The Brilliant Fighting Master
823 The Human Race and the Spirit Race
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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823 The Human Race and the Spirit Race

There was still a cliff before him, but he could see the palaces on the opposite mountain. He climbed over a wall and saw many trees were planted here. There was even a pavilion close to the edge of the cliff.

And there were many people in a queue. They were looking all around.

Jiang Chen happened to see a man outside of the pavilion when he arrived. The man's arm was injured. He looked like he had been involved with a fierce enemy.

Imperceptible ripples were spreading in the air. Surprisingly, they turned into blades as they had approached him. There were many blades. They collaborated with each other and responded to each other to attack that man. He was heavily injured.

"A sword formation?" Seeing no one had noticed him, Jiang Chen took his formation disk out. However, he did not find any trace of the sword formation before him!

"However great a sword formation is, it can't escape my observation. Unless...."

Something occurred to Jiang Chen.

The current methods to deploy a tactical formation had been used for thousands of years, but as far as Jiang Chen knew, there was another system used for the same purpose. However, it had been lost to the world.

He once cracked the tactical formation deployed in the relics of the Goddess of Empyrean. It was a combination of both systems. This was the only experience Jiang Chen had with the lost system.

Ah! A scream rang out. The man's abdomen had been ripped open. He was dead. Those on the scene went into an uproar. Some of them decided to quit, while others did not think it a big deal.

Jiang Chen found there were many more people here than he had imagined. Then he recalled that the Three Emperor Territory was not the only entrance.

They make seven days a cycle, so that people from different territories can come in turns, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"The human race is as weak as always."

"And they are more stupid than they look. They are apparently too weak for this, but they still come here to court death."

"The Doctrine Palace really shouldn't let them in."

Many Spirit disciples were talking in sarcastic and disdainful tones.

The human martial arts practitioners on the scene felt sad, but no one spoke.

"Don't waste our time. The Spirit will go first. You humans go after we finish." A Spirit came forward to give the order arrogantly, which made the situation worse.

The humans were talking in low voices. None of them was happy with that. The original plan was that all of them would line up to take the challenge, but then the Spirit asked all of the humans to go to the end of the queue. That was completely an insult.

"Why?!" It was not Jiang Chen who spoke. It was Yao Yuntong. This woman was really hot-tempered. The unfairness made her so angry that electric arcs were jumping in her black hair. She was at the end of the queue, but since she had spoken, the human disciples ahead of her all made way for her.

"Miss Yao, you are here to take the challenge of the Fourth Palace again? Is this already the third time?"

Fiddling with her long, blue hair casually, the Spirit disciple, whose exotic face could be compared to Yao Yuntong's, did not show any fear before her. The disciple was a woman too. The hair color was one of the most obvious characteristics of the Spirit.

Observing her for some time, Jiang Chen was sure she was from the Wood Spirit. And she evidently did not like Yao Yuntong.

Thunder is wood's natural enemy. It's natural for her race to hate most forces with the inheritance of thunder methods, Jiang Chen thought.

"It's none of your business how many times I've been here." Yao Yuntong looked much brighter, as if she was giving off light. It was because of the lurking thunder which could break out anytime.

"You from the human race never say uncle. You try again and again, refusing to give up. By comparison, any Spirit is able to make it at one go. It's just a piece of cake for us to enter the Fourth Palace." The female Spirit provoked her, deliberately bringing up Yao Yuntong's sore point.

Jiang Chen was not surprised at all to know she had been here many times, since he knew she was a stubborn woman.

"I told you. It's none of your business." Yao Yuntong said coldly. She suddenly extended her hand to point at the female Spirit. Soon, the emitted thunder beam turned into a madly dancing long whip, lashing toward the female Spirit.

The female Spirit curled her lip. She looked aside instead of fighting back.

"Human, don't go too far. Don't forget who you are!" Another Spirit disciple spoke. A strong energy got the drop on all of the human disciples before they could look toward him.

Then a large man jumped in front of the female Spirit. His arms looked like ape arms. Fearless of thunder, he grabbed it with his hands directly. He was a very large man, two heads taller than average people. His big muscles made him look like an iron tower. His bronze skin was intimidating.

Nothing happened to him even though he was holding thunder in his hand.

As he snorted, the thunder was crumbled. Yao Yuntong's body lost control. She involuntarily took a few steps forward.

"He, he, how dare you attack the noble Spirit. I'll teach you a lesson!" The female Spirit seized the chance. She jumped in front of Yao Yuntong and slapped toward the latter's face.

However, before she could touch Yao Yuntong, her hand was grasped by another big hand. The female Spirit was shocked. She made an effort to struggle, but her hand was like being held by a god. She could not move it at all. When she was making the biggest effort she could make, the big hand suddenly loosened its grip. It happened so suddenly that the female Spirit flopped onto the ground.

The hilarious scene made many human practitioners laugh, but they stopped immediately after perceiving the gaze of the large male Spirit.

The large man laid his eyes on Jiang Chen. He said, "Human, you want to make things worse?"

"In every aspect, it's you who are making things worse, Spirit!"

Jiang Chen put an emphasis on the last word, smiling sarcastically.

"What are you suggesting?!" The large man could not put up with his casual attitude toward the Spirit. He was also a Spirit, an Earth Spirit. It was a strong race. His pride in his race was natural. He despised the good-for-nothing human beings.

"I'm not suggesting anything. I only want to ask you about one thing. As she said, why should you go first? First come, first go. Don't you know the rule?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

Getting to her feet, the female Spirit said in anger, "That rule only applies to equal races. Who the hell are you human beings?!"

"In your theory, who the hell are you Spirit, compared with the human beings from the Three Upper Realms?" Jiang Chen pointed out. This was something the Spirit could not deny.

"You think you can compare yourself to the human beings born in the Three Upper Realms? All of them are offspring of extremely strong people or even gods. They are different from you, a bunch of human beings with dirty blood!" Another radical Spirit disciple came forward. His remark was pretty rude and aggressive.

"Okay. That's how you console yourselves. So you are pretty happy with the current situation, settling in your current role, a Spirit race better than the human beings in the Three Middle Realms," Jiang Chen said.

"You're courting death!" The large man could not put up with Jiang Chen's sarcastic tone anymore. He strode forward.

"You can't deny the fact that the Spirit race is nobler than the human race. Every Spirit can be compared to the best of your human beings!" He was emitting a strong energy as he shouted.

At the same time, the other Spirit disciples also came up, ready to teach Jiang Chen, an arrogant and ignorant human, a lesson.


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