuntong had given up. Jiang Chen had got the holy method effortlessly, but it was totally by accident. Other people would never get such a chance in their entire life.

She flushed after asking him the question.

Jiang Chen was speechless. He stayed silent, as a way to answer her.

"Okay. I got it." Yao Yuntong had to give up. She said, "Let's go on walking."

She did not blame Jiang Chen for rejecting her. It was a valuable quality for a woman to repay kindness with kindness, and to repay enmity with justice.

Jiang Chen was hesitating while walking. All of a sudden, a colorful bird flew up to them, fluttering its wings. Jiang Chen was very surprised. It was not a real bird. It was completely made of spiritual power.

"That female Spirit must have sent the bird to inform the Spirits ahead of what you just did," Yao Yuntong said seriously.

Jiang Chen was not surprised. Thinking for a while, he said, "We'd better go separately. It's not that I don't want to go with you. I'm just afraid I'll get you into trouble."

"It started because of me. What if she mentioned me in her message? If we part, it'll be easier for them to deal with us separately." Yao Yuntong rejected Jiang Chen's advice immediately. She did not even take a minute to think about it.

In this way, Jiang Chen did not insist. He asked her about the challenge of the Second Palace.

"The Second Palace is kind of complicated. On the way to the Third Palace, there are many obstacles. For example…stone men."

Yao Yuntong paused, because the stone men she had mentioned had already showed up. They had been walking along the edge of the cliff. There were many buildings on the way, but none of them was worth exploring, because their predecessors had visited every inch of them and taken everything away.

By then they were in a stone forest. Rocks of different sizes formed a stone man quickly, as if they were magnetic.

"When the Doctrine Palace was first found, these stone men were extremely powerful. Even Great Venerables couldn't subdue them. But over time, the strength of the remaining stone men has been 90 percent weakened."

Yao Yuntong said very fast, "We can take this challenge together. Both of us will be regarded as successful."

Then, she looked like she was holding in either hand a powerful magical whip made of thunders, whose white radiance was ten-odd meters long. They kept cracking.

Jiang Chen saw the stone man had a nose and eyes and its mouth could open and close, speaking things that were incomprehensible to humans. Even a knowledgeable person like Jiang Chen did not understand it.

"Leave it to me. It's perfect for me to give the Five Thunders Authentic Method a try," Jiang Chen said.

"The stone man's strength is based on the quantity of people in the stone forest. The current difficulty level is based on two people, you and me. Are you sure you can do it alone?" Yao Yuntong said, worried about him.

"Never ask a man whether he can or not." Jiang Chen said. Then he dashed toward the stone man.


Thinking over what he had said, Yao Yuntong tumbled to its meaning. She cursed him in a low voice, thinking Jiang Chen was teasing her. But she did what Jiang Chen said. She took back the thunder, anticipating Jiang Chen's performance.

"The Five Thunders Authentic Method is the most authentic among all thunder methods, but it can't be practiced by just anyone." Yao Yuntong said with pity. She was said to have a body most suitable for thunder methods, but, unfortunately, it was not the best.


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