The Brilliant Fighting Master
825 Five Thunders Authentic Method!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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825 Five Thunders Authentic Method!

"That's what he is up to!" Shocked, Yao Yuntong realized this was why the large man had proposed to enter the formation. The petrified large man could resist the first round of the blades, but it would be difficult for Jiang Chen.

"Alas. He shouldn't have started the fight with the Spirit." Seeing this scene, a human practitioner exclaimed.

Yao Yuntong felt very sad. She was not a friend of Jiang Chen's, but this was a conflict between the Spirit race and the human race, and her companions were so cowardly. If they gave up fighting back on their own, the Spirits certainly would not take them seriously.

"Your plan is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen this year. You'd better stop using your brain. Otherwise even pigs would laugh at you." Jiang Chen said to the stone statue. He did not even have to use his hands. The Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword at his waist flew out automatically. The sword realms of fire and wind were activated, surrounding him and giving him protection.

A series of cracking noises rang out. All of the blades were warded off. People could see the subtle change on the large man's face, although he had been petrified.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

His hand palms, which were stuck in the stone, suddenly gave off thousands-of-meters-long thunder beams. With a blare, the stone burst into pieces. The stone man hit the ground.

"Ah!" The large man recovered from the petrified status. Broken stones were everywhere. His hands were bleeding. This was not all. The blades from the sword formation suddenly all aimed at him.

"That's not good!"

Both the Spirits and the humans turned pale. The large man currently could not make any effort. It was very unfavorable for him to confront the blades at this moment.

"Jiang Chen, help him," Yao Yuntong shouted at him.

The conflict was one thing, but it was another thing to kill a Spirit disciple for real. It would be a huge thing in the Three Middle Realms, which was dominated by the Spirits.

However, standing in the sword formation, Jiang Chen did not move. He did not seem willing to help.

"You!" The large man had not expected to die so quickly. He wanted to petrify again, but he could not due to his injury. In the end, the blades injured him all over, and one of them cut his throat open. The Spirits on the scene were dumbfounded. Some Earth Spirits were also heavily injured.

"He is dead!"

Seeing the large man's corpse, the people looked at each other.

The interesting thing was that when Jiang Chen was in danger, they only felt pity for him, and that was all. They did not express any other feelings. However, now that the large man who had started all this had died, they behaved like Jiang Chen had gotten himself into big trouble.

Jiang Chen kept brandishing his swords to confront the blades, as if nothing special had happened.

After ten breaths, the blades from the sword formation disappeared. Jiang Chen passed the challenge of the First Palace smoothly. He picked up the large man's corpse and left the sword formation.

"You are doomed." The female Spirit showed an odd face, throwing the large man's corpse a complicated look.

Jiang Chen did not say anything. Squatting down beside the sword formation, he picked something up.

"A recording scroll?" Where Yao Yuntong was standing made it possible for her to see what it was.

"He knew before the fight what was going to happen, so he recorded the whole process as evidence?"

Yao Yuntong was very surprised. If this was true, it meant Jiang Chen had been extremely confident about the fight.

"You, stop having adventures in the Doctrine Palace." Coming up to the female Spirit, Jiang Chen said to all the Spirits. The whole thing was not over yet.

"What...what do you mean?"

The arrogant Spirits by then were feeling the same thing the humans had been feeling. They were angry, but they did not dare say anything.

Jiang Chen killed the large man so easily. They were not a match for him.

"What do I mean?"

Touching his chin, Jiang Chen threw his sword out unexpectedly. Carrying a fire dragon, the Red Cloud Sword was extremely hot.

"What is he going to do? Is he going to kill all of the Spirits here! Yao Yuntong involuntarily thought.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was not such a cruel man. He only injected the fire into each Spirit's body to make it lurk in their meridians. As long as they used any strength, they would feel the pain of burning.

Before the fire in their meridians disappeared, they would not be able to use any strength. Neither could they go on having adventures in the Doctrine Palace.

Jiang Chen eliminated all of them from the adventure directly!

"You weak humans! Let's wait and see! If one day you run into a Spirit genius, you will kneel down to beg for our mercy!" The female Spirit's saliva splattered as she spoke. She was extremely angry. She did not even pass into the First Palace, and her adventure had already ended. She would absolutely be laughed at when she went back.

Jiang Chen did not say anything. He grabbed her throat and lifted her up in the air. Then he walked toward the sword formation.

"You...what are you going to do?!" The female Spirit got scared. Her anger was extinguished right away.

"I can see you are not convinced, so I'll give you a hand so that you can take the adventure of the First Palace." Then Jiang Chen was going to throw her into the formation.

"No. No. My bad. It's my bad. Let me go." The female Spirit completely panicked. If she went into the sword formation in such a status, she would definitely die.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen threw her aside. Then looking at the other angry Spirits, he said, "You have anything to tell me?"

"No. No."

These Spirits hurried to restrain their anger, shaking their heads madly. At the same time, they were wondering who this man was. He was so unbridled.

"Remember. The most intelligent race is the human race," Jiang Chen said.

Then the Spirits left in a disgraceful manner. The Earth Spirits also took the large man's dead body away.

Jiang Chen looked toward the other humans there, but they hurried to retreat due to fear, as if they were avoiding a snake or a scorpion.

They all knew what was waiting for Jiang Chen. They did not want to get involved.

"Alas." Jiang Chen, not expecting to get any support at all, could not help but let out a sigh, since this thing actually had to do with the two races.

"That's your way. Just go. Otherwise it will disappear." Yao Yuntong suddenly said.

A rainbow bridge leading to the opposite cliff appeared on the cliff when Jiang Chen had cracked the sword formation.

"If you don't mind, wait for me when you get there, so that you won't get lost again," Yao Yuntong said.

Giving her a serious glance, Jiang Chen said, "You don't have to do this."

He could see Yao Yuntong was nervous too. However, she would not avoid Jiang Chen like the others. It was not her style. Besides, this episode had started because of her.

"No! Wait for me there!"

To Jiang Chen's surprise, Yao Yuntong insisted. His response made her more resolute.

"Okay." Jiang Chen went onto the rainbow bridge to go to the Second Palace.

Soon, Yao Yuntong arrived too. The first thing she said was, "Let's talk about our thunder methods."

"Sorry?" Jiang Chen could not follow her line of thought.

"Your thunder method is very powerful, but apparently, you've never spent any time pondering upon it. Let's have a talk. It will do both of us good."

"Here?" Jiang Chen knew she was the inheritor of the Mysterious Thunder School. He had seen her manipulate thunders too. So he was interested in her offer.

"We have enough time. Don't worry about it."

"All right."

After talking for a while, Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. Shocked, he murmured, "Five Thunders Authentic Method?!"


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